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West Coast, Canada


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Be still a moment and let me dry my tears... You see it was not that I had fallen, merely kneeled to be on your level.

Recognize the one and only...The House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas

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Let the mark of the Master guide your way.

The mystic beside the King, the glint on the blade, the woman behind the man......

Acknowlegde Marius while in the House of Lily.

If I can see things that you can't, it means you are blind, not that I am crazy.

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"Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm. If you think nobody cares, try missing a couple of payments." Stolen from Morgoth Feb.25 Too perfect!

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may this love be upon you

may this blanket of my adoration cover and wrap you

may you be surrounded by this light

may you find safe passage , on whichever path you walk

may my love keep you warm and happy

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Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Stability |||||||||||| 43%
Orderliness |||||||||||||||||| 73%
Altruism |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Interdependence |||||| 30%
Intellectual |||||||||||||| 56%
Mystical |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Artistic |||||||||| 36%
Religious |||||||||| 36%
Hedonism |||||| 23%
Materialism |||||||||||||| 56%
Narcissism |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Adventurousness |||||||||||| 43%
Work ethic |||||||||||||||| 70%
Self absorbed |||||||||| 36%
Conflict seeking |||||||||||| 43%
Need to dominate |||||||||||||||| 70%
Romantic |||||||||||| 50%
Avoidant |||||||||||| 43%
Anti-authority |||||||||||| 43%
Wealth |||||| 30%
Dependency |||||||||| 36%
Change averse |||||||||||| 43%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||||| 63%
Individuality |||||||||||||||| 70%
Sexuality |||||||||||||||| 63%
Peter pan complex |||||||||||| 50%
Physical security |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Physical Fitness |||||||||||||||| 64%
Histrionic |||||||||||||||| 70%
Paranoia |||||||||||||| 56%
Vanity |||||||||||||||| 70%
Hypersensitivity |||||||||||||||| 63%
Female cliche |||||||||||||| 56%
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personality tests by similarminds.com


The shell I was handed for this life is about 5'5, female, and mouthy as hell. I am a closet goth, living a terribly domestic life. (Save me)

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I will be spending this life in mourning for the destiny that I can not yet catch. Though it never goes far from me. A whispered promise in my sleep, a breath at my throat from an unseen mouth. Like ashes that slip through my fingers. When next you come for me, I will be ready...

I was once offered what many of you now possess, even take for granted. I was sought out, romanced, even shown a small piece of the world inside the world. When finally my seduction came, when the moment was upon me and I felt myself starting to lift out of my body into His....

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I was weak, young and afraid. I could not admit to myself that I wanted to go, that I wanted to be with and of Him, regardless of the repercussions. Damned mortal core.
I ran....

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If you ask around you will be told that a life spent dreaming is a life wasted. I strongly disagree. A quote "There are some things, once done, that can never be undone."

I, like many of you, have made promises in this life to those that deserve to have them fulfilled. Thus dreaming becomes the solution. Though leaving me slightly (LOL) unfulfilled, fantasizing about my own personal "bump in the night" sustains me.

So I have built myself a "closet" big enough to hold me and all my dreams, until they can once again live without doing harm.

Be warned all, for when He comes again (and He will), and I unfold from this cocoon, all of Hell comes with me.

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October 19 to October 23

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac; Scorpio is the eighth. After Libra's intellectual exploration of other people, Scorpio's interest is in discovering other people's emotions and how they respond to the world around them. Scorpio is the sign of sex and death, the beginning and ending, and they explore these ideas from an emotional standpoint. Libra/Scorpios strive to create balance and harmony between self and other through investigation and probing. They are often strongly intuitive and penetrating. They have a need to be liked.

The astrological symbol of Libra is the Scales. Like the scales of justice, Librans are objective and just. They abhor unfairness and conflict, striving above all for peace; but at times they are easily deterred from their beliefs. Librans are able to see all sides of an argument, but as their mental scales sway back and forth, they may never find balance. The astrological symbol of Scorpio is the Scorpion. Like the mythical scorpion, those born under this sign tend to be strong-willed and wary of being controlled by others. In keeping with Libra's cardinal quality, Libra/Scorpios are diplomatic and cooperative; they are skilled at initiating group projects. They can be stubborn, refusing to give up when others have long since become bored and abandoned a project. Libra/Scorpios get things done when no one else thought it possible. In this way, the fixed quality of Scorpio is expressed. When Libra/Scorpios set goals for themselves, they are determined to succeed. They have their own agenda and work to achieve their desires.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. In ancient Roman mythology, Venus (and her Greek equivalent, Aphrodite) was the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. She represented joy, happiness and appreciation of beautiful things. Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto. In ancient Roman mythology, Mars (and his Greek equivalent, Ares) was the god of war, and ancient astrologers assigned both Aries and Scorpio to this planet. Pluto (and his Greek equivalent, Hades) was the god of the underworld, and when the planet Pluto was discovered early in the 20th century, astrologers assigned Scorpio to it.

Libra/Scorpios are seductive and attractive, commanding and intense. Cultural awareness and a talkative nature help them shine in the social situations they so enjoy. The element associated with Libra is Air. The element associated with Scorpio is Water. Libra/Scorpios are skilled at communication and abstract reasoning, and their intelligence combines with their interest in others to become an intellectual exploration of those around them. They may repress their emotions, but underneath they are lusty and perceptive. Libra/Scorpios are motivated and loyal, but they are often misunderstood and may be seen as dictatorial or sarcastic. If they have an ulterior motive, they can be overbearing, but in a subtle, sly or manipulative way.

Libra/Scorpios are both mystical and scientific, a combination that makes them very aware of what is happening around them; they are a sign of great depth. If they aren't careful, though, their passionate nature may lead them into self-indulgence or compulsion. In their leisure time, Libra/Scorpios tend to have a definite lazy streak. However, this is barely perceptible because they also enjoy difficult pursuits that challenge them to excel, and they refuse to settle for being anything less than the best. They may have a particular affinity for activities that let them get out in nature.

In love relationships, Libra is playful, romantic and devoted. The great strength of the Libra/Scorpio-born is in their drive for peace and harmony and their determination to see things through to the end. Their skill at seeing all sides of a situation with great passion and strength makes them one of the most powerful characters of the zodiac.

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Scorpio Rising

If your Rising Sign is Scorpio, don't be hurt if people keep their distance. It's not out of disgust, but out of reverent intimidation. You seem so intense -- it could be your penetrating gaze or the way you seductively lean against the wall -- whether you mean to or not! You're dynamically alluring, and people are inexplicably drawn to you. All this perceived sexiness is fun, but there's a downside to looking like a Scorpio -- you may seem moody and even a little dangerous. Enjoy the mystery factor -- it can be fun to be an enigma!

Leo Moon

Warm, loving, and generous in your affections, you inspire tremendous devotion and loyalty in your loved ones. This is good, since you would never settle for anything less! You want to be adored and worshipped like the king or queen that you feel you are, and it is difficult for anyone to resist the warmth and attention you lavish on those you care about. You have a great deal of pride and need to be recognized and appreciated. The way to really hurt your feelings is to ignore you. You are genuine, sincere, and have a strong sense of personal integrity. You hate emotional games and dishonesty.

Pallas (Warrior Sign) Virgo

You may appear meek and look as if you're going along with the crowd, but it's a wily opponent you are indeed. Cleverness and attention to details are your weapons, and you'll be able to pick up on the fatal flaws of others and use them to win your battles. You are at your best when able to win your arguments with words, and you'll always be able to present tricky sticking points and details that others have forgotten, a scope which makes you a dangerous enemy to face. Planning and biding your time, you'll wait until the exact right moment to spring the trap you've carefully set. You eschew the obvious power and glory of being the leader for the more subtle pleasures of being the power behind the throne. In fact, many will not realize the power you have until you spring it on them in a surprise attack. You will always win debates.


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Sarah McLachLan

Morning smiles
like the face of a newborn child
innocent unknowing
Winter's end
promises of a long lost friend
speaks to me of comfort

but I fear
I have nothing to give
I have so much to lose
here in this lonely place
tangled up in our embrace
there's nothing I'd like
better than to fall
but I fear I have nothing to give

Wind in time
rapes the flower trembling on the vine
nothing yields to shelter it
from above
they say temptation will destroy our love
the never ending hunger

but I fear
I have nothing to give
I have so much to lose
here in this lonely place
tangled up in our embrace
there's nothing I'd like
better than to fall
but I fear
I have nothing to give
I have so much to lose
I have nothing to give
We have so much to lose...

I love Sarah McLachlan. I have seen her live many times and she never fails to move me. She has written songs that put words to certain feelings in me that I was unable to put words to. My sisters downloaded the last concert of hers that we were at in Vancouver and you can actually hear me yelling over the crowd!! Yeah, I'm loud.


I want to give a huge Thank You to Him for helping me with my new background. He who bumps in the night also rocks with computers.


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Nothing sings to my soul as deeply as the storm. Lightning and thunder prove the existence of something greater to me.

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I know that there is a scientific explanation for all of it, but I simply do not care.

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It makes my blood boil, my heart race. Power, passion and lust, embodied by light and sound. Pounding rain bouncing from the pavement.




My Mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun.....

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When you opened my profile for a moment you saw my guides watching you. If you refresh this page you will see that they always watch when someone is in The House Of Lily. :)

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As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…


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