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That picture I have painted, so magniloquently adorned, not twisted nor tainted, ...thus, I am torn. ~ Beau Bradalhard


For those of you who actually read profiles, here we go...

So, hold on to your seats, or rock happily on your rickety hobby horses...

I like candlelight, the scent of warm vanilla, rainy days, snakes, cemeteries, fog, haze, violent thunderstorms after dark so I can better see the lightning, workin' out like a maniac, ...watching spiders make webs at three o'clock in the morning while listening to the faint sound of a clock tick, and have always taken a deep interest in things that mysteriously go thump, thumpidy, thump - Cryptozoology, UFO's, Bigfoot, the supernatural, dreams, being scared outta my god-given wits which rarely happens, all that sorta stuff... And cheesecake. Who doesn't?

*Scratchin' my head* I like to write - Fascinated with the night... Stare at the moon and I swear the frickin' sun comes up way too soon. Hmm... *Pausing to think, not sure what to say* When it comes to snow, I can't get enough. There's nothing like the thrill of a paralyzing blizzard and the peaceful atmosphere it creates afterward - Just so totally tranquil. Needless to say, winter is my favorite season, ...though enjoy planting flowers in early spring.

I'm a perfectionist who makes endless mistakes, and embarrass myself on a consistent basis. Read into something too deeply, then I'm doomed to overlook the obvious. *Takin' a breath* A lot of times, I'll tuck myself away from the world, crawl headlong into a shell and force myself to become completely depressed for no apparent reason. *Sigh* It's easy for me to be misunderstood... I can dance but choose to sing. Still, amazingly enough, I've slowly somehow learned to walk and chew gum at the same time. *Shrugging*

It's very difficult for me to read a book because I'll fall asleep, like it's a horse tranquilizer, unless it's extremely good. Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite author, much more so than Stephen King. Poe had a certain darkness, a twisted depth due to pain… and pain is the ultimate, most powerful of all motivators aside from love. Besides, I’m more into poetry anyway. *Chuckle* …Oh, yes, and of course Dr. Seuss was a genius.


Yeah, sometimes I'm sort of quiet, often thought of as goofy... Yet, I'm passionate, perhaps too much and tend to wear my heart on my sleeve more than I should.


One final thought - If you invite me over for company, I don't mind the kind of music you play, long as it ain't country or rap... Well, classic outlaw country is pretty awesome, on second thought, I reckon.

HEY, thanks a ton for stoppin' by!

Surrounded by such silence
on a solemn, dreary night,
I curiously wandered into this place,
...and finally here
I found some peace,
where people have no living face.

Shifty silhouettes skitter
under an eerie glow of the moon,
while I sit and rest against
this cold, grotesque tomb.
Engulfed by this nothingness,
my thoughts seem to vary ~
Reminiscing among the silent,
in a secluded cemetery.

Now leaves have long since fallen
from twisted limbs of trees...
How they rustle and they bustle,
like faded memories on a breeze.

A jet black cat sneaks across
the endless field of hallowed crosses,
passing by these worn out markers,
marking so many forgotten losses.
A vain attempt of remembrance ~
These gravestones jutting all around.

Haunting thoughts now creep within,
with such deep emptiness abound ~
Who is going to remember me
...when I'm silent and underground?

~ By Beau Bradalhard

I shall fall,
so deeply crawl inside
a shell to tuck myself
from this world a while.
bury myself in sadistic forbidden.
Hide the devil behind a door.
I cannot embrace it anymore.
…I will erase it,
face it with a sinister smile,
unveiling sensitivity so vile!
Trip in trailing slime ~
Slight that which might
become sacred in time;
Such a sickening site,
when true colors shine.
Prod with prideful spite.
Malicious, rearranging mind,
numb the nerves that make it real.
My severed emotions turn to steel.
A gripping, grotesque nightmare
lures me to cure a need.
You simply do not care,
causing me to bleed.
Feed upon my innocence.
Plant an evil seed.

~ B. Bradalhard

Oh, shine, my distant demi lune,
Magical, mysterious moon!
The darkest of shadows prance,
Dance within this dim room
While opening a portal
For the restless immortal.
These rambling riddles from the dead,
Such light they do indeed shed ~
Guide my fingers…
Frolic in my head!
Minions of monsters
From yesterday’s past?
A last ghastly breath ~
How the candles do flicker,
Now speak to me, …Death!

~ By Beau Bradalhard

The majestic hotel stands abandoned
on the edge of a cliff,
but ghosts of forgotten visitors
still mingle in its midst.
Its halls collect dust and echo
without spoken human words.
Its eaves and cracked walls
are now home to nesting birds.
A nearby bridge crosses a river,
connecting the rocky land.
We were there together
and we walked it, hand in hand.

The town's canals were drained
for the birth of a new age,
making way for a modern day
to take center stage.
Passing trains still thunder
between these steep, rolling hills,
shaking the stone foundations
of once bustling mills.

While leaves wander adrift
on a lonesome, weary breeze,
people shift like shadows
beneath wide, sprawling trees.

With all the natural beauty
of this special place to share,
my thoughts trickle back
to when you and I were there.

Too many memories
have been absorbed by this place.
Far too many memories
for time to simply just erase.

In pitch darkness, moonlight paints
a different picture for the eye.
We were there, and we saw stars
sparkle in that sky.

Now, here, ...I'm alone,
and the feeling strips me to the bone.
Near to tears, more than torn,
...a piece of me has died!
I'm faced with all the fears
I've tried my best to hide.

This special place means nothing
without you by my side.
This place means nothing
without a special someone's touch.
This place means very little
without someone meaning so much.

~ By Beau Bradalhard

Crickets fiddle a tune
Under the silky glow
Of a faded moon.
Now on her way,
She’ll find me soon ~
Naked on a nightly wind,
She slowly drifts to me…
She’s but a dream, an endless fantasy ~
A secret passion within.

Concealed in the center
Of a churchyard, among graves
Beneath the pale moonlight,
I patiently sit
Watching shifty silhouettes flit.
Sheltered there in such silence,
The night becomes surreal.
While resting, reminiscing,
I sense you’re somewhere near,
Nestled amidst this nightly haze.

Remembering your lovely face ~
How I thought nothing could end
What we had in that time,
At that place...
As a lone night bird’s feather
Gracefully descends from above,
Landing alongside a fragile flower,
I recall the most beautiful moment
Of my life’s hour.

In the past,
I tried making impressions
Withstand the test of time.
Such miracles aren’t easy to find,
And with a heartbreaking farewell,
…It was all left behind.
Sometimes myself I seem to hex.
Yet, forever etched within my very soul,
Your memory will not rest.

It seems a chance has passed,
As time slips by so fast.
I have relived those days forever,
As if they were my last.
Though, it may have been so long ago,
That vivid reflection of heaven remains,
To dream and endlessly drift on.
This gorgeous gift you’ve given me
Withstood the test of change.

Too many times it’s been said,
All good things must end,
And too many forget how fate
Delivers Dearest ones near again.
Until then, I’d be just a faint friend.
Until that day,
This was my secret ~
A fairytale’s detail held sacred.

…You have returned,
My lost, Forever Love.
Never can I deny
The deepest root of my temptation.
Breathing a prolonged breath,
I close my eyes and faithfully confess…
If loving you is wrong,
I’ll willingly face eternal damnation.

I can clearly see you now…
Much more than ever before.
Slowly, ever closer you drift,
Baring everything,
wearing nothing
But a hazy midnight mist.

So deliberate, so sincere,
Gently raising your hand
To your luscious, soft lips,
…Blowing me the kindest kiss.
O’ how you fuel the fire
For my raging lust!
I’m tightly bound by desire,
And wound around the magic
Of your mystical touch.

Sprawling before me,
Reaching out…
Finally drawn together,
Here tangled in the dew,
Our minds, hearts
And souls meld into one ~
Quietly I whisper words,
None ever spoken more true;
Yes, I’ve had other women,
…But none,
None until you.

You’re an Angel in the night,
bearing a warm heart of gold ~
Like a beaming beacon of light,
you’re a gleaming treasure to behold.
Your warmth became my cradle,
My only surviving will.
And Stronger by the day,
My love grows for you, still.

Lost and lonely,
I’ve ventured a blind fool’s path…
I’ve taken more than given
And felt its untold wrath.
Without you, I’ve become empty,
My life useless as dirt…
Once more, I need your love ~
The only remedy
For this endless hurt.

In my heart,
There’s only ONE.
My Precious Angel,
Our everlasting story’s
Been previously painted,
Delicately adorned,
not twisted, nor tainted…
Unto you, I’ve been reborn.

If it’s the last thing I do,
I want nothing left undone.
Again, meeting you
Stirs limitless emotions
Untamed and restless within.

Raw, straight from the heart
Is where I must begin…
I have no place to hide,
No place left to run.
So, if my life should end
Before the rising sun,
It’s you that I shall dream of,
…For eternity to come.

~ B. Bradalhard

So kind of you to visit.

Please, do take care.

And make sure to exit through the same door you entered...

I'm superstitious.

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