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Mentorship Mentor of Aedituens Anguineus.
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Birthdate:  January 29, 1973
Age:  50

Denver, Colorado


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In the end we're all just chalklines on the concrete

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Proud Coven Master and Honored Member of the Coven of Immortal Sin


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What’s my name:
Terry, but please refrain from using unless you have permission, (GD) or GrieviousDemon is just fine.
January 29th
Zodiac sign:
Born where:
The Great city of Chicago, Ill.
My race:
Irish & Lithuanian
My worst fear:
Drowning, quite ironic since I spent 4 years in the Navy as an Emergency Diver. LOL…Go figure
Do I smoke:
Yes, mainly menthols by choice. Nasty damn habit.
Favorite Band:
Too many to list
Do I enjoy writing:
Yes, and I shall add a few poems on here for all to read as well as writings I find important to me in my journal.
Am I Religious:
Well I was raised Catholic, but also have a long line of Druid ancestory dating back to the early 1200’s.
What movies do I like:
I am a huge fan of horror movie’s in general.
Ever been in the military:
Yes, I served 4 years in the US Navy. I have seen things that no one should ever have to see in life. The real side of war is not something I wish for anyone to see. I wish all our service members a safe and swift journey home.
Favorite Artist:
Jason Beam, by far one of the most talented people doing his craft today. I will have a few pieces of his work on here for you all to view.

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Living in Colorado gives me plenty of opertunity. To Live Life to the Fullest as they would say. If your the type who enjoys the Mountains, Climbing, Rafting, Camping, and the frequent, easy accessed excuse to just get away from the hussle of daily life then this could be a place to call home.

Movies - As most do I enjoy a good horror flick, and as a father I would have to say the occasional Disney or Children's movie.

Music - As you can tell from listening to the player listed on my profile I do have a wide varied taste of music.

Literature - Fiction/History - Author: Stephen King - History Buff. I love history I will probably be doing pages on Past World leaders from the WWI - II era - Vampires in History all depends on what idea pops into my fleating, sparatic mind at that time.

Vampire Rave - Yeah I would have to say I enjoy the Hell out of this site. I have been here for over 3 yrs when the Rave itself was only a year and half into the making. More detailed in Vampire Rave section

Friends - I find making friends fairly simple. I am one of the easiest people to talk to. I am the type to put my own needs on hold to help others. So if you need any help or have any questions please ask. Remember one thing if you're a lower level just begining here. I was once where you are now.

Coding - You may notice in the Coven of Immortal Sin whether your a member or visiting our very few public pages ( we're a private bunch ) Ideas and designs will change on the fly. I am constantly trying to improve the look and feel of any page I am involved in. Those I have asked for assistance on making stamp items , crests, or Avatars due to my lack of programs ( Work comp ) may confirm my being a picky bastard. I have 3 lovely ladies that can understand the look I am trying to describe by giving them a picture only with a description of look. Thay are all sweethearts ( eventhough one wouldnt want me ruin her rep by saying so ) I owe them so much and enjoy every piece of work produced.

Of corse hanging out with dear friends and 2 of them happen to be on here and live close enough to visit regularly. Their more like family then friends. WC & PD thanks for being the best of friends. Couldnt ask for more.

Immortal Sin - I of course as Master I really enjoy the friends and family that make it what it is. Pure enjoyment. More in Immortal Sin section. or see our Main page for details.

My Animals - Together S.A and myself have over 20 Ball Pythons ( Most have Greek God names ) - Bearded Dragon ( courtesy WC & PD ) Named Kratos ( Son picked Kratos from of Course God Of War ) , and a handful of Leopard Gecko's all of which are apart of our business T&A Morphs to be officially launched next year. More info on that inside Mentoring section or visit my Mentor page for even more detailed information.

Sports - From watching to participating. Football is the one most watched ( Bears Fan ) So Denver thank you for a QB with the talent of Cutler. He'll come into his own soon enough. Baseball - only keep up on the Home team Stats or games ( St Louis Cardinals ) My small home town where I was raised was their AA franchice teams as well. St Louis was also closer then my birth place of Chicago.

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Aedituens Anguineus


Many people are afraid of snakes, even people with a well-developed awareness of the environment and the natural world. This is unfortunate. The average snake that turns up in a backyard or on a pond shore (or even in a cellar) should not be regarded as any more frightening than a chipmunk. We hope that this Society will dispel some of the fear of snakes... a fear rooted in a lack of accurate information. We think that most people, once equipped with a little knowledge and understanding of these beautiful, interesting and inoffensive animals, will find that there is nothing left to fear.

A Glimpse of History

Snakes are the most modern of reptiles, first appearing in the fossil record during the time of the dinosaurs. It is thought that they evolved from ground dwelling or burrowing lizards that exploited the survival advantages to be found in a cylindrical, legless body. They gave up external ears and developed clear scales to shield their ever-open eyes from dust and damage. They evolved elongated internal organs, specialized muscles and resilient, scaled skins of varied pattern and color that provided camouflage and some limited protection from predators and the elements. They also evolved a host of instinctive behaviors that enabled them to find and catch prey, hide from predators, reproduce and survive in a great variety of climates. Tunnelling beneath dirt and sand, swimming in the seas, climbing in the crowns of trees and crawling on the land, snakes became integral components of varied ecosystems throughout the world. Some evolved infrared heat sensors to find prey in the darkness of night or burrow. Some developed venoms (and the apparatus to deliver them) of such exquisite complexity and design that - unlike most biochemical substances - they cannot yet be manufactured through biotechnology or genetic engineering. In short, snakes are incredibly successful, unique and remarkable animals, well deserving of our respect and admiration.

Why, then, do so many people burden themselves with an irrational, senseless fear of snakes and an unwarranted prejudice toward them? The answer lies in the power and longevity of myth.

For centuries, snakes have figured prominently in the religions, customs and folklore of people throughout the world. To early humans, snakes must have possessed seemingly magical, almost supernatural attributes. They had the ability to move without legs over and through all types of terrain, vegetation and water. They had the ability to find, capture and eat prey without the aid of appendages, as well as to periodically shed an old skin and the ravages of time to reveal a new, brightly hued mantle. They could arise in the spring, resurrected from the ice of winter, and, in a few cases, could cause sickness or death with a single bite. A science fiction writer could scarcely ask for a better model, so it is not surprising that snakes gave rise to all manner of tall tales and myths.

The fear of snakes is an old, deeply entrenched form of prejudice, born of ignorance and perpetuated through superstition and myth. It is time that we stop judging these fascinating reptiles on the basis of folklore and ignorance.

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La Petite Mort


This was one of the first handful of Covens created here within VR. Kat the CM was one of the best CM's I have had the pleasure to know. She is missed and and will not be forgotten

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My Rating

Warning I do rate fair and honest. I do not Rate member's of premium account status any higher than I would a free account member of Vampire Rave.
I use the rating systems #'s 1-10. Whether or not you agree with that rate is completely up to you. You may ask what I rated you if you really need to know ( regular account member's ). Premium member's shouldnt ask that question. Least I honestly would hope one wouldn't, yet this is Vampire Rave so you never know what will be next. Those who put work and a sence of pride into their work will be rated accordingly. Those who are just starting out and really havent had a moment to even check the sites TOS before getting rated dont fret. I will just return later to give you some time to get going, if I left my stamp on your page you know you were rated anyway and most likely I gave you a 10 to help out. Now those who have had time or longer in some cases to work on their profile will be rated 100% fair. Fair meaning how much time you spent ( looks like you used a few brain cells planning ). Dont have to have a PM to have a great profile. Some of the best profile's I have seen these past years have been from regular member's. Dont have to know basic HTML. Neat well written - (well thought out - easy to read) profiles will always recieve a higher rate from me over those where you cant read anthing the page is stretched the effort to use HTML is a poor effort at that, and would have looked better without it. Below are a few examples of how I may rate.

10. - User took pride whether or not PM / First Rate ( Cherry Pop )
9. - Lacking only minor details - Possible color choices. ( Should look good used together ) . Hard to read.
8. - Newer to VR Good start.
4-7. - How long has profile been active - What effort has been done.
3. - One sentence lines after profile has been active for sometime.
2. - Dont think I have ever given anyone a 2.
1. - I'm rated a 1. You play the "I rate what I get game". ( Earn your rate. I have )

Now if you do not like the rate I have given you .. Please message me and I will glady explain what I rated you and why.

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This section is for those who have chosen to rate me unfair or those that play the Rate what I get game. or I feel just plain deserve the Nuns Ruler as punishment. If your wondering if you may be featured here cause of your actions - trust me you will.


Date: 09:02:15 - Sep 24 2009
Rating: 1
Comment: I just had to rate you a 1, I'm sorry man. I'm so sorry...


Date: 09:57:06 - Apr 07 2010
Rating: 1


Date: 16:16:42 - Aug 02 2010
Rating: 1


Date: 10:30:06 - Aug 07 2010
Rating: 1


Date: 08:41:59 - Aug 08 2010
Rating: 1

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A little More on What makes Me.. Me

Jan. 20 - Feb. 18 ~ Aquarius is the unpredictable force of nature who wakens us to new possibilities. He is the brief inspiration of lightning, who surprises even himself with his sudden insights. The only sure thing about Aquarius is his independence and unpredictability. He is drawn to novelty like a magnet, and loves reaching out to touch every person or thing that fascinates with its newness. He is famous for his spontaneity. Aquarius sees everyone as his friend, and views each with complete impartiality and equality. This is because he sees the intrinsic value in everything, and appreciates all aspects of man and nature. To the Aquarius, all serves earth and mankind, and all is worthy of respect and reverence. Those closest to him may find it hard to feel they are special in his heart. Rest assured - romance may seem cool, but devotion to those who truly matter is not, and the electricity is a lover’s dream. The Aquarius is often seen as a kind of mad scientist - aloof, scatter-brained and non-conformist. He is merely preoccupied. There is always some new thought, discovery, idea, plan or person to pursue, study, assess and put to good use in the world. The Aquarius is in tune with electricity, communication, invention, mechanics, friends, social groups, humanitarianism and politics. The Aquarius loves humanity above all. His devotion to friends can be greater than his own sense of self preservation, and he rarely hesitates in risky situations. If the Aquarius lives on the edge, it is because of a deep inner knowledge that his life is but a speck in the face of so much that is amazing and wonderful..

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I remember when all the games began,
Remember every little lie
And every last goodbye.
Promises you broke, words you choked on
And I never walked away. it's still a mystery to me

Well I'm so empty.
I'm better off without you, you're better off without me.
Well you're so unclean!!
I'm better off without you, you're better off without me!!

The lying!!
The bleeding!!
The screaming!!!
Was tearing me apart!!
The hatred!!
The bleeding!!
It's over!!!

Paint the mirrors black to forget you.
I still picture your face and the way you used to taste
Roses in a glass dead and wilted.
To you this all was nothing,
Everything to you is nothing

Well you're so filthy...
I'm better off without you, you're better off without me.
Well I'm so ugly!!
You're better off without me, I'm better off alone!!!

The lying!!
The bleeding!!
The screaming!!
Was tearing me apart!!!
The hatred!!
The beatings!!
It's over!!

As wicked as you are... you're beautiful to me.
You're the darkest burning star, your my perfect diesease!

The lying!!
The bleeding!!
The screaming!!!
Was tearing me apart!!
The hatred!!
The beatings!!
It's over!!!

The lying!!
The bleeding!!
The screaming!!!
Was tearing me apart!!
The hatred!!
The beatings!!
It's over!!!




To Live is to Die

When a Man Lies He Murders Some Part of the World

These Are the Pale Deaths Which Men Miscall Their Lives

All this I Cannot Bear to Witness Any Longer

Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation Take Me Home


Please if you are to add me to your friends list inform me. So I may return the favor

~Thank You~



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