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Only bitches know where to bite at!

"I'm just like every modern woman trying to have it all. A loving husband, a family. I only wish I had more time to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade."
~ Morticia Addams (Addams Family Values)

"There's a hole in the world like a great black pit
And the vermin of the world inhabit it
And it's morals aren't worth spit.

At the top of the hole sit a privileged few
Making mock of the vermin in the lower zoo
Turning beauty into filth & greed.

There's a hole in the world like a great black pit
And its filled with people who are filled with shit
And the vermin of the world inhabit it ...
~ Sweeney Todd

Member of


In my darkest moments
I don't want to see a light
I prefer to be left on my own
To settle my internal fight
Things no longer just gnaw
Now they claw and bite
Out to drain me of all
In this place darker than night
To beat me down to non-existence
To always be wrong, never right
To simply bind and gag me
To again have sight
Claw out my eyes, cut out my tongue
To lose all hope in my failing plight
To hold me in their icy grips
Cut off my wings so I don't take flight
I am bleeding, battered and bruised
My body being crushed tight
Like a porcelain doll breaking
Little small cutting pieces of white
My energy drained out cold
Left with no strength or might
So stand me on the tallest ledge
Push me from such a weary height
Take away all of my undying pains
So once again the world will be alright

Eternal Sleep
The girl stands motionless on the steep high cliff
The night seems so quiet, dark, and stiff
All her problems come jumbled up in her head
Sometimes she would not listen no matter what was said
She looks up to the starlit sky
Tears run down her cheeks as she begins to cry
She feels her life is crumbling away piece by piece
She feels nothing but pain and it continues to increase
The dark clouds remind her of the pain she wants to explore
Loneliness fills her heart and it expands with every beat
Anger and sorrow fill her her soul as the wind carries her off her feet
The only sound she makes is the softness of her cry
Her spirit feels numb as she floats through the sky
~Me. Others n my journal.

My Charities (everyone should help those in need)

Vote No to the Extermination of Pit Bulls:

The Million Cat Rescue 9 Lives drives across the US helping stray cats be vaccinated & bring them back to perfect health. During this cross-country adventure they are also promoting adoption of the cats in need of a home. Every time you buy a 9 Lives product, proceeds go into helping them on their journey to help.

Adopt A Horse Or Burro Program: This program is into helping the wild mustangs as well as finding proper care and/or home for all equines (horses, burros, etc). So many wild horses remain & anyone can adopt one, this means that you are saving them their freedom & helping to keep enough land for these beautiful horses to roam.

Rally To Rescue: It's a program to help rescue organizations give pets the nutrition and care they need and deserve. They also go cross-country to help out Humane Societies nationwide so that each dog & cat may have the chance to have a happy home.

Pet Relief Rescue: This is a charity that most pet owners would love to take the time to support & help out in any way. These brave people are the ones that when a Natural Disaster hits, they are there to rescue each & every pet possible. While most people spend their donations for the rescue of people, I'll be one of the few sending relief to the pets.

Pets For Seniors This organization is trying to help the senior citizens by attempting to allow them cheaper adoption costs on pets. There are a few states who has given "senior citizen discounts" but so many more haven't. By pledging to help cover the remaining cost for one senior so that he may have a companion or helper is showing this worlds compassion.

Band Promotions


DeadStar Assembly

From The Grave

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSatanochio


Mature content. Click to see me naked & bloody.

Let me start off saying these words. You may add me, stalk me, and bite me anytime you want. If you decide to add me, then let me know so I can add you as well. Exceptions are those stalkers who prefer to remain hidden in the shadows. ;) O btw if you comment & rate my pro please msg or bite. I tend to not be able to check my pro regularly. Thanks!

Any pic or addy of a vr member on my pro is clickable to their pro.

Everything isn't what it seems in this place, so you can't take anything for granted.

Frickin IDIOTS by: Renshai
It never ceases to amaze how people take their online lives so goddamn seriously. I happen to be in the ONLY house I would consider being in on here, not only because of my friends who are in the same house but because everyone in there that chooses to participate understand the need for frivolity as well as seriousness and conducts themselves appropriately.
There are some who take their whole "vamp" thing WAY too seriously and try to be this dark gloomy serious "thing" all the time... tell you what, come to my house with your "immortal undead claim" and lets test it?? No?? Didn't think so...I have had to stand in the face of horrors you cannot possibly imagine and I don't need to be gloomy and serious while I am online all that often...In a serious discussion I am as intelligent thoughtful and serious as anyone else, but online time, particularly in context of certain threads, is fun time...You want the nightmares in my head of 12 year old children in pieces that YOU caused?? You want the faces of 200+ people that you personally are responsible for their demise floating through your thoughts daily and then have to listen to some idiot say that having fun online is a waste of time and resources and try to denegrate one of the last bastions I have for release?? Like I said, lets test your immortal theory...I have some handloads I have been itching to try out, and one more isn't going to make a difference.
SO if you are convinced of your immortality and have to prove it by being a total dick to everyone around you and try to act like some superior when in reality you are just a sad little lonely soul who can't get laid, then FUCK YOU and leave. I am here having fun with my friends and that is that. Deal with it or shut the fuck up...

"I have placed quotations to what I write of myself. I made it dummy proof."

"I tend to hide." "I am easily spoiled so please don't do it. I take nothing for granted but I will take it for all its worth."
Into the abyss I will run

"Hi my name is Miranda but you can call me Catalunah, Cata, Cat, Mandy, Morticia, Yoda, Andalusia, Lady Laurana, or Lady Death (anime character a friend calls me after). I am 33. I have my bellybutton, eyebrow and 3 in both ears pierced, no tats yet but plan on some as I can afford and am done piercing. I am now divorced, please no I'm sorry. I am not. I have a 12yr old son. He is very protective of me and I of him. Please do not include him in any petty quarrels. I will travel to kick ass."

You come down like a bloodstained hurricane.

"I am a full-time student, majoring in Criminal Justice. I also want to study forensic science, chemistry, zoology, botany, pharmaceuticals, computer graphics, computer programming, and multi-media with radio broadcasting. I plan to certify myself in automotives, parapsychology and art. I love to learn and I strive to learn it all. I am known for my useless knowledge. I tend to want to learn even the dumbest of things. Well it may come in handy one day or not. It doesn't really matter to me. The more I learn the more I can teach. I like helping others, especially when I know the answers. I am one that you can basically talk about anything to. I don't judge by race, age, belief, or know how. Anything you may have trouble with feel free to ask me or tell me whatever is wrong. I am a very caring individual yet still maintain a distance. I don't see the positive side of anything. So you can imagine my days are already considered doomed in my book but I still try to make the best of them. I will admit that I used to be a carver never a full cutter. For those who are quitting either and need someone who truly understands msg me. It's a bad addiction and requires a lot of willpower and strength to overcome the urges. I still fight with mine and have quit for 6 years, so I do understand."

My Background

"I am a farm girl. Born and raised on one. Here we mainly do horse trading and such. I know how to make a garden and live off of the land. It means a lot of hard work at times. It's surprising how it will toughen you up and not look it. I must admit that I seem unable to squash a bug but I have taken on many of bigger guys. I hate cat fights. That's just cheating to scratch and pull hair. I prefer street fighting, you know my fist their face kinda thing. I guess being raised where being outside majority of my time and having to work really made an impact of my being overall. I have learned to appreciate things that others take for granted. Technology is a major luxury. I can live without technology, can you?"

I Am

"I am artistic. I love reading, writing, drawing, painting, and all kind of crafts. I was once offered a job at Marvel Comics, but I turned it down. I didn't like the offer they made. I continue my writings quite often. In my journal under poetry you will find poems and a story I have started in there. Feel free to read if you want to. I don't really care if you decide not to but if you do tell me what you think. I am open to critisism so don't worry about me flying off the handle over anything you say. Like when I was first starting Sonic continuously told me to add more about myself and less quizzes on my pro. Well I added more about myself and have taken the quizzes off and on my pro until I have this one that you see today. So I must say thank you Sonic *hugs*."

"I am a closeted romantic...ssshhh!!! Don't tell anyone. I am girly at times, but its not my thing. I don't overly care to be mushy but I still feel the need to care.I like a lot of guy stuff you can say. I am the only girl that truly laughs with the guys in class. I hate the primping and the need to look perfect all the time. To me it's a waste of time. Look at my pics and you will find no make-up on me. Natural beauty is the best kind. I love to street race cars, watch extreme sports, and a die hard gamer. And yes I do watch Viva La Bamm and I own Jackass.

A Gamer

I like playing LARP's, rpg's, ccg's, & video games. I don't have any chapters nearby to continue my love of LARP's, so no I haven't played VtM yet. In rpg's, thats a personal issue that I'm not out to discuss. In ccg's, I pretty much play all of them. My favorite is, & always was & gonna be, Magic the Gathering.

In video games, I own a PS2 gaming console, patiently awaiting the arrival of the PS Crossover. I use to own an atari, sega genius, & Nintendo 69 and a gameboy. I absolutely love these platforms. I don't overly care about X-box. My most played games would have to be Final Fantasy (X & VII), Mortal Kombat (2, DA, D, & A atm), Castlevania, Soul Calibur, Onimusha (all 3), GTA, NFS (HP2, U, U2, MW, & Carbon), Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Jaws Unleashed, Kingdom Hearts (1 & 2), LOTR trilogy & middle earth, Resident Evil (Code Veronica atm), Tomb Raider (Dark Angel atm), Silent Hill (1-3), Portals, BloodRayne, Devil May Cry (1-3), Perfect Dark, Vampire Night, Guns, Parasite Eve (1&2), Everquest, & WoW.
‹iframe src="http://www.gamespot.com/pages/profile/badge.php?mini=199&user=Lady_Death_Cat" width="199" height="160" scroll="noscroll" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" background="transparent" allowtransparency="true"›‹a target="_blank" href="http://www.gamespot.com/users/Lady_Death_Cat/?tag=gsvbdg">Lady_Death_Cat's Profile at GameSpot‹/a›‹/iframe›

House/Coven Data

Ex member to House Eternal, Coven of Stone Guardians, Coven La Rose Noir, Coven Sanctity Acutius, Coven Sangres Fidelis, once again Coven of the Stone Guardians, & House Caomhnóir-an-Eolas.

Movies & Books

"I mainly watch, read, and live horror and fantasy. Point made. I am not listing my likes or dislikes concerning reading, TV, movies, or books. There is not enough room anywhere to do so. I will however get a shout out to the movie Labyrinth & book series DragonLance.

Your clan is a dysfunctional one. That is because you are a Malkavian. Something is poisonous about this clan's blood that drives all those embraced to madness. However, in this madness, you tend to have great insight. Unfortunately, people just take it as senseless ramblings. In every family there is an insane one. You're it.

What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?

What I am

I'm a therian hybrid, meaning I consist of many souls. Mainly I am Catkin & Vampyre, but also hold: Siren, Gargoyle, Dragon, Banshee, Dark Elf, Valkyrie, and am a Demon Spawn, meaning since I was conceived I had true demon blood run thru my veins."

"In my darkness, I was bourne awakened. In my family lineage I have came to discover that I am part of an Irish vampyre ancestory which means that I am half-pure blood. I guess that I should have been looked into it but hey I'm too sporatic to do anything but what is on my mind at the moment. It has inclined me to further investigate my heritage. Before thinking that the above quiz on clans has just given another Malkavian answer to one who isn't, you are wrong. I am Malkavian and I am honoured to be so. Any of those who despise us in reality can take it to another because I do not appreciate the downcast on the clan I am of. I am not what some think but I am spiteful in my own way. I will not dishonour myself only protect my integrity.

My vampyre family, Noctem Aeternus. Proudly a member. Also aligned with the Legion of Psy Leuvion

I also study magick. Have been for 16 years now. Wow is what most people say, but I think I should of started earlier. I study all Crafts and have no set religion in it. I haven't found one that fits my beliefs any. If any ask about any magick questions, I will try to answer them the best I can. Also if I cannot answer it, I will research further to find an answer. It shows that I have yet to learn something.

An Ukieach Druidh Braithreachas

I am a keeper of keepers. Of all religions yet of none. I am a priestess of the Egyptian Goddess Bast. A follower of Mab. A guide of Hectate. I am titled in all Crafts almost. I am still learning a lot. Some of my titles are as follows: a Siren in Greek, a Psychosis in Roman, the 13th princess in Arabic, divine Cat of Bast, a Temptress in Druid, Chaotic Discord in chaos magicks, a Death Dealer in Dragon magicks, a Lady of Winds in Celtic, and above all the Guardian of Portals, Keys and Knowledge in all of them. I tend not to divulge this information freely but I feel welcomed and comfortable enough here to do so. I am not here to show off, just simply let you know what I know. I help many beginners and other lower levels. At this point I can say that I am helping around 15 people. I am the guardian of an Elemental, a Draconian, a Chaos traveller, and a Shadow maker. So I can say that I got my hands full with them. Well I don't I seem to take more under my wing everyday. i would rather inform and help than to clean up after them. Just informing my opinion.
Orders that I am a member of:
Academy of Ancients, De Occulte Philosephia, Alpha Galates, Rule of Magnus, Mithraism, Hell Fire Club, Ancient Order of Pyramids, Academy of Sublime Masters of The Luminous Ring, American Order of Druids, United Ancient Order of Druids, Druid Order, Knights of Pythias, Knights of Khorassan, Ordre Vert Celtique, Zonta International, Knights And Ladies of Honor, Loyal Knights of the Round Table, Order of Magician Masters, Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn, Ordo Novi Templi, Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), green celtic Order, Orphic Mysteries, Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, Order of Merlin, Alchemic Knights, Ordre de la Satania, Order of the Black Rose, Dimentia de Oblique, Order of Chaos, Academy of Sorceric Truths, Hidden Operandi Almata, Order of Irish Druidh, Scotland Order of Secretcy, Knights of Balisia, Namatia Berginy Poastilia, Knights of Draconian Mages, Dragon Mages United, Counsel of Magickal Happenings, Guardians of the Gate, Counsel of Order, Chaotic Temples, Hermetic Voyages Into Chaos, Order of Shadows, Shadow Warriors Occulte, Anarchy3009, Order of Night, Light of Meaning Order, Order of the Golden Cup, Knights of Chalice Oath, Redemption Aside Order, International Order of Understanding Soludia, Guardians of the Temple of Bast, Order of Ra, Academy of Isis & Osirus, Knights of Erskigal, Counsel of Hectate Manor, Novaria Ostentio Graveria, Amaste Violas Hebonia, Portal Masters United, League of Exception, Club de Boria Guardia, Order of Frost, Knights of Rosicrucia, Rosicrucian Mast, Embraced Knights of Darkness, Zela Danio Repellia Donatia Ophelic, Order of Confusion, Psychosis Legue, Harvester Order, Ladies of the Lake, Order of Excalibur, Honorary League, Clud Sirius, Order of the Twilight, Warriors of Siren Valle, Neclia, Order of the Smoking Dragons, Knighthood of Night, Siren Ladies of Ancient, Order of Valkyrie Warriors, Odin's League, Temple of the 7 Kings, Keepers of Knowledge, Order of Legends United, International League of Perception, Order of the Calm, Knights of Tranquil, Protectors of Twilight Dust, Order of the Stars, Tower Knights of the Full Moon, League of Seers, Golatia Brinis Domatay Abrias, Knights of Dragon Magick, Reality Club Illusion Order, Gobathia, Protector of Realms, Order of Corpus, Torentre Anablia, Order of Repando Askiwa, Order of the Blood Oath, Order of the Red Rose, Guardians of the Crossroads, League of Infinty Rising, Counsel of the Blades, Keepers of Life, Soldiers of the Bloody Cross, Order of Sanity and Teachers of Insanity, League of Changlings, Order of the Forgotten, Lost Club, Order of Dark Elves, Knights of Falling Falls, International Elven Order, Knights and Ladies of Pixie Manor, Guardians of Sprites, Order of the House of Aries, Knights of Posiedon, Keepers of the Labrynth, Order of Bast,....
As I first said I am very divert in my magickal practices. I choose not to list all for it is thrice this size. I am heavily involved in the magick community. I hope to be as involved in the vampyric community this strongly as well. Most ask where I find the time to do all of this and I am simply capable by means I cannot speak of for it is forbodden within some of my Orders. Lets just say that I have adapted well in my chaos and am thankful to be a part of so much. Some will question the Knights and my being female and all, but the Orders have evolved and in a couple I am the only female. Kinda makes me feel special to be the first female to have accomplished the trials. Yes trials are essential in you being accepted. These Orders are very cautious to those who are accepted and so the trials of old are still used.

My VR Family

I am originally a mofia princess of "Hellfire" and when I married UrielArnauld I became an "Immortal". We share a son together, Bdsprotector and a daughter Amaltheia. As we are admist divorcing ... I have chosen to become a Hellfire once again...

Through other past relationships I have acquired 8 others. My time with Kabal gave me a daughter devilsbestangel. My relationship with EvilxRage gave 4 more daughters duneshifter, kallisti, Valentijn. & Horrorxcore. I am still in search of my son raziel23x's father & my daughter neneka's. May my search be viligant & productive. My nen is married to kyuketsuki666
I have a total of 7 siblings. My twin brother Iamhell, my younger brother DeathsEmbrace and my sisters are vampyricangel, PainfulDesire, LovesVilleValo, winterdarkmoon, & jannelliejuice. And my dear sweet papi is Iamthedevil.
I am a proud grandmother. duneshifter gave me Iceheart89 and Xinuyasha16X. kallisti gave me her son Makarov & vampindisguise. Nen has given me bellatrix, Punkgirl07, & Romeo17. devilsbestangel gave Tecver.
I must say that my family is tightly intermingled for there are siblings of theirs that is not mine ... even to those whom father is yet to be determined. I shall list these as well for they are all family *smiles* dba has 2 other brothers: atyourwindow & bluelightning1. Horroxcore has 3 other sisters: bloodofachild22, razorbladeromantic, & HauntingThoughts. And lastly nen's DarkHayateKnight.
Upon marrying UA I gained a step-daughter, xXxMorbidxAngelxXx. She also gave me step grands & 2 great grand. 4 daughters & 1 son: ChemicalxReaction, queenmorbid, beautifuldecay, Sabrina, & Sebastion. Her grand daughters are twins HisDarling & Vampzerez13.
My mother-in-law is Gwendolyn.
I also gained a brother-in-law, HollowXangel. He is the stepdad to 2 of nen's daughters: bellatrix & PunkGirl07. He also has another daughter hiddenemo. HollowXangel is the master of velvetdreamer. Please note that HollowXangel will always be family to me.
I love my family overall. I cannot imagine my ever being without them in one way or another.
As well I have a couple pets: lunadianima, HauntingThoughts, bloodtaintedstars, & scarredwrists666. I also have a Mistress - lestatsdarkling & a Master - LordOfNoctemAeternus.

My VR friends

.. I used to tell much on each one but I am uncapable to do so now. But as Shiatan once told me ... Nothing can ever stop our friendship not even death.

Bands I listen to

Some of the many groups I listen to:
"666, !!!, 311, 10 years, as i lay dying, Abandoned grave, Ayumi Hamasaki, abcess, almost, avenged sevenfold, All My Faith Lost, Alchemy, Alucarda, Anima in Fiamme, April rains, anyone home, against all, Apoptygma Berzerk, Artic Monkeys, at the gates, Ashes You Leave, Alice in Chains, a fall a death, akercocke, a cutthroat kiss, arch enemy, all that remains, art in the dark, anti-me, absolute nothingness, a perfect murder, a perfect circle, american head charge, anti-social, angry bats, azmodan, alien sex fiend, atomic tangerine, Angels & Airwaves, anaal nathrakh, atreyu, Anarchy, all gone, AMEX, apocalyptica, audioslave, Alanis Morrisette, Alice Cooper, AFI, Avril LaVigne, Aerosmith, ACDC, amon amarth, blue october, black tape for a blue girl, beaten by you, bound, Beastie boys, Baked, BBQ twins, broken, bloodgasm, blood simple, behemoth, Black Sabbath, Blink182, Bruce Springsteen, Barenaked Ladies, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Black Eye Peas, Beck, Burnt Cross, Bob Dylan, Breaking Benjamin, biohazard, Black Heaven, banned for life, Bell, Book & Candle, bush, Beyond the Wall of Sleep, bauhaus, breaking bones, busted, bleeding through, bleed the sky, black dawn, bleed the dream, babes in toyland, beheaded, blind guardian, black lable society, bondage fiends, bloodred, cannibal corpse, cradle of filth, NKY, Cheloo, Cocteau Twins, crucified, crossed, Carrie, christian death, coldplay, Cruxshadows, Crucifix Nocturnal Christians, cursed, Camerata Mediolanense, chamber of sorrows, Cambria and Coheed, cased, crossed, 1 Cemetery of Scream, Chambers of Morbid, cold, corrupted, cartoon idiots, chimaira, cult of luna, coal chamber, Cyndi Lauper, Cinderella, chevelle, Chaos, crossfade, Cher, Cheap trick, the Cure, Criss Angel, Corpus Delecti, Camenia, devildriver, the damned, drugged against will, devil inside, dark funeral, def tones, DethKlok, Deathgirl, Derriere le Miroir, David Bowie, detach me, Dope Stars Inc, Die Verbannten Kinder Eva's, disturbed, darkness, destined?, druid, drowning pool, DeadStar Assembly, dying fetus, Dog Eat Dog, damnation, depeche mode, dragonforce, dies irae, dead poetic, demon hunter, dimmu borgir, darkness fog, darts, drown fool, dead pedestrians, demons and wizards, damageplan, every time i die, emanuel, everclear, escapade, edible, Electric Hellfire Club, Echo Image, End of Orgy, Erben der Schopfung, endings, enigma, Escape with Romeo, Eros Necropsique, Eyeless in Gaza, Ever Eve, Evans Blue, Evanesence, exstinct, Eve of Destiny, Engelsstaub, Evan's blue, einsturzende neubauten, established, flaming lips, fear factory, fallen, fist of greed, Finntroll, Fading Colours, Faith and the Muse, Faith & Disease, from the grave, foo fighters, Fire + Ice, fields of the nephilim, funeral for a friend, fireball ministry, filthx, first kill, the frey, fly leaf, fat boy slim, faster pussycat, foo fighters, godsmack, good charlotte, gothminister, gwar, god dethroned, god send death, god flesh, gates of fire, greed, god forbid, green day, gorillaz, hatebreed, HIM, human drama, hate eternal, hated all, hashbrowns, hole, hotz, hexed, house of pain, heaven shall burn, hate none, hatred, hinder, hardcore mayhem, hoobastank, hawthorn heights, inkubus sukkubus, incubus, iced earth, institution, ions, Ill Nino, Impressions of winter, in slaughter native, insomnium, insults for me, INXS, ice queen, In My Trunks, jack off jill, judus priest, James Blunt, JoJo, jimmy eat world, korn, kill switch engage, kittie, kreator, kreamed alone, kagrra, kamelot, kill me kill you, the killers, Lady Besery's Garden, Les Joyaux De La Princesse, lost souls, London After Midnight, live, lost prophets, luscious jackson, Love Is Colder Than Death, lamb of god, linkin park, megadeth, metal church, meat beat manifesto, muse, matchbox 20, moonsorrow, mansion of sorrow, mastadon, martyr ad, machine head, motor head, mudvayne, mortuary, mask, moi dix mois, morbid angel, mindless self indulgence, metallica, made for tv, meat puppets, my chemical romance, my dying bride, marilyn manson, metal spikes, my former self, moron league, madonna, mushroom head, murder dolls, moonspell, malice mizer, midnight circle, no doubt, negurabunget, NOFX, no mas, Nine Inch Nail, nile, nightwish, napalm death, necrophagist, never live, Nirvana, Notre Dame, nickelback, nero, necro, otep, of the wand and the moon, ozzy osbourne, opeth, one last stand, official weakness, Offspring, Orgy, parazitii, Panic! at the disco, Pat Benetar, poison, phish, pink floyd, pussycat dolls, Pearl Jam, prince, psycho le cemu, Patrick Swayze, pantera, painkillers, pillars of nien, POD, portishead, quiet riot, Queen, queensryche, Queens of the Stone Age, racontuers, rob zombie, rotting christ, razed in black, rammstein, redlights of blue, razorblayde, raped society, Rollin's Band, razorblades r best, REM, rick springfield, reba mcintyre, satanic slaughter, slaughter, she wants revenge, soilwork, six feet under, strapping young lad, shadows fall, sisters of mercy, scorpion, spacehog, siouxie and the banshees, STYX, seether, sue me to fuck me, stupid people, story of the year, skinny puppy, slipknot, system of a down, satyricon, shihad, shaved, staind, suicidal tendacies, satanic warmaster, stampin ground, slayer, switchblade symphony, slutwars, smoking guns, southern star, Stigma, Sharky & Un_D, symphony x, sirenia, stone sour, skywind, stratavarius, Social Distortion, suicide, santana, switchfoot, switchkill, Sting, Shakira, Smashing Pumpkins, Soul Asylum, serve a deadman, stop2bleed, static-x, satan's fire, shine down, stone temple pilots, Soundgarden, Sean Paul, sonic youth, stigma, Scisorile, tragic deaths, to die for, two witches, the used, the birthday massacre, the 69 eyes, the Police, the mascara story, type o negative, tristania, the agony scene, tragedy, twitzid, torn, the sins of thy beloved, the haunted, uneath, tiffany, toni basil, tom petty, trapp'd, toby keith, uncle kracker, U2, undead rising, vampiria, The Verve, vader, Virgin black, violent femme, Vama Veche, violator, witchery, witchfynde, warrant, woods of belial, wednesday 13, where red falls silent, water kill, whitesnake, white stripes, weezer, WOLFPAC, wasted youth, winter heart, wrath, we are the sideline, waking the dead, wishful death, wasted, without, xandria, you're pretty, yummy, young death, yellow carpet, ZZ Top, zi-mi noapte buna, zeromancer".
I'll continue to add as I remember that they aren't listed or I find a new local/underground bands.

"Music is a major part of my life. For more on this check out my myspace. I listen to all sorts of genres but I mainly listen to rock. If it's good I can say so even if I do not like it myself. I know contacts within the music biz and am currently helping two unknown bands. One is located in Chicago and another is here in South Carolina. I am busy with music representatives concerning another that has recently been signed. I have listed below some groups I enjoy listening to and must state that some are local and underground bands. If you do not know them then most likely they are not yet signed to a contract and are not publicly known. Please do not attempt to get help with your band if you suck. I will not be available for people with no talent. Thanks. I don't mean to be rude just to the point. I cannot go wasting time on those with no talent I am busy person."

Graveyard Poem
Young woman remember as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now you soon shall be
Prepare for death and follow me

A German song:
I need nothing, not your riches, nor your promises, only my blood. And I will drink it as if it was yours.

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