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idaho falls



Bite Kabal

Stalk Kabal


The truth shall set you free

For all friend: If you need me, summon me.

Translation: message me, i will answer.


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Greetings Brothers & Sisters of The Dark Blood,

For over a year now, I have been on here, I thought it time to come out and tell you all about me. My name is Carl Erickson, as you can see I live in Idaho Falls, Id. As i have stated before, I can shape shift, but not the normal way; what I do is sort of a form of Multiple Personality Disorder with a magical twist.

About 17 years ago, I was in a car crash; when I came to, I was unharmed. About 2 years later, the voices started manifesting. I tried my best to find the pics that match the voices in my head. I call them the Council of the Wolf Den. I shall introduce them the best I can.

For those of you that think I am just crazy I am not. What happen to me is sorta of like Reincarnation but without the dying. The soul whole brought these ones forward, who still wants to remain hidden but goes mainly by the name Trifire. With each new life he joins, he takes that one forward. So who knows, who I will be when my time comes and we move forward to next body.

So as I stated before, my friends will not judge me and will respect me for who I am. I thank you for your time.

Eternal Undead,
Carl Jay Erickson
a.k.a. Kabal the Tormentor

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The Council

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Name: Wild Child
Nature: Vampire
Age of Death: 1382

Born Nicholas Stepen Vontroy, a young vampire who kept the peace, one day was betrayed by his uncle. Put with Lupin slaves for nearly 200 years. When finally found by his Aunt Mystik, he was deranged and looked as he does above. Still peaceful at heart, the wildness of his imprisonment could never be erased and he became the Von Troy known as Wild Child. He lived for many long years before his uncle not only betrayed him, but the whole house and destroyed it. Yet, during his imprisonment, he made a deal one day after the beating by the Lupins. He became host to Trifire and advanced when he was betrayed, still he hunts for the rebirth of his brother and sisters.

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Name: Kabal
Nature: Demon
Age of Death: Not dead, Imprisoned

Kabal, was right hand assisian for most job in hell. But, what little I know, he had a falling out with his superiors. His punishment, to live 500 years among us mortals. He does not want me to tell people, he only served 200. So he not the best tempered.

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Name: Brother Pity
Nature: Dominican Friar (human)
Age of Death: 1243

Brother Pity, now here a weird case; the reason he called Pity is due to the downfalls he faced. He lost his eldest son to the Crusades. His wife and smallest daughter died of small pox. As for the remain 2 children, no one knows what happen. He went into the order about 3 years after the death of wife and daughter. He claim to of served 14 good years, before a heart attack at age of 49. During his last few years, he was asked to host Trifire and afraid for his life; he was granted life with him. So in small way, his faith and study lives on.

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Name: Jester
Nature: Funny Guy/ Sadistic Jerk
Age of Death: 1282

Jester just recently resurfaced, he my resident funny guy. For any of you that had me steal a cookie, it was Jester and his sweet tooth that made me do it. He was a sort of dark jester; this is the closest thing we could find for his pic. He just wanted to be known.

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Name: 哀痛的兒子 Translation- son of sorrow
Nature: Wandering Monk
Age of Death:1236

Son of Sorrow was banished from his ancestor home for long ago. His crime was for loving who he wanted to love. He has since wandered looking for his love and show his Chi technic to any who would listen.


Name: Shadwar
Nature: Native American Wolf Warrior
Age of Death: They say when his people died out

Many say the Wolf Warrior are a myth. But from what I know, there were at least 9. One being Shadwar. Most likely story they have was that leader of the brave world, Goldwar; made a deal with a shaman to mix the blood of the wolf with their blood. The 9 wolf warriors protected many tribes; but as we know from our history, the native american were almost wiped out. Shadwar travels with Trifire not due to death, but to bring peace, for in his heart he still believe he failed his people.

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Name: Soulless
Nature: A wraith
Age of Death: he never lived

All I know about Soulless is he has no feeling and he is to watch over Kabal for all of his imprisonment.

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Name: Kabal the Tormentor
Nature: The combination of the Council
Age of Death: Got me

As you have seen with the Council, they need to be joined under one roof, so it was decided that to control Wild Child, to keep Soulless contained. The rest created one enity to do most of the grunt work, that is Kabal the Tormentor.

Kitty Corner and humor

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Reason you don't share drugs with kitty.


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Which of these cats is not a cat?

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Explain how those nude pics of me got on the net.

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Darn Cat, drank all my beer.

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I know what all you guys are thinking, You wish were the cat.

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Wow!! Now that a suprise I didn't expect in my Pop Tarts.

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No Wonder the Dog hates the Cat.

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That explains where my mouse went...

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No more birthday runs for this little kitty.

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Did you know that this cat is up to 3 packs a day?

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Can someone explain to me how this cat got into my glass?

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I told him that extreme sports weren't for cats. Did he listen?

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I asked for a kitty for Christmas and you can see what Santa sent me, he could have at least given me cat food to go with them.

I hope this is enough history for my friends out there. If you have any questions, ask me and I will try to help. Or if you wish person response from certain ones, just ask and i will help.

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Ladies are always calling me a BOAR, thought I be one.

and don't forget that alliance as well



If you feel i am your protector or friend, you can copy this pic on your page to let people know.

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If you ever feel the need, just:
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My new favorite device, the TARDIS from Dr. Who.

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