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Welcome to my profile and feel free to have a look around. As you can likely tell, I am a lover of nature. I love the tranquility nature has to offer with its beautiful colors and peaceful sounds. Can you picture it? A warm summer breeze carrying the gentle harmony of bird songs, slight buzzing from a nearby bee attempting to reach the nectar of a rose, or even the light rustling of leaves from a tree due to the same breeze wafting through its branches.

Nature can be as tranquil as it is beautiful. I would say one of the most beautiful aspects I've seen in nature are the colors. Flowers are a perfect example of all the colors nature has to offer and if I had to pick my favorite flower just for colors, I would pick roses. If I had to pick my favorite flowers based off of scent alone, I would pick Jasmine. I absolutely love the scent of Jasmine flowers. Actually, I love Jasmine as much as I do Honey Suckle.

Nature has a dark side as well and I will not deny that. Beautiful things are quite often dangerous in nature, their bright vivid colors a warning. Sweet smelling plants or bright colored berries can be poisonous, but if that's the case...then why attract victims in the first place?

Even dangerous animals can boast a wide array of eye catching colors to either ward off prey or lure in their next meal. I've noticed people can be the same way. The most charming person can be an absolute psycho or in some cases, a serial killer. You can never be too careful. I don't typically trust people easily for this reason.

I am quite fond of animals as well and always have been. When I was younger, it was nothing for me to binge watch animal documentaries or shows like The Crocodile Hunter. R.I.P. Steve Irwin.

I had wanted to be a veterinarian since I was seven years old but after volunteering at a veterinary clinic for a year, then being hired for another four, I quickly realized that with all the good you do as a vet...there is a lot of negative as well. When I say this, I mean putting animals to sleep. It's true that the intention is for the old and sick to not be made allowed to suffer, but what about the strays that are healthy and nobody wants them?

I've seen more strays than I can count get put to sleep for not being adopted. I...just can't. I tried to save as many as I could by contacting rescue organizations...I even adopted a few myself. You just can't save them all and that killed my dream of becoming a vet.

I have been attacked by a dog before and it wasn't your typical "Oh my god a pitbull" story. In fact, this dog was a chocolate lab. Weird for one of those to attack, right? Let me explain. This dog had attacked several people in its owner's family to include the owner himself and his four year old son. Then it attacked me. If you want full details, just ask because it is a long story.

The dog was never euthanized and they refused to pay my hospital bill. I had 13 stitches put in my face. I was like 16 or 17 at the time when the dog attacked me for getting off a couch. I was afraid of big dogs for a while after that. I still don't like when a strange dog holds prolonged eye contact and tend to avoid them when they seem aggressive like that. I don't hate dogs though, just stupid owners.

After discovering that I no longer wanted to go to college to become a veterinarian, that left me with little choice on a career. I had no idea what I wanted to do so I joined the military. I still enjoyed the aspect of medicine so I tried my hand at being a corpsman. Little did I know that corpsman can have a specialty, so that's when I decided to try being a psychiatric technician.

I enjoyed what I learned and my career forced me to become more social and actually talk to people. It was awkward at first but eventually I got the hang of it and enjoyed it. Five years later it was time to move on and do something else. Having grown from 18 to 23 had changed a few things and I didn't want to stay in the military forever.

The downside about the military was a lot of the political crap. Higher ranking people would constantly shit on subordinates whether the subordinates were right or wrong. In the mental health field, it was even worse.

I wondered why a lot of mental health professionals even chose their career because it was blatantly obvious they didn't care about the patients and even more obvious they thought quite highly of themselves. At least one or two of the doctors had to be psychopaths themselves, I swear. The things these providers say to patients is beyond horrible.

I had tried being a psychiatric technician as a civilian contracted for the military but...it was pretty much more political bullshit and unfair treatment. I'm glad I am not there anymore. With this coronavirus going around though, there isn't a lot I can do when it comes to exploring a new career so I suppose this was the best time if any to go back to school.

Everything for a reason right? Problem is, there are so many things I can see myself doing. Maybe one day I will get a wild hair in my ass and finally start writing again. I enjoyed coding and designing this profile as well so maybe I could dabble in that a bit. I don't know. There are so many possibilities out there and I feel as lost as a feather in a hurricane.

I've decided to go to school and try my hand at becoming an IT. I don't really know a whole lot a out computers but that's what school is for I suppose. I do enjoy the idea of it and my end game is to be a cyber security analyst. Big dreams I guess but the pay is extremely good. Maybe once I get started I will feel differently. I must have changed my mind a thousand times about what I want to be when I grow up and here I am at 26 with still no real definite answer. Maybe I'm being pessimistic.

I come from a small town in the middle of nowhere, 7 acres of land and several dogs. I am not quite city but not quite country either. I enjoy reading, writing, music, art, horror, science fiction, and above all else...monsters and their lore.

I could spend hours watching bigfoot documentaries or myths about aliens. Ha. Maybe I could try to be a park ranger up in California and see for myself what is real and what isn't. Maybe spy a werewolf or two. But in all seriousness, I grew up watching monster movies and StarTrek (blame my father for that) so it's no surprise that I still enjoy that sort of thing.

I also enjoy videogames but I wouldn't call myself a professional lol I just try and have fun. I have played just about every pokemon game out there as well as elder scrolls, skyrim, dead space, witcher, alien isolation, you name it. I don't like kingdom hearts though....too kiddish for me but pokemon is kiddish in a different way. It's nostalgia and I grew up with it. I suppose if I played kingdom hearts when I was little I would feel differently.

Not a lot of people in my home town were into the same things I was. Not the normal people anyway. I found myself fitting in with the self proclaimed nerds and outcasts. I didn't really fit one particular group though and honestly still don't.

I have made several friends here and there but nobody I could truly label as my best friend. I had one in grade school but not since then. She moved away in junior high. I made a couple close friends after that but once again they moved away and I sort of stopped putting in the effort to get close to people after that. Friendship is fickle in my experience. Do I want it? Yes. Am I willing to go out of my way for it...meh. That's why I try to push myself to change. Still working on it lol be patient with me.

I’m a fan of anime but I’m not a weeb about it. My top ten anime list is
Akame Ga Kill
Black Lagoon
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
Ginga Densetsu Weed
My Hero Academia
One Punch Man
When They Cry: Higurashi

I am a fan of horror as well and here are my top ten.
The Thing
Pet Sematary (the old ones not the new ones)
The Evil Dead
The Others
The Conjuring
Night of the Living Dead
All the Aliens movies
Overlord (2018)

My top five favorite videogames so far are
Witcher 3
Elder scrolls online
Red Dead Redemption 2 (not online)

Something random about myself...I have weird dreams. I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke weed, I don’t smoke at all, I drink once in a blue moon so like....maybe once a month. My dreams have been vivid since I was a child. I have a dream journal and will be copying and pasting everything from it to my journal here. Current dreams will be uploaded as well. I’m documenting them because it’s of interest to me and most of them are wacky, some of them funny.

With that, I bid you farewell and thanks for reading my profile if you took the time to. If we have similar interests anywhere in this profile, feel free to hit me up and I’ll do the same.

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