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Carpe Noctem (Coven) BrotherMalaki carries the Mark of Coven Master MyBeautifulNightmare

Undo these chains my friend, I'll show you the rage I've hidden.
Set at 07:00 on August 31, 2020

Vampire Rave member for 7 years.

Status:  Great Sire (110.41)
Rank:  Member
Honor 154    [ Give / Take ]
Affiliation:  Carpe Noctem (Coven)
Mentorship Mentor of Draculesti's Closed Casket Club.
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Male
Birthdate:  October 18, 1900

within the shadows.


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Thank you Brother Bats for the account.

My home on this account. Yes, I have more than one.
Carpe Noctem (Coven)

The music in the background is Imagine by John Lennon.

Let's make one thing very clear. I don't care who you think you are on here, and I could care even less who your friends are as a pack mentality doesn't frighten or intimidate me. If the site admins take issue with something I say or do I'll correct such, otherwise I don't care what your petty threats are. I mean, it's a website. Get a fucking life if it's that important to you how you're perceived in a fantasy world. If such an easy concept is too hard for you, then I suggest not bringing your bullshit to me because I will use that block button. I really also don't care how many of you I have to block to have peace.

I am not new here, I'm very familiar with this site . No, I will not say who I am no matter how much anyone pushes for me to do that. The only name you will get is Malaki, Shadow Knight. I choose to not say who I am for my own reasons. My reasons are my own, and frankly I have no desire or intention of discussing what those reasons are. I am not a trusting individual, at all. There is a very short list of those I trust, and odds are if you're looking at this you're probably not one of them.

Also, I will state very clearly I have absolutely no tolerance for drama or stupidity. Consider this your warning as messages, rate comments or anything of this nature will see you BLOCKED! I have no time for fighting with children, so grow the fuck up.

I do not care about your political affiliation. To call a person a politician is just a more polite way to call them a liar.

I am a Satanist. But, let's clear something up. The name makes it sound worse than it is. Satanist is not code for evil. I believe in neither Heaven or Hell. I believe there is no reincarnation either. When this life ends, it's over. We don't get a second chance. This life and everything we do is important, but not because of where we go when it's over. This is your only chance, so live for today hoping for another tomorrow; and that's not even guaranteed to us anyway. Live now. Don't wait for another day.

I am a horror fan, like I'm sure a lot of members on this site are. But don't get me wrong, a lot of what many consider to be a "scary" movie is boring to me. I am not even slightly unsettled by "paranormal" horror, and the average found footage film seems too damn clumsy. I prefer more of the HP Lovecraft style, but true stories and things of that vein aren't bad choices- well, usually.

I may come away arrogant, but I can tell you I'm a nicer person than I seem like. I just have a very low tolerance for bullshit from people. I have neither the time or taste for the fighting that I've heard happens here. Wanna know whose side I'm on? Not yours so don't bring your petty drama to me expecting a kind response. If that's what gets you off, look for it from someone else as I have no interest in fighting with with the immature and childish

Just be aware of this. Aside from my family and the woman who has my heart I am a loner by nature. As I said before, I am not a trusting individual. I choose my associations. I choose who I decide to speak to. Those considered unsavory, are ignored but those who refuse to leave me be after I refuse to answer will be blocked. I understand this site stupidly has a status penalty for blocking too many users but I don't care about using that function. If I want peace, I will have it. No one has the right to intimidate or leverage anyone into- or out of anything and I'm not the one to try to do it to. You will really get nowhere.

So here's how I rate.

I have no real rating system, but don't expect a 10 for a profile with nothing on it. I'm still somewhat new here and I came up with more. 10's will not just be handed out. If you don't like that, I really don't care. I'm not here to cater to anyone's vanity.

Also, let's get this out of the way about adds. I don't, and won't add everyone who messages me saying they did, and it's virtually guaranteed that if you say "return the favor" I probably won't. So you viewed a few pages. Good for you, I didn't ask you to add me and probably wouldn't have so it's very likely that there's really no favor to return. Sometimes I will do that, sometimes not. I will however automatically block members who send spam messages (typically the same EXACT message on different profiles) stating I was added. Again, as stated about rating I am not here to cater to anyone's vanity or ego.

Let's also make this final point clear. I will view what I choose, and rate the same. I will also refuse to do the same on both parts. Don't like that? I don't fucking care as this is not against the site rules. Don't waste your time messaging me telling me to stay away as that will earn you a place on my blocked list and I just might adjust the rating you got from me. Once you're on that list, you never come off whether you remove me from said list of yours or not. When I block, that means I'm finished with you.

I still have not figured out all I want to put here yet. How much is too much to say about yourself without someone being interested enough to start a conversation? Heh. Until I think of more to say, be at peace.

Member Since: Sep 05, 2013
Last Login: Sep 20, 2020
Times Viewed: 42,177

Times Rated:126

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Sep 22, 2020
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Sep 20, 2020
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Sep 19, 2020

Blessed Be! 10 Murder Of Crows

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Jun 28 2016

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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