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Royal born human mortal with different background then usual kind.. Bound by a royal vamp council im too marry another Royal but different type a vampire who has titles and honor i been his bride since I was 16.im 25 under dark temptation royal duties

my Name is Iris. I am not a newbie here on vampire Rave. I been here ages ago. I compteleted coming back on vampire Rave if it’s right or wrong. If it’s light or darkness. I weighed all reasoning for coming back here and decided I needed to find myself and not someone else controlling me or my every move. So I came back on vampire Rave years later wiser than I was at 16. Learn a lot about vampires and werewolves. From the process of being turned into werewolf or reversing the change of human from human to werewolf particularly back to human never making the complete change. And the same as goes for the vampire making a change as human to vampire but stopping process before it’s permeant going back to human. I never knew what a vampire was till twilight. I can say I didn’t want to see twilight cause I thought it be scary. And that I wouldn’t like the movie. But my mother insisted that we were watching it anyways cause she rented the movie. As I sat on the couch first time ever watching twilight I noticed I liked Edward the vampire not cause he was good looking but his romance side his well equipped sense of humor and love for Bella and need to protect her and love her unconditionally it’s not every day you see young vampire whom era another century who clicks with you completely and you looking at the screen like that is me I’m Bella too a T. As I sit there with my family watching the movie all the while I’m falling for the vampire romance of the story between Bella and Edward and the Cullen clan was cool family they were rich but cool about living forever like being a vampire and rich and smart and witty was charm base for someone like me watching it made me wanna know more so of course I watched like 20 times going over romance thinking I wanna have something just like that at 16 I already knew that England and Romania would be home for me and seeing the Cullen’s in Forks Washington would be cool too. I ended up buying my first twilight book after seeing the movie multiple times. I read the romance book over and over evulating from my own life to the book thinking I wanna see more so I gotta the rest of the series of books I eventually read them all. Of course over and over again. I thought about having my own version of Edward. I being Bella a human who fell for a vampire I knew that would be me. So I proceeded to read everything from vampires,witches,werewolves romance novels to series to other books. I got the feel for reading so much I dropped reality quickly tuned into another book . When I at first joined here I met Brittany a vampire my bodyguard paid by Vampre of royal vampire decadent whom watched me grow up from baby top of age whom guided me till I was ready to find out I had a decision to make I marry a vampire or I don’t. Vampire council selected me too marry royal vampire. Why you must be asking cause I obsessed a royal bloodline that they didn’t have an they needed so I became bethol too a vampire not knowing all this while I was human but royal blood and bloodline and of course I traced my own family tree and bloodline of course it is legit done it for ten years doing family tree work on free time. So I learned a lot about vampires and witches and werewolves. And I learned the hard way when u have gift so powerful as I do don’t tell anyone cause when you do they tend to get very mad. I am back on vampire Rave and I have some friends here. And some enemies here . If you need your family tree research I ll gladly help you cause I know what I’m doing. As for my likes goes books. Music. Old fashioned objects. Fine art.etc. I do hail from royal family bloodline of England pure blue blood to be exact . I do decadent from a Norse god decadent whose my greatest grandfather on my mother father side his name rollo duke of Normandy and Viking . He’s the brother of Ragnar Viking king or Norway if he was alive to day he probably be my greatest uncle. And me his greatest niece. They both decadents of god of Odin an I decedent of rollo so do the math . I don’t like liers. Cheaters. I don’t like when you say something ur not going to do it pisses me off. I don’t like dis loyalty. I value loyalty so as Viking kin I ll dislike u for what you do to me and not own up too. I am fearless and I’m not afraid. I am very smart and very kind till I’m pissed off I do have a temper I guess that’s why I’m rollo greatest grand daughter . I have lost many friends but I gain true friendships. I value loyalty and trust and trueness above all . If you are reading this then you know little about me. But ll never truly know me till you try. Now since after may i have this abilities to bite an im wild n free i love men im straight ok guy's i have no problem sense if you're human or dead. I can telepathy recive an i can touch you its fun either way. I don't like being controlled its turn off if you want me to stick around you certainly can't blow me off at all. Im easily bored if you're boring i ll leave quick question for you don't think you can play me cause boy i got your number and I can be as bad as fallen angel or sweet as A angel with heart of gold. Pick your battles wisely and know that i didn't get to know u cause how you look naked how you act towards me and speak gets you further than the end zone. But warn hurt me and you ll see pain. Thanks for your time.

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Feb 14, 2024

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…


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Jan 30, 2024
~You have been fairly rated by MsNephthys~

Jan 18, 2024


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