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Drastic measures come to a conclusion that nothing else can be done to succeed. Thus playing with fate in itself is a gamble. Some walk out alive, others torn to pieces.

I should probably give an introduction shouldn't I? Well, lets start here. I am not normal, then again who is? I keep things simple and to the point. If I have an issue with you, I will speak to you privately about it. I will not cause useless drama over something that may be able to be worked out.

I am not here for a popularity contest, I am here for one reason and one reason alone. A single person whom I have known for years. I will not denounce new friends, I am open to finding new ones.

I know that there are people pretty open about whom and what they are to some extent, I also know that there are fakes, creepers, and drama makers on this site also. It's to be expected among the internet.

I hold many masks, many personalities so to say. Though generally I am a down to earth person. No, I am not a vampire, no vampires are not welcome to feed. I will let you know this now, before those whom wish to see me as prey, I am a predator. And I don't hunt alone.

Open the door and come closer. The visions of sound come oh so sweet. The taste of darkness awaits, for those whom come it sedates. We all walk our own path, well mine is truly unique.

You see what comes to be, for there are no lies in the end. Darkness is a deception, a trick upon lights order. Though it too holds it's own truths. Such truths draw in the unsuspected, only to spit out it's mighty visage something new.

The prize forever hidden from view, this is the choice that is granted to you. Step through the doors, take your chance. Or walk away, and never taste the darkness and how it has evolved.

Be warned, some things are not in view. Beyond these doors are things not for the feint, the children, the fakes, or the hungry. Knowledge comes with a price, lets see how you fare.

Darkness Evolved~

What does dreaming within the darkness mean? That is a question not often asked. It is rather simple really. We are born to dream. A dream is an unknown understanding, though there are several ideas of what dreams are.

While we are asleep, we are more aware of our surroundings then we let ourselves be known. Some of us an even project our dreams to others. And there are a few whom see visions within their dreams.

It comes simply down to this, in our hyper alert state, we are able to touch the third eye directly. To truly see what is actually around us. The background of where we are may become unknown, sometimes hiding things we should not see. Though the end result is the same. We are dreaming within the darkness of our minds.

We see things that "Cannot" be or "Should not" be. Things that we desire, that may come to be, what was, what will be. Our dreams are not simply a trick of the imagination. It is our imagination that hides the truth.

Imagination though is not the enemy, no it is not an ally either. We are shielded for our own good sometimes, for walking into such darkness comes with a price seldom recovered. Sometimes the truth can drive us insane, provoke paranoia, or down right kill.

So head this warning, do not underestimate your imagination. Even more so, never underestimate the power of the truth.

As darkness engulfs and hides, a light casts a shadow. Shadows are not afraid to mingle with darkness, nor are they hiding from the light. In fact, shadows are of both worlds.

They connect light and dark. Manifesting from light, yet showing properties of darkness. It is a place where both collide, where both become one. Sometimes they fight among another, other times... well we shall leave the juicy details to a minimum and say they simply dance a lovers embrace.

A candle's light is a pure representation of such, for a candle puts out enough light to split darkness in two. Yet, caring enough to allow darkness to survive. It's flickering properties can determine if darkness and light are fighting, or if they are simply calm and still. An un-moving candle light without a wind can still violently jump. Or it can remain still and show no harm.

If the flame says still, peace is among us. If the flame dances wildly light and darkness is fighting for territory. Though the soft caressing movement of the songs dance. A loving embrace comes forth.

We can learn allot from a candle's light, these three simple things are only the simplest of them. To truly know whats going on within sometimes, we need to simply shed a little light.

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Apr 28, 2021

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…

You have been visited & rated by Arch Sire NikkiAidyn....
Apr 28, 2021
You have been visited and fairly rated by CelestialXSeer...Enjoy the Night

Apr 21, 2021

Your rate depends on content. A low rate wihen there is nothing there after a week, a high rate when I can read something about you and profile completed. Well come back to re rate if needed.

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