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"Lower vibrations exist with material reality, higher ones with mystical reality, and a full vibrational spectrum with expanded reality."

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Name: Renee
Height: 5ft 9 in
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Long blond past waist
Descent: Dutch, Irish, German and English
Favorite Food: Tacos
Religion: Pagan
Birth: April 4
Birth Sign: Aries
Totem: Falcon
Vices: Non smoker, light drinker
Status: Widow - Nov. 16, 2010
Employment: Retired
Area: Southern California
Member: Bloodlines International, Coven of Darkness,
Dark Nations, VVC, Vampiresnest,
Temple of Lost Souls, House St. Germain (shadow),
Sacred Kin, The Order of Shadows, etc.
C. Names: Lady Nightdancer or Saraphiel Morningstar


 photo 10d49558-933f-4a3e-b6e9-3ced309af7fb_zps8f9fc66b.jpg

 photo 5ed4d4cdcdfb4a69b2db590ee94d77c5_we.gif

You say you aren't a vampire?
Maybe I should have said "welcome fellow vampire enthusiasts."
That is probably the more accurate phrase but the
other greeting was more fun. I am a person who
loves fantasy, magic and the unknown. I am a talkative
person and not very private. I wouldn't know how to do
"less is more" if I tried. Vampires were just another
addition to my occult interests. I always day
dreamed a lot and lived in my mind most of the time.
I was quiet and didn't talk much to people I didn't
know, but that of course was when I was younger.
Now you have to gag me to shut me up. This is also
why my profiles are not brief, it isn't my personality
to be brief. I am here to learn, listen and make new
friends. I am fascinated by the blood moon and that
is why my vampyric House was named Arcadia Bloodmoon.
At this time it is informational only, so I have removed the
word House from in front of the name. I am the only one
rattling around there at this time. I realize some won't
believe what I am saying but it is in my links. Certain
people have retired from the community as far as
active participation. One is Merticus and I have and
haven't but I don't go to functions and things like that.
Age sort of intervened and distance.

 photo 66998390-6238-4f05-b95e-38c9dfeeb1e2_zps0e98ae91.jpg

So it isn't the magic that most spell in this way
but the magick of the alchemist, the initiate,
the witch or the kahunas that interests me. My
very first taste of magick was learning about Huna
from Isabel Hickey, who was associated with
Maxwell Freedom Long. It was practiced by the
Kahunas of the islands. I am an occultist but not
dogmatic about it. This is how I view the world
from a darker viewpoint, if one can use the word
dark to qualify anything except the night. Most don't
realize this because I have very long blond hair and
it sort of creates a stereotype. Unlike some it doesn't
bother me if people stereotype me as air headed at
times just by first impression. At least here and elsewhere
on the net you get to know people by their actions
and personality and I think that is a better way.
I have been a member of VR for many years. Much
longer than listed having had earlier profiles now gone.
I have had some interesting experiences
and met, figuratively, some really interesting people.

 photo HeartTribalFoilRed-2-1.jpg

I would like to say that I am dark,
mysterious and very clever but unfortunately in
my opinion, I'm like anyone else. I'm your
girl next door with secrets. When you have
interests different than most people you
tend to keep to yourself except for
select friends and that is exactly what I did
most of my life. I have had a lot of
synchronistic moments in my lifetime
that have really formed much of what
I believe. I love hearts which are a symbol
of the real heart and believed to be the
seat of the soul and roses of all colors which
have numerous meanings, but especially the
red rose. You will even find them in my real
world life in the decorations I use around me.

Vampires are a very interesting
topic in that there are so many ideas about
them. I came here because like most others I
am interested in talking about vampires. Much
has been written about vampires from the
perspective of myth and superstition, not to
mention fiction. I also think there is some truth
usually hidden in myth. One aspect that I
love is the seductiveness many are starting
to explore in movies and books. This is why I
liked Frank Langella's version of Dracula so
much. It moved it beyond just a creature using
subterfuge to find or search for victims to satiate
a hunger that could not be controlled. I don't
dwell on the Eastern European view nor the
aspect of blood drinking so many think of when
the word vampire is mentioned. Many in
folklore were not described in this way.
Vampires are an enigma and no one has
the answers about them.

This is a short lecture about psychic vampires and
goes a little into sanguinary vampires as well. Trust
me, you cannot be turned. People in the GVC, laugh
when asked about this topic. It is a misconception
between fiction and fact. I don't always agree with
everything Michelle says but over all its good. I have
a friend who met her in the early days while she was
learning. She dived in and voila, she became considered
an expert because she is the most exposed to the
public. This isn't a new video but you may find it
informative. People use other words besides the two
she is speaking about. I use pranic rather than psychic.
Despite what she is saying there are far more energy
feeders than blood feeders. There are standalone groups
not accepted within the mainstream. I prefer the word
vampiric that she has mentioned. Fictionally, a vampire
can be anything the author dreams up. There is no standard.
This video is broken up into parts so when it stops, click on the
icon and go into YouTube for the rest of her lecture.

I believe in many things and
consider myself if pinned down to any one thing,
a spiritualist with interests in angelology,
Kemeticism and Asatru for a number of years.
I have no problem in general with beliefs perse
as long as they are kept in the area of information
and nothing more. The majority of the time, I am
pretty open-minded and tolerant of most things.
There are some silly things that bother me,
and I guess this would make me a mild
nitpicker. I am old fashioned yet more modern
about some things than my contemporaries.
Therefore, I think that might make me a
complex person or either a very eccentric one.
If I were to try and sum it up, it would
be something Spinoza once said: "What
everyone wants from life is
continuous and genuine happiness."
This would be my goal.

I generally don't like to talk about
things I don't like but I guess those help shape
one's life as well and in some instances
make us stronger. Basically I don't like
activities that ridicule or harm other people.
I would like the same kind of respect you
would want for yourself. I don't approve of
threats on profiles so you won't find any here
and I don't mark down for a difference in taste
which includes length, brevity, color scheme,
flash, glitter or graphics chosen. I rate by
whether it looks like someone spent time
and effort. The rest is pretty much self
explanatory, like anyone else here, I
don't particularly like drama.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Music has been a big part of my life,
not just listening, but singing and dancing. I
did that up into my 20s and then I got married and
had children and I guess you could say I got
sidetracked as far as the professional end of things.
My taste includes many types of music but I am
especially fond of symphonic metal bands among
others. A few of them would be After Forever, Epica,
Nightwish, Kamelot, Delain and Within Temptation,
some of which have disbanded or have new lead singers.
I like many of the older metal bands and bands like
Disturbed and Lacuna Coil. I decided to change
a video again and have added this song by Lesiem
which is played in the closing credits of Guardian
of the Realm and I am now placing a different video
above it. The lower video is an animated short from
I believe a video game accompanied by Kamelot
singing their song, The Inquisitor.


 photo bb932532-57cf-4135-929e-9b4588e2f3eb_zps0fb018af.jpg

After college, I studied many
things in the area of the occult in classes or on my
own. I never really got interested in mainstream
religion but I think each of us follows our own path.
I studied massage and taught therapeutic
Swedish massage in a school as well as also
practiced Esalen massage. I have always been
interested in alternative health so I guess it
was natural for me to go that route. It also is a
way to exchange energy, so I guess at the time
it was ideal. I belonged to a channeling group for
a few years and via that group I was
fortunate enough to meet Robert Anton Wilson
and believe it or not play an LARP with him based
on his Illuminatus books. He is now passed and
I think he will be greatly missed as a satirist,
writer of the occult and at one time an
editor with Playboy and just a very nice man.
I could say my life has been full of interesting
adventures I didn't recognize at the time.

 photo 79e716e3-69b8-4f08-9a0f-3db27e5044a2_zpsb6b1030d.jpg

I am interested in art in a very
abstract and I guess unconventional way.
Essentially, I like fantasy art. I did take art
lessons years back but I have found I like
working with graphics much better and I love
fractals. There is usually at least one somewhere
on my profile. I generally have a background
that leaves the center dark because I think
graphics look better on that type of background. I
was missing my predominate red coloring so that
is back in now, because red is my favorite color.
My use of graphics is more like dividers and
also, to give some interest beyond just the


I am a movie addict and some
of my favorites are Stargate, The Arrival,
The Core, Changeling, August Rush, The Time
the Earth Stood Still, The Covenant, The Descent,
Leave Her to Heaven, Curious Case of
Benjamin Button, Queen of the Damned, The Host,
What Dreams May Come, Any Harry Potter movie,
Matrix, Blade Runner, Logan's Run, Night Breed,
Star Trek IV, I Am Legend, Narnia, Avatar, Avengers,
Alice in Wonderland, Oblivion, Babadook, Passengers
and a whole list of others.

Two of my favorite older movies are Fright Night
and Fright Night 2. I have to say these two dances
by Julie Carmen as Regine were my favorite
parts of Fright Night 2. It demonstrates
how easily she could fool most of the people
in the studio and watching the show
with her act as a performance artist. If you
listen carefully you will hear the theme from
both movies being sung with words added


It's difficult to list all the shows I have liked.
I'm a Star Trek fan and I loved Beauty and the Beast
(the old series), a big part of it written by
George R.R. Martin. I like most of the series shows
on the Syfy Channel as well. What I want to put here
is a series I thought was one of the most unique I have
seen on television. Unfortunately I find they are no longer
showing re-runs any place I am aware of at the moment.
There have been two others, Otherworld and The Event,
both cancelled after season one. What a shame.
I bought them both but had to search the net to get
Otherworld. The first series I mentioned was developed
from something Gene Roddenberry wrote, and was
completed and aired after his death by others.
It was called "Earth: Final Conflict." I use to watch it all
the time. I was sad to see it go off the air. You can watch
the intro to the show below.

When it comes to vampire series, I absolutely
love True Blood and was sorry to see it end. My favorite
character is the same one that most women fixated
over :). As you most likely guessed, Eric Northman played
by Alexander Skarsgard who also played Tarzan.

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