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Who knew being "Dark" would lead to enlightenment?

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Middle aged scientist who discovered he had a hidden persona that blossomed when exposed to the dark.

I have started to ask myself how is it possible to be so enthralled by all of this "Dark Spooky Stuff". I was raised in Fairfield County, Connecticut where being "different" is definetly not encouraged! Add to that the irrational need to be accepted that I possesed and I am amazed that I am so willing to be involved in a non-main-stream lifestyle.

I must give the majority of the credit to my fabulous wife Regina DarkAngelGina. She has brought me so far away from the shy, reserved person who needed outside assurance that it boggles the mind! I have travelled such a long path through emotional suppression, depression and suicidal feelings and then back up to self acceptance, happiness and inner peace. It was a huge step to believe that self worth is independent of other's approval vs. just knowing it.

It's interesting to find out how people end up here at VR. I'm a bit embarassed at my reason for membership here. Gina was very interested in the 2007 "Goth Cruise" . Checking it out on the web lead me to VR. I saw a forum on the cruise and wanted to jump in and ask questions, so I figured..."What the Hell?" and signed up. Then I came to find out that one had to be level 3 or higher to post! And as I started reading, and rating to attain the ability to post....I was struck with "THE ADDICTION!" I have found so many great people here and enjoy the interactions on the forums greatly. So although I joined for a narrow specific reason, I am now hooked and here to stay!

So.......What about me would you like to know?

I'm 48 years old, 6'1" tall about 250 lbs. I have "hazel" eyes (mostly brown with some green) and I used
to have dark brown hair...but now it's mostly grey!
In the Winter I wear a beard, between the first day of Spring and thanksgiving week I do not. This way when you see pictures of me you will know what time of year they were taken!

I'm very much into history and most of my reading is non fiction history or historical fiction. I have been involved in "Living History" on and off for many years. I have belonged to re-enactment groups portraying characters from The French & Indian War, The American Revolutionary War, the U.S. Civil War and World War II. I am currently a member of a US Civil War Federal Infantry Volunteer regiment.

I like most animals, I used to have a horse (actually I had several horses, but only one at a time) and love horseback riding. In the past we have had multiple cats, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, tropical fish, hermit crabs...(I'm likely missing something). Right now we have 2 cats (a small black shorthair named Neena and a big fat tabby named Tigger) and 1 dog (a Shih Tzu named Ewok).

Music is a major part on my life. I play Bb Tenor Trombone and Baritone Horn. I also love to sing and am in the Bass section of my church choir. I love listening to almost any kind of music. I enjoy Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock. Metal. EBM, Industrial, Bluegrass, Big Band ...pretty much everything but real "shit kickin'" country music and Hip Hop/Rap. Some of my favorites are: Bach, Motzart, Sousa, Miles Davis, Glenn Miller, Dave Brubeck, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Bauhaus, ThouShaltNot, Unto Ashes, Ego Likeness, Khz and on....and on...and on.

I suppose I should explain my religious / spiritual beliefs. I was raised, and remain a Presbyterian. As such, I am a Christian, and that may put some people here off a bit. But let me explain before you write me off. While I believe that FOR ME following Christ is correct path to everlasting life, it doesn't mean I feel the need to make YOU believe this. I fully respect the faiths of others and am willing to defend everyone's rights to whaterver spiritual beliefs they choose (or for that matter DON'T choose). I hope you don't feel my beliefs will get in the way of any potential interaction with me, as I won't let yours get in MY way.

I work as the Process Engineering Manager for a manufacturer of Flexible Packaging. We make film and bags that are used by many companies that I'm sure you know to hold their products. We print the packages via both Rotogravure and Flexographic printing. I'm sure you are just spellbound by all of this, so I will leave it at that!

What else?
Regina and I are the parents of 3 great kids. Two girls one a Teacher and the other a college Senior and a boy in the 8th grade.

When we can get free on a Saturday night we go to Shadowland at Ulana's in Philadelphia. It is an awesome club run "By Goths, For Goths". We also try not to miss any of the Dracula's Ball
events at Shampoo in Philadelphia. We are so blessed to have such a vibrant dark scene in Philadelphia. It's easy to meet like minded folk in this area.

Who are these people?

Just some of the people I think are truly wonderful. Some I converse with regularly and some only once in a while. But I consider all of them friends. As I do not wish to appear to have favorites amongst my favorites, I will list these amazing people in alphabetical order.

Artemka is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful and considerate people I have ever encountered. I owe Art an "Eternal" debt, as it was he who inducted me into House Eternal. He may suck pond scum on the weekends, but he's OK in my book!

Birra is responsible for ruining several of my keyboards, as well as much distress to my sinuses. He is one of the funniest people you will ever run into. I have learned that when I see a post with his mysterious eyes I had better make sure no liquids are in my mouth before I read. Truly an "International Man of Mystery"!

BubbleGumClaudia is simply a hoot! She can always be counted on to make a snappy comment in my journal, or send be a random message. She doesn't realize it, but she has pulled me out of quite a few funks with her smart-assed remarks!

Faeriemoon is one of a handful of VR people I have met in person. She's just as cool IRL as she is in the Halls of House Eternal. She is very intelligent, witty and generally a fun person.

Harpia is such a sensitive and caring soul, yet she always calls it like she sees it. Harpia is one of the most open and honest people you will ever encounter

Imagesinwords ROCKS! I never thought I would encounter someone who holds beliefs so Theologically close to my own on a Vampire site! I sometimes make the mistake of allowing her awesome leadership of House Eternal to make me overlook her amazing writing talent as well as her singing ability. Truly a wonderful person.

MoonMystic is just plain FUN! She always has a witty remark to add to any conversation. She is also possessed of a beautiful voice as can be heard on her profile. Yet another example of the awesome people to be found in House Eternal.

Morrigon is almost beyond comprehension. She is a breathtakingly talented photographer and photomanipulator. On top of her artistic skills she has both brilliant intelligence and common sense. I have to keep reminding myself that she is younger than my daughters, she is far more wise than her years.

NightGame has a wicked sense of humor and is an excellent writer. Her journal posts never fail to either entertain or inspire me.

STABB666 is simply an incredible person. He has an incredible mind and can be counted on to add amazing depth to any conversation. I will remember th

VampireWitch39 AKA "The Rat". She is a superbly talented writer and an all around great person. Her sick sense of humor can always make me laugh and has often times gotten me out of a funk. Yet another wonderful member of HE that I am pleased to call 'friend'.

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The End by De Vision

I'm unimpressed
By everything you do
You make me sick
I never wanna be like you
Your hollow words
Opinions all cut-and-dried
I know it hurts
But sometimes reality bites

You are the end
You are the end
I'm the beginning
You are the end
You are the end
I'm the beginning
And you are the end

You make me puke
I can't stand your stupid face
Your sightless eyes
Your touch like death's cold embrace

You are the end
You are the end
I'm the beginning
You are the end
You are the end
I'm the beginning
And you are the end

Well, thanks for looking throught here.

I hope to run into you in the dark.

Many thanks to LadyKrystalynDarkstar for the help with the dividers!

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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