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And the taste of thy blood on my lips......Sweet Seduction.
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"Fly, Fly pretty butterfly. Spread Your wings and away you fly. Place to go and new things to see, you never know where tomorrow will lead."

Hello, and thank you for stopping by my corner here on VR. I'm not very good writting about myself but here goes. I am going to try update this a bit so please be kind. I would Like to start by saying that most won't read past this but if you do, Thank You! IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PLAY TOY PLEASE LEAVE NOW!
I will not be your playtoy. I would love to make friends, engage in intelligent conversation and I do use sentences not letters when speaking.
I am a simple person not very high maintenance. But there is a very complex side of me as well. Most of you will never see it because you won't take the time to talk to me.
I am a quiet person drawn to the dark side and in love with dark things. Am I a vampyre, if so which type? Well, I guess you will have to talk to me at least once if you care to know.
I consider myself to be a loner. I can work in a group very well but prefer not to. I'd rather do it myself so it doesn't get screwed up. I tend to not have a lot of friends but the few I do have I cherish more than my family, (It's kinda like it's really hard to get in but once you do it's for life and very special.) Recently I have reached the point where I am not very trusting. Simply because I have given my heart, soul, friendship, time etc. to many, many individuals and been hurt too many times. I tend to wear my heart on sleeve often times to my own detriment. It has becomed more caged as a result of being hurt so many times by those who claimed to love me most. There are times when I let you in but don't be surprised if it is only a little at first. Think of it as a trial run, to see if I can trust you or not. Because after all; my heart is a very fragile vessel that already has more cracks than it should.
If you care to know, I do feel; often deeper than most. So when I love someone it is almost to an extreme. I do not love them for who or what I can make them but for who and what they make me when I am with them.

I love to read books and poetry. No I do not have a certain theme or author that I read. I will read anything except romance novels. I also write poetry, personally don't think it is anything great but some enjoy it. I have been told it is sad but, beautiful. It is me, my life, experiences I have had that have made me who and what I am. If you care to read I appreciate any and all comments.
I read and write because they have always been friends I can depend on. They are my way of escaping. When I read I can go anywhere and be anything and not worry about being judged or hurting someone. When I write it's kinda the same thing I can write what I want, feel what I want, and it is okay. Noone is there to judge. And if you do try to judge I ask how? It is Me, My life, My experiences that I am writting about. And if you say it isn't right then are you telling me how I feel and think is wrong?

Purple roses Pictures, Images and Photos

Music........ Now music is really something. Wow!! Its like a very big part of my life and who I am. I don't play an instrument (well except in video games), I suck in real life. I am however an avid listener. I love most kinds of music; even more if it speaks to me or touches me in a special or unique way. No, I'm not crazy, music can speak to you if you just let it. It is wonderful and powerful. My life wouldn't be the same without music. I will listen to all types of music except opera. Some of my favorites are: Disturbed, God Smack, BlutEngle, CruxShaodws, P!nk, Motley Crue, Sarah Evans, The Zach Brown Band; yes I like country too. Told you any music except opera.

Purple roses Pictures, Images and Photos

Movies....... Well, Horror movies ae my favorite. I am on a quest to find one that actually scares me. I have a very ecclectic taste when it comes to movies also. I will watch pretty much anything or at least attempt. If it doesn't interest me I either won't continue watching it or will not watch it again. Some of my favorites are: Halloween (all of them), Nightmare On Elm Street, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, Blow, Good Will Hunting. The list could go on and on.

Well, enough about me for now. If you read this please know there is much more to me than meets the eye and know that I am looking forward to all the people I will meet...Especially YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay just to let everyone know; I will be adding all protection stamps, gifts, etc. to a special place in my journal. I have too many to place here and don't want to leave anyone out. So, I will create a special section in my journal to place them.

I am also proud to be The Group Administrator The Executioner for:


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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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