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Bite DeadWinter

Stalk DeadWinter


Seven lonely lies written in a _DeadW|nter's night....my utopia still unborn,my frozen tears,my winter wind....

Welcome to _DeadW|nter's

Free Counters
Free Counters

The only one for me is you.....

A dark faery rests with wings outstretched,
her head bowed in thought as her long raven
locks blow gently with the enchanted winds


I am Rhiakath the Malkavian.Wife of Armand and Winter itself.I am Queen of Ice and Lady of the Vampires.I am Rhiakath the Malkavian and DeadWinter itself.

Check out my VampireFreaks Profile

just one of those who feed with humans's joys and feelings,just one of those who is frozen inside...

i have black hair,black eyes,black heart..

When you hear the ghostly winds calling soft, just close your eyes.
When you hear the thunder roll through the past, just hold me near.

i'm watching you!!!!

i like goth/doom music...i play the bass and a litle bit drums....i wear only black and dark shades...don't know....i like cats and elephants.
i am not very tall...i have a pic on www.rockul.info/photos and i am an mdb fan..don't know what to say...i am a mirc addicted...my nick on mirc is _DeadW|nter or Rhiakath and my yahoo id is afura999...

I also have a channel on mIRC which i invite you to visit #VampireNation

i like writting poems and drawing angels...that's weird actually....

When you hear the ghostly winds calling soft, just close your eyes.
When you hear the thunder roll through the past, just hold me near.

Some things i like

-WINTER!!!!for god sake...i love winter!
-snow,rain,wind,night sky
-occult,vampires,black magic,witchcraft
-stephen king/anne rice/bram stoker/jrr tolkien/john saul/mary shelley/john grisham books
-horror and Boy Meets Girl films
-lacuna coil/my dying bride/rammstein videos
-the moon and the night sky

Music i like
goth/doom/power metal like:-my dying bride
-lacuna coil
-theatre of tragedy
- bella morte
-type o negative
-on thorns i lay
-sonata arctica
-blind guardian
-lux occulta
-The Veils
-Children of Bodom

Romanian Bands
-Omul cu Sobolani
-Vita de Vie
-Alarma falsa (my best friend's band)
-ultimu' nivel
-negura bunget
-my shadow

I Dislike
-boys who beat their girlfriends
-war,fake people
-cruel people who kill animals only for fun
-sunny days
-hot wheater


IF you want to see ME than you only have to visit my PORTFOLIO :P

When you hear the ghostly winds calling soft, just close your eyes.
When you hear the thunder roll through the past, just hold me near.

and oh yeah...i am really from transylvania..my home town is baia mare...u can verify if you want..my real name is oana alexandra...very full of legend names :D i love them...

With only a candle to warm the night, the Winter
Solstice goddess bows her head beneath the
waning moon above as a snowflakes fill the air.

Goddess of Winter
Goddess of winter, with a cold exterior but deep
down a warm, caring heart.

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
brought to you by Quizilla


What is your Vampire name? " - Results:

Rhiakath is your Vampire name. You are an image of the Vampire Lestat. You love yourself, and rightly so, because you are clever, witty, sexy, and very cunning. To use your new Vampire name and become a Vampire, go here: www.life-blood.vze.com
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this is Stitch as a vampire :)))))))))))))))

What is your Paranormal gift? created by _Black_Spotted_Lion_ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your Results: Control of Ice Brrr.. Crytokinesis is your thing. Winter is your favorite season, most likely and you love to be outside in it. You probably freeze any melted snow and slide around on it in your free time. Sounds fun!

Winding around a sliver of a crescent moon,
amidst a celestial backdrop, this ethereal
moon dragon rests in his precarious pose.

By the light of a full moon on All Hallows Eve, beneath a
haunted tree, a raven spreads its wings as she silently beckons.
Holding the ancient key to the secrets of black magick, she'll
take you on a shadowy journey to unlock the power within.

my goth color:blue....like Ice :D

FROZEN QUEEN/ KING You dont want love to come through to you. You like it the way you are. To be unreachable, no need to show feelings. Hiding everything inside you. You are already used to it. You say yourself that you dont need anyone, that you stand on your own two feet or that you dont have time for these things. But in reality you are scared to get hurt. You feel save where you are: by yourself, nobody can hurt you there. You invent your own relationship in your dreams. You just need to know that you COULD get a partner.

Through a cavern on the ocean floor, we glimpse a
mermaid wishing upon the light of a magick stone.
Surrounded by sparkling undersea stars and luminescent
bubbles, she closes her eyes and makes her wish for true love.

Live fast, die beautiful.

Yes, you are depressed. You see things on the dark side, yet you love being this way. Life is depressing and its beautiful.

Music again...lyrics this time

Dimmu Borgir


TWO WINTERS ONLY by My Dying Bride

What is it you hope for, even though you are dying?
And even though life is closing your tiny eyes
Why did I leave them all?
I should be with them to die in the same place
The pain I think, should go on forever. For always

But no. Not mine. Not now. My life now begins

Call me what you will, but I'll die for no man, at all
My limbs and the life that spreads from them
Cross my path and you'll suffer like no man before, at all
What I hunger for, is the trial of God

For just two winters only did we live for
My God, What have you become? Dear, dear lord

We could have changed the world, had you been here with me
Right now
Held you in my arms. In my arms, my love
Jesus wept so man could life forever on earth. In peace
But my tears, They fall for you. Only you


Sonata Arctica-Draw Me

Blessed with an eye to see things as they are, will you draw me?
Up there on the wall, looking down to us all, you never saw me..
I found a pen, and I outlined a life.
You've never cried, I think I saw a tear in your eye.

Your eyes tell the tale, I will not ask again.
Now I see what you've lost nothing is quite the same.
By the love of my heart, cut my drawing in half, for I think I'm like you... Should you draw me...

Waiting for my evenfall.

Farewell, my passion, you slowly turn pale.
I will long for you warmth, made me feel safe.
I will not draw again, 'till I know it's my time.

I have lived a long life, should I draw me...

Morning's here, I must have....failed


To Die For-Garden Of Stones

Snow has covered her grave
And flowers have withered away
Cold wind cries in the trees
Frozen tears mark my grief

The flickering, weak candlelight
Shatters the night
I bury my face in my hands
I try to speak but I can't

With a breeze arrives a sparrow
Lands on her gravestone
I raise my head and realize
I am no longer alone

Haven of the shadows in the garden of stones

Cold wind blows out the flame
And darkness surrounds me again
The sparrow starts silently singing
A song only she and I know

I shed a tear on her grave
And silently whisper her name
As cold wind still shakes the trees
I know she now rests in peace

With a breeze leaves the sparrow
Flies into the unknown
I bow my head and realize
I want to follow


this divider reminds me of the Lacuna Coil-Falling Again video...:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X

Vampire goth

Beneath an open sky
Sibilant cries of youth dying
Enslave me with grief

My Top Ten

I was thinking about what Verbatim did...and did the same..so here is MY top ten :P

Special Prize-Verbatim,.mon amour for ever...i swear the god i'll always care for you...kiss me deep and love me forever more

Number 1-Elijah Wood from The Lord Of The Rings...god that guy is cute...

Number 2-Vin Diesel from The Fast And The Furious and PitchBlack...no comments needed really

Number 3-Shaun Steels from My Dying Bride...actually he should be the first one...i simply love him :X :X :X

Number 4-Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish....could there be a more cute keyboarder????

Number 5-MethodMan from Wu-Tang-Clan....the best rapper ever...

Number 6-The RZA from Wu-Tang-Clan.....he is the best rapper actually..but still...not as cute as methodman :P

Number 7-my lucky number...i know whom....Aaron Stanthorpe from My Dying Bride-he has the best voice ever...i couldn't live without him really...

Number 8-Orlando Bloom from The Lord Of The Rings....that curly hair...those black eyes... :X :X

Number 9-Viggo Mortensen from the same film.... loved him as Aragorn....

Number 10-my brother...because i love him so much and because he loves me back... I LOVE YOU,MIRCEA!!!

Beneath an open sky
Sibilant cries of youth dying
Enslave me with grief


Some more things about me

1) Do you often sleep more than 9 hours a night? No
2) Do you own an SUV? No
3) Do you speed while driving? Yes
4) Do you cut people off? No
5) Have you ever lied? Yes
6) ...To your family? Yes
7) Do you curse (swear, cuss, etc)? Yes
8) ...a lot? Yes
9) Have you ever cheated on a test? No
10) Have you ever skipped class? Yes
11) Have you ever called in sick just to get the day off? Yes
12) Do you drink? Yes
13) Do you smoke? No
14) Are you under age for either? Yes
15) Ever driven drunk? No
16) Ever tried an illegal drug? No
17) ...multiple illegal drugs? No
18) Do you use drugs habitually? No
19) Ever sold drugs to others? No
20) ...to kids? No
21) Have you ever shoplifted? No
22) Have you shoplifted more than once? No
23) Have you ever stolen from your friends or family? Yes...money from my granny...
24) Have you ever cheated anyone out of money? No
25) Have you ever sold someone something for more than it was worth? Yes
26) Were they friend or family? Yes
27) Have you ever cheated on your signifigant other? No
28) Did you feel sorry afterwards Yes
29) Have you ever dumped your signifigant other for someone else? Yes
30) Have you ever killed an animal? No
31) ...on purpose? No

32) Are you a virgin? Yes
33) Do you consider yourself kinky? No
34) Do others consider you kinky? No..don't know..don't think so
35) Have you ever looked up porn on the internet? No
36) Have you ever possessed pornographic material? No
37) Do you masturbate? No
38) Have you ever slept with someone just to get something in return? NO!!!
39) ...for money? No
40) Have you ever posed for nude photos? No
41) Have you ever had a one night stand? No
42) Multiple one night stands? No
43) Do you ever think about committing murder? No...but comitting suicide yes
44) Have you ever downloaded illegal software (warez, Divx, mp3)? Yes
45) Have you ever cursed in church? Yes

this test was quite the best!!!!

People say there?s a day after
Every night
People say there?s sun
Behind these clouds
What a relief
I?ll drink to that
Pour me a glass of poisoned blood

Location:Baia Mare,transylvania,romania,europe,earth,milky way,this universe...bla bla
Real name:oana alexandra
Height: don't know
Weight: that is another think that i really don't know
DOB: September the first,1991
Age: 13
Sign: Virgo or rooster in the chinese zodiac
Sex: Female...uhmmm...happy to be a girl :P
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Really dark brown, almost black even.
Groupings: Christian/Goth
Purpose: uhmmm...be a famous architect...that would be all

Evil: i'm not evil...i'm just bad... :P
Take any drugs: only for coughs....i have astma
Athletic activity: basketball...snowboarding....swimming....tenis....school....
Clothes: I wear what is black and comfortable.
Shoe Size:37-38 in romanian sizes
Religious affiliation: Christian..ortodocs
Favorite Color: black/red/crimson
Favorite Food:eggs and fries...that is really weird...i like italian food a lot
Favorite Season: winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! definetly winter!!! but i really like autumn too
Favorite Movie: Underworld,Lotr,the last samurai....dracula 2000,blade (all blades)
Favorite Shows: The Simpsons,the fresh prince of bel air
Favorite Anime:sailor moon if that counts
Favorite Bands: my dying bride,lux occulta,lacuna coil,lacrimosa,anathema,bathory,morgoth...sonata arctica and blind guardian..uhmmm..too many to choose just one
Mental Illness: Depression and insanity...
Attempts at suicide: plenty of times, obviously didn’t succeed considering I’m still alive.i'm not happy that i am not dead...but still...dead..._DeadW|nter
Relationships: Romantic..i don't like to cheat or be cheated....
Book Currently Reading: i don't know the name in english.,.but it's something by bram stoker...the sheltter of the whit wyrm :D
Pets: three fish (remus,tudor and cous) and a cat (duminica..duminica=sunday)
Virginity: still virgin..and glad to be one
Siblings: one brother...older than me...with about 11 years... :P
Parents: my dad died when i was 9 months old..so i live with mummy and my granny and my brother and my sister-in-law... :P
Friends: many friends...but just three or four on whom i can rely on
Acquaintances: i know a lot of people...too many to count..
Desired Super Power: Crytokinesis...come on...anyone wants to have the power of controlling ice..especially me...

Some Quizzes

You are Alice. Your family has died, you are locked
away deep within the asylum walls. You want
revengge and seek to get your sanity back. So
you go about wonderland weilding your knife to
heal the land.

What AMerican McGee's Alice Character are you?
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