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Dont fear the dark.....Fear what it hides

I am curently under a new Master Weare in process of getting to know one another so wish me luck *crosses fingers*

I know some day you'll have a beautiful life
I know you'll be a star
In somebodies elses skies,
oh why cant it be mine

I had a happy place once, but i wandered away and got lost and now i cant find it

Iit is a shameful thing indeed when with the foremost fighters An elder faling in front of the young men Lies Outstreched. Having white hair and gray beard. Breathing forth his stout soul in the dust, Holding in his hands his genitals stained with blood

Who in their lifetime is good enough on earth and will become an angel after death?
You look to the sky and ask
Why cant you see them?
First, if the clouds have gone to sleep
you can see us in the sky
we are afied and alone
God knows i dont want to be an angel
They live behind the sunshine
Seperated from us, infinite expanse
They must cling to the stars very tightly
So they wont fall from the sky

parents will stop telling their childern about the birds and the bees after the birds and bees release a series of bondage videos

Death is nothing but passing into another room, but it will be different for me cause in that room i will be able to see...

Thats right cross the street so you dont have to deal with me.......I hope you get hit by a fucking bus

Somtimes i park in handicap spaces while handicap people make handicap faces

You can not corrupt that which has already been corupted

Show me how you do that trick
The one that makes me scream...
The one that makes me love....

Life is like a glass door, you never know which side is open until you run into it

Sex is evil

Sex is a sin

Sins are forgiven

So stick it in!!!

Greatings, my Name is Daniela, But most call me Dani. I am the first Dark Princess of the house of Noctem Aeternus.

If you like my first pic, there are more in my portfolio

I am Bi-sexual and heavy into BDSM,D/s and am a switch for right now until i can find a master/mistress who is strong enough to tame my will and make me his or her own. Until then i sit in suspended animation waiting a stern word a soft hand and a gentle loving smile,....

A mixture of two of my favorites quotes
from songs with some added text:
When you tell me that you love me dear
You'll find that im not prepaired to hear
You'll be a sadend man
A brocken boy
A child with a complex toy
Waiting until night falls again to see if i reapear
When i dont you shal fall to your knees
Reaching to the sky to scream out my name
into a blackend starless midnight sky

A lone the vampriss walked silently threw the woods, the darkness of the night shielding her from eyes. She came upon a clearing to find a lycan sitting on a rock gazing into a lake. She crept closer to get a better look having never seen one before, not sure if she believed in them at all.
The lycan inhaled deep of the air and turned his head towards her, she froze where she was as she watched him rise from his rock and walk slowly to her reaching out to gently touch her face.
She paused at the lingering touch, her newly fed upon blood racing threw her veins as she looked up at the creature before her.
He gave a wide tooth filled smile that she returned the moon shining off her perfect fangs. His brown eyes bore into her black ones as he spoke a single sentence to her.
"Now that we have seen each other" He said "I promise to believe in you if you promise to believe in me"
He gave her one last smile, a warm kiss to her cold cheek and fled into the woods to leave her alone in the clearing once more.

Now more about me
what is your name-Princess, but you can call me Daniela

what is your age- 20

what year was you born- 1985

what state was you born in- Florida

where do you live now- Va

what month was you born in- April

what is your zodiac sign- Aries i think

how tall are you- 5/5

how much do you weigh-lol nice try

what is your race- Vampyre

Do you bite-*sharpens fangs up a bit* You could say that

DO you like to be bitten-Hell fuckign yes i do, i sport at least 5 or 6 bruises at any given time from being bitten, it only counts as a bite if i have the mark for at least a week and if you cant give me that, dont bother lol

what is your worst fear-Hmmm you know i never thought about it

do you cuss- fuck yes i fucking cuss

do you smoke- Im gonna die fast enough on my own

do you drink beer- liquore is quicker, but get ready to see nakedniss

what color is your hair- black

what color is your eyes- black

are you dependable and trustworthy- Very

do you play in a band- no im to cool for that

do you have tattoos or piercings- i had piercings but they where ripped out, love my tattoos, did them myself

if i had a favorite serial killer who would it be-Does VLad the Impaler count?

how do you want to die- I wanna Freeze to death

have you ever tried to commit suicide- If i tried, i wouldnt be taking this questionair thingy

have you ever thought about commiting suicide- No

have you ever purposely caused harm to

someone- once or twice*evil grin* but they deserved it

what subculture do you belong too-
subculture?? Hmm I dont..i dont thikn so

are you evil- I dont look it, but boy can i play the part

do you belive you can be possesed- yes

do you take your anger out on other people- I dont get angry, havent been truly angry in long time

do you blame other people for your mistakes- What mistakes?

what is your favorite movie- Donny Darko,Underwolrd, Princess Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas...I know it said favorite but hey whos gonna know

what kind of music do you like- anything but rap,and pop that stuff gives me headaches

what kind of books do you read- vampyre,lycan, anything that has to do with supernatural

what is your favorite color- black

what is your favorite drink- Does Blood count? i think it should

do you study martial arts- Kinda.....*karate chop*

would you ever kill someone - yes

have you ever killed anyone- no why what did you hear?

are you kinky- *breaks out the whips and chains* Wanna find out?

do you like writeing poetry- yes

what is your favorite song- Mad world or My december

do you belive in vampires- Hard to not believe in what you are and its Vampyres.

does pain turn you on- Mine or someone elses??? well eithier way..yes

do you belive in love at first sight- I do not
believe in love at all

do you suffer from depression disorder- not that i know of

are you a virgin- Ummm.....can i lie and say
yes? If so then Yes...Believe me?

have you ever had a song written about you- yep

when did you last cry- Hmmm When my dad left so like a month ago

what kind of car do you drive- LMAO what makes you think i have a car?

would you rather be with friends or on a date- friends, they dont normlay disapoint me

are you a dare devil- *looks up at the kinky question* what kind of dare?

have you ever lied to your best friend- yes

Do you masturbate?:As much as possible, its fuckin awesome

Do you watch pornography?: Only in groups, have yet to do alone porno time, its awesome to watch when high

Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color?: Every color u can think of almost

Have you ever shaved your head in a socially unacceptable way?: only once and iw as drunk

Are you hyper active person?: Wanna come find out?

Are you religious?: I have my own religion, it is called Dani-ism

Do you have any self inflicted scars?: yep,Big deal!

Do you stand for originality and creativity?: I dont know if i stand for anythign, but being creative is cool and not much is original anymore

Do you like meeting new people?:Well yea who doesnt? I am social butterfly lol

What do you like most about life?: the fact im alive

What do you dislike most about life?:That there is no re-do button

Have you ever pierced a body part yourself?:Only once or twice

Have you ever had to beg for dinner money?:Not that i recall

Have you been to jail, yet?: Almost. but im a lucky bastered and got everythign dropped

Are your clothes held together with safety pins?: No but i put safty pins on them, never knwo when ur gonan need to stab someone

Do you have actual scars from punk rock shows?:i had a concusion from one

Have you ever vomit while making out?:Not that i can recall but if i have i was really drunk and woudlnt remember anyway

Have you held a job for less than a day?:No, but i had one for just a week and decided i didnt liek it so i just stopped going

Do you own more than two pair of jeans?:Nope,wait... do bondage pants count as jeans?

Have you ever had to fuck stuff up for no good reason?:Yep Yep
Have you ever been kicked out of your parents house?: no

Have you ever been fired from your job because of your attitude?:No im a very pleasant person

would you rather be dumped or be the dumper- I am bad at dumping i dont like making their face crumple infront of my eyes so i make it seem like thier idea and have them dump me, makes us both feel beter

sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me, so tie me up and throw me down and show me that you like me

The Creed Of Noctem Aeternus

I am Strigoi VII of Noctem Aeternus So We Begin!

Truth is within my night side, all I must do is listen to
myself for I am my own temple.
I lead, explore, learn, inspire, feed, create, love,
provide, dance, honor & pleasure.

I acknowledge my day side is the sensory illusion,
known as the Maiiah.

I acknowledge by night side as my natural,
Primal and Magical subconscious.

I uphold and respect the Black Veil & the Noctem Aeternus
Covenant, the foundation of ethics of our family.

I acknowledge that I am at the top of the food chain,
however, I respect the chain that I am on.

Blood is the life.
I worship those who give me their most precious gift.

Noctem Aeternus is my chosen family,
I honor my Brothers, Sisters, our path and traditions.

Therefore I will experience most in life here and now.

For I am Strigoi VII of Noctem Aeternus So we begin!



The Seven Principles

1.Duty (Chu)

2. Justice Mortality (Gi)

3. Complete Sincerity (Makoto)

4. Polite, Courtesy (Rei)

5. Compassion (Jin)

6. Heroic Courage (Yu)

7. Honor (Meiyo)


Higher Thinking

Live with an open Mind!

To live with an open mind, is to live with Understanding.

To live with Understanding, is to live with Peace.

To live with Peace, is to live with Love.

To live with Love,

Is to live with GOD!


Noctem Aeternus is an international organization,
which is part magickal order , part vampyric family and a fraternal order,
that is based on teaching and learning more on who and what we are.
We are not R.P.Ger's.
But true life vampyres/vampires
coming together with like minded people
for a better understanding of who and what we are.

Noctem Aeternus membership is only for the serious seeker.
open by invite and sponsorship.
No one under the age of 18 will be

We of Noctem Aeternus
hold the Black Veil and the Pillars of our house
in the strictest of respect.
we suggest you read the Black Veil,
and agree to live by it for yourself before
coming to us.

Our way of life is not for all!

These are the traditions and codes of ethics,
for the house of Noctem Aeternus.


The Pillars are here for our safety.
The outside world (human or day side)
does not understand who and what we are.
Therefore, for your safety and the safety of the family
we must hold our traditions, codes and ethics with the highest regards.

The Covenant

1. Secrets

Secrets not only protect us from those that would cause us harm,
But they also bind us,
and give us a common ground.
The inner teachings should not be shared with any who are not part of the house,
or ready.
Community secrets are our unity.
The outer teachings are a tool for screening others into the family,
And bring us together.
Share your nature only with those who have the wisdom to,
Understand and accept it.
Learn to recognize these individuals.

Our secrets are our safety and unity.

2. Responsibility

We of Noctem Aeternus embrace the concept of,
respecting the Human /Day side worlds laws.
Though we are an international subculture without own codes of conduct,
we still live in there world.
NO member of the family should ever commit,
ANY illegal act which will bring shame, unwanted and unhealthy,
attention to yourself the house or the nation.

3. Minors

Some of us feel that the first signs of Awakening start at an early age.
yes in some of us this is true,
But the risk is to great for a misunderstanding.
Under no circumstances allow anyone under 18
to be initiated into a house of any kind, attend Quabals, undertake ordeals,
or gain access to any outer or inner teachings.

4. Our Mission

All of our kind are of the same great spiritual family.
We are all parts of the spiritual organism that is Elorath.
It is our job to our brethren to see past our differences,
and pull together and try and make something of ourselves.
In doing so we create jobs for those in our nation,
and set an example for the next generation.
Never force our way or will on another,
Doing so will weaken there love for the nation,
thus making it and us weaker.
Let them come to us.
if they feel the calling they will come.
Understand we come from all walks of life and faiths.
teach what you know and learn from them ,
no one has all the answers to who and what we are what you can.
we learn a little from each other and grow.
Our diversity is our strength
Am I my brothers keeper?
Yes I am.

5. Recognition

Respect! and recognize All! Vampyre,
Dark & Esoteric Organizations and Groups.
Our community is far to small to have conflict keep us apart.

6. Creation

Support and host Quabals,
open havens, start a business, encourage and support artist,
Dance, Performances, Rituals and all
forms of creative expression which will help keep the dark flame burning.
We are here to create a culture in which we can all
support each other and thrive at the fullest of our potentials.

7. The Pact

Honor, Chivalry and Loyalty
are benchmarks of Strigoi VII.
We seek to resurrect and express the empowering traditions,
of a long lost eras,
While consistently updating them for modern times.
We are all adults and should strive for a higher moral standard.

8. Respect

Always be civil even to your deepest enemy.
Resolve conflicts in private.
Confront those who have offended you,
directly and respectfully.
know that you have the right to protect your Honor , self ,Family and home
but do it with respect.
when in another's land know the laws and respect them.

9. Swans

We are to have two Swans and a mate.
Screen you Swans.
Let them understand they have to be clean.
cause it is not just there health at risk
but the health of the rest of the house as well.
When feeding sexually use protection.
Know that feeding is not only sexual!
When feeding from Blood make sure the donor is clean.
Never feed from the ill, elderly or young.
Never feed from some one else's swan without there permission.

10. Problems

Noctem Aeternus is not a role playing organization,
or society of fang wearing teenagers trying to be something they are not.
We are a secret society in that we maintain absolute,
confidentiality of our membership.
Noctem Aeternus is a neutral family within the,
Sanguinarium and Vampyre community,
we as a family do not get involved in the politics of other,
organizations or games of individuals.
If it has nothing to do with the house,
let it stay were it is.

11. Progress

All members of Noctem Aeternus are encouraged to contribute,
to the family and vampyre community with the fullest use of their
talents and skills.
there is no shame in running businesses for the benefit of the house hold.
Monetary stability provides power to achieve goals of the household.
we know you must start some where.
no matter what the job be, a job is a job.
but we in Noctem Aeternus strive to better ourselves.
Never settle for less then you are worth.

12. Family

We in Noctem Aeternus are a family,
and understand that family may not always see eye to eye.
Fights happen in family, words are said and deeds are done,
but what makes a family, a family is how it gets past the hurtful things and deeds,
that unites us.
Try to see thing through there eyes, and understand
why and what they are saying.
So you can better understand were they are coming from.
it is this diversity and open-mindedness that empowers us.
it is that view of the bigger picture that lets us see the cycles and,
commonalities of all in the house and nation.
To become blind to one of them would be to lose a piece of the puzzle.
We are family!
We are of the same mind and blood, let no one come between us!

13. Haven

Open your doors to our kin.
know that doing so will open the hearts of others,
and bring unity, Let our kin knows they have a safe place to rest,
when in our land.
If we can not trust our own kind ,
then who can we trust.

14. Your Word

Your word is your bond.
We of Noctem Aeternus put our Honor first.
If you say something mean it.
A man has nothing if he has not his word.
So when you say you will do something it will be done.

15. Knowledge

Noctem Aeternus is here to teach and learn.
We seek to better ourselves through,
researching who and what we.
One cannot learn if ones mind is not open.
Seek out to better your self in life.
progress is what we seek , how can we teach if we are not willing to learn.


Initiate Ordeal ( Jahira )

This is the most basic of all Ordeals.
Study the Black Veil.

Here we are EXPLORING and TESTING,
The elementary Outer Teachings of Strigoi Vii and beginning to,
experience Zhep'r and awaken our inner dragon.
Prospectii must be at least 18 years of age.
Prospectii are required to know the Black Veil , The Strigoi Vii Covenant and
The House Covenant.
It is traditional that for the Jahira Ascension rite the Prospectii be
accepted by sponsor ( Adra , Sire )
who has at least completed the Calmae ordeal.
during the Ascension the Jahira is given or chooses a Night side name,
and consecrates their own Strigoi Vii ankh.

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