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"Stagnant water breeds disease, and mosquitoes not only fly but float." ~D.N.N.~

I am a natural helper and I get fulfillment from taking part in others' lives in a very meaningful way. I always look beyond the surface of the darkest mysteries. I'm thoughtful and mindful in my work as well as my interactions with others. In a group of people, I often find myself watching out for everyone in the group, making sure they are having a good time. I have many intellectual interests and a natural curiosity about the world. My friends appreciate my ideas as well as my deep thinking. I am happy in a group of people, I also enjoy time with a few close friends spent in meaningful and thought-provoking discussions.

I find a challenging job to be most rewarding and do not look for the simple way of reaching the top. Not only do I work hard myself, but I expect the same from those around me. I like to be organized, and to put things back where they were intended to be. It is one of my most notable characteristics, and I will feel better able to tackle challenges if I have a solid plan in place beforehand. I end up being set in my ways and I am drawn to leading the charge on any problem in my life. Home is my safe place, and if my home setting appears disorganized or messy, then I feel as if I am not doing well.

I am usually very clever and need to find ways to relax my mind. Otherwise, my ideas may manifest only in my head and never come to reality. I have a strong moral compass of right and wrong, I am very honest, and value honesty in others. Loyal and very dependable, I make an excellent friend or partner, but I may choose to have just a small circle of friends.

On the negative side, I can be so set in my ways that I can often come across as stubborn, inflexible, or too severe. I also have the ability to forget about being reserved and let my true feelings be known to all those around me, which can turn other people away.

Although I am sensible and a good planner, I can be extremely cautious, and don't deviate much from the master plan. Because of this I can sometimes miss opportunities that arise because I don't act on them quickly enough.

I am the compassionate person, caring for those who are in need of my assistance. I am tremendously idealistic, sometimes to the point of having a youthful view about people or methods.

I have great empathy and I seek to create a better society for all people. I am drawn to those who suffer both mentally and physically or are at the hand of prejudice. From time to time, I find myself caught up in a mission whose very life depends upon my readiness to give up something that relates directly to my sense of self.

Politics, law, protection of the environment, teaching, and healing are areas in which I would succeed. I have a wide view of humankind and am not controlled by prejudice. I should have acquaintances that associate from all walks of life. A wide variety of people and experiences excite me and will bring forth traits within me that would otherwise lay dormant inside of me.

I tend to articulate my feelings of affection somewhat coldly. I need to be reminded to give my love more moderately and be more open to the needs of others. Ironically, I am a very affectionate and genuine person, but often overlook how to express what I truly feel.

In the same way, I can fail to notice my own needs. I can avoid sharing with others, bottling up my emotions feeling they are not as important as to my cause. I tend to be more impulsive and brave about showing my real self, including my vulnerability.

My essential belief in the kindness of humanity is immovable. This causes me to give confidence to the best in people, but irregularly makes me susceptible to being taken advantage of. The surest way to individual fulfillment is for me to become part of some larger cause. I feel most comfortable when I am serving others or a cause to make my society better.

I want to be the server to all of humanity and my genuine happiness comes from knowing that I have moved along any cause for humanity. My principles are of the highest order, because I am most likely a perfectionist. One of my obstacles in life is to move towards my lofty goals and at the same time be familiar with the good I am doing.

I like people and are fascinated by them from all walks of life. Human nature is an enduring study for me. I am highly perceptive, but I do not have particularly excellent evaluation skills of other personalities. I am a bit inexperienced, and I may think that all people have the identical values as I. I dream of having the capital to instantly alleviate the misery of others, whether it is financial, material, or mental.

I am exceptional, with a good mind and a great deal of wisdom, which makes me a natural instructor, counselor, or healer.

As much as I wish to be of service to others, I also desire a prominent reputation of celebrity status, and the support of the masses. Much of the vigor I use up in life is directed toward putting myself before a viewer, most often as a salesperson with products that provide some social good, or a philanthropist, or an artist.

Secretly, I dream of having a large influence on the world. Others may see this as selfishness, especially when I am still young, but my concern for others is authentic. I must be relevant in this way in order to become expressively whole and individually satisfied.

My idea is on the crowds of others, which can cause me to fail to notice the needs of those closest to me. I need individual love as well, but have a propensity to put my needs in the background. Still, I am an unconditional loving person, and only need to be reminded to direct and show that love to those nearby. If, however, I am focused wholly on the masses, people will recognize me as far-flung and a bit aloof.

I am emotional, and perceptive. I can also be temperamental and negatively decisive. I have high prospects for myself and others. This can cause me much fury when my prospects are unfulfilled. One of my most significant life lessons is to forgive and forget. Because I am ruthless and try very hard to achieve high ideals, I may think of myself as better than others.

Arrogance is a trap that I may fall into. The danger within me is my egotism and it cuts me off from the things I feel affection for, the most being people. My happiness and contentment is therefore highly dependent on the ease with which I am able to serve and influence mankind. It is the paradox of my Heart's Desire that I receive by giving. Both my material success and spiritual satisfaction are made possible through service and sacrifice to others.

My Temporal Pinnacle Period is fast approaching into my life. When I was preparing this description for you, I felt a lot of positive things about my personality and my character that I have failed to remember about myself. I know deep from my heart that I am a very good person.

So instead of telling you how blessed and fortunate I am...

I prefer to see it as the Universe's way of rewarding me and answering my needs for being a humble person. So, cherish this understanding. This description about me and do not let me pass you by as you may never have the chance again to know me.

Everything is here for you. An abundance of love and wealth, happiness and maybe even fame is here for you. You are positioned to reap these rewards when you accept the assistance that I am offering you. I offer a humble understanding of unconditional love and respect for others. All walks of life are included in this epic, join me.


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