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Lost within the bounds of time... Screaming at the nothingness of existance...



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What good is religion If you Cannot Apply Logic and Reason to it? I strive to Apply Logic and Reason to All aspects of my life, and I am not dissapointed...

Danaxii, Member of the Keepers of Eternity: A Keeper, protector, And Teacher of the Ancient Arcane Knowledge.
I am Danaxii. I am A Dragon Druid. I have had many names but Recently I have gone by Fearg Drachen, or just Fearg (pronounced "Ferr-Ack") Its Gaelic meaning Wrath or together Wrath of Dragons. R/l I am JD, short for Joshua Daniel. As you can all probably relate my name has too much of a christian vibe for my taste considering both Joshua And Daniel are books in the bible, so I go by JD with family. With my friends, I am Fearg, or Danaxii.

Vampires are not the only Immortal souls, Us of the Dragon blood have this as well, which is one reason we are drawn together. My soul is old and my memories long, if scattered.

Danaxii is my Dragon name, And the name of my Soul, it has been known to me since I was very young, though no person ever told me, our souls Identity is something we feel, or remember from lives past.

As a Druid, I am here to guide those who wish it, to help them find their path, I am not here to tell you who you are or what to do, I merely guide you to your own answers, as no mater what you've been told, no one can tell you who you were and especially not who you ARE, but you. we all walk our own path in life we each have our Journey... sometimes we just share a road for a while.

I am very dominant, and when I do have something to protect, I am fiercely territorial.

I am slow to anger most times, but I am also slow to forgive those that do manage to anger me, simply because if you've angered me, then you deserved it, I give so many chances to people before they hit my blacklist that its not likely to be removed from it.

Ancient Drudism

The Druids were an ancient people, originating from Celtic tribes at a time when people had to live close to nature to survive. It is the "revival of the ancient Celtic religions which holds the earth and the environment sacred and promotes a morality based on true honour, strength and justice." As Druidism was a form of Paganism, it was also earth based, placing an emphasis on the worship of all aspects of nature. The Druids were members of a learned class among the Celts and were an important cohesive force skilled in areas which most people were not. They were marked as a priestly upper class in charge of ritualistic religion. "These priests worshiped some Gods similar to those of the Greek’s and Romans, but under different names." (The world book dictionary) They were members of a religious order of priests, prophets and poets. Druids were members of a professional class in Celtic nations, or West Europe and the British Isles.

Druids possessed both political and legal powers and responsibilities to their communities and tribes. They were also capable of magical powers such as divination, prophesizing, controlling the weather, levitation, shape-shifting and they possessed healing abilities. The Druids learned to forecast events by interpreting the flight of birds, by reading the markings on livers and other entrails of sacrificed animals. They also held the position of judge, doctor, mage, mystique, clerical scholar and they held the religious insignia of their culture. Druids provided much needed skills and specialties to their tribe. Through holding these positions, Druids were to be available to people whose "scope of vision was not as wide as theirs." By nature, Druids were watchful and mindful of different aspects of life. Druids possessed a comprehensive knowledge on such things as poetry, architecture, literature, mythology, languages and folklore. In this fashion, they were incredibly learned, having gone through a rigorous education and were able to provide cultural and intellectual impute to their communities for the mutual benefit of all.

Traits of paganism can be seen through the ancient Druids beliefs about death, worshiping and rites. Although there is little known of the rites that they held, what we do know is that they were held in clearings in the forests, as most Pagan worship was practiced outdoors. Although the Druids believed in one main God, believing that it possessed the life force of everything, they also worshipped a number of lesser divinities, making them polytheistic in nature.

En'rala soramay lec'telon gortuask enta sel coramay.
"The times we see come and go, yet life remains for eternity." Danaxii 2009

Arelen'lav selene doretuala fortuesta soluma nemacell noramay man'alee sec' doramea ana'lanamec.
When you live in love, the world Is your Mother,yet if you live in Anger, the world is your Prison.

Those who remember cannot tell, those who dont cannot be be helped. we must all find ourselves on our own, with minimal guidance. Most do not understand this, those who have not awakened that is, many claim they can't others claim they dont believe. we are all one, yet the one must remember his/her own path, and make his/her own choices. those who are awake can only set those who are not onto the the path of enlightenment, but we can do no more. only when you truely choose to remember will you awaken.
Peace be with you;
Da'naxII tar'Deutremas anse' Alhieln.


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Well I guesse you'd Like to know A bit about me

I am one whome is Eternal, Some might call it vampire, My definition for an Eternal soul, Is someone who has mastered the knowledge and energy to remember each life as it passes and become one with the ages.

I am a Keeper of Eternity, Like a historian, I keep the knowledge of the wise, In its most simple form, and wait for those who deserve to Learn it. Waiting for acceptance, for the shackles of the evolving Religions to fade, for people to get smart. Its been a long wait but now finaly people are learning, and I can offer what I know to those who are Enlightened.

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Brothers, Sisters, Fly your flags.

I apologize for my profiles glitchiness ive been away for 3 years, and slowly i am fixing, and updating said profile.

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I am Darkness I am Light, I Chase smoke in Water and Shadows in Light, I know Nothing I know much, I learn Nothing I learn Fast, I teach nothing I teach right, I keep nothing I let nothing go, I Do Nothing I do Much, I am Me, I Am IS, I lead noone Many Follow me, I Want Nothing, I need It All, I use Little I should use Much, I keep Shuttered I Need To Keep Open, I lose Nothing I lose Much, I am Ancient I am Young, I Do What i Can To keep The realms Alive. I Am What I Am not I was Never What i was, I keep To shadow I cling to light, Nothing Is Me And I am Much. "I Am darrusk narrat diant noith mulianthos"(: I am the guide in the dark fire of eternity lost)

Tidbits of Knowledge, Posted in 2006

A Dragoon Is one Who Comes A dragoon Is one who takes it upon themselves To Aid all , when none other can stand up rises the dragoon even from the deepest locks a dragoon will find a way to surface and aid the un aided who cannot aid themselves.

you shall see the path of your heart... in so you will understand more as well as see what it is your heart truly seeks... if one is lost it is the heart that guides him back to home. it may not be the home in which he before dwelled but the home he has yet found.

Kierce Iandes kolomosatres borruth Mariatusthum lianthiolik hiundi sommara diaratres
cursed lands will burn and smolder til all that remains is the creator)

We are Not Only Dragon Our soul Is Much older. Our soul is Made up of Diantorus Firieandus: Shadow fire Knight, Lalthian Drog: Dragon, Amroth Telperien:Elven, And Karrakruth Marth: My oldest soul portion, Nazgul. Our Knowlege was Learned When We Fought a Traitor Mind to Mind To save Our love And We had to Open The voids To save her ... To Open them We Had To Find Ourself And Put Ourself Back together in a way. I was Named Danaxii.

Graciandio Loyanthia noyas morrusk Lianthe diarriatus morusk moy lianthes dianthes trioth loy morrusk loy dianteries norratus mokay liant
(Learn from those who ruled before in order to rule better than all others before)

Grackan diant dorretres loyamast horusk lomas diaryet nolay homi jomiols zant fortuoas diantoriameslian
(Teach through loyalty for you yourself must learn the truest of its meaning in order to master what you must become)

bestian loyansk hossuk lorian gortuth nala malank diandiarius morrian dorriska moyilan frommmas
(In the bestial mind there is all but truth as to loyalty it was left for hunger...)

Korran dianth Losaki koriante somayliath killionth dorriustiodrian dante doka gortuth yummarian fortianesta fruthy loya borrianath diantes koriat humus jojian goriat doriantes goorian doma frutha doriat holliamus froma loyki morrath gontiath
( a tarnished soul shows all loyalties but once broken it will take you away from all that you know. weary travellers mean no harm as those that share your home. once you are found wanting then all shall be revealed as merely an illusion of an over zealous mind)

END OF 2006 Tidbits

I know its borring now, Im working on it , to redo one must first clean the slate.

I've seen alot of things, lifetime after lifetime, countless lifetimes, Mostly I have witnessed Pain, Anguish, Anger, And greed, A little love, a smidgin of kindness, eons of war. Time goes on, war continues.

Emotion, it powers the most direct conection with "magick" (or mental energy manipulation,) On the purest scales, If you can take your concious mind out of the workings.

We all control our own destiny, though we tend to ask for the wrong things.

Friends Protection Stamps

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Some of my Recent Graphics Work
Some work was done for other people by me (I also do all my own Pride and signature stamps seen around my profile and ratings)

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