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"It was a dark and stormy night the women traveled towards the calling of chaos fire began to fall from the skies and all sense of direction no matter which way she turned towards, North, East, South, West the earth was crumbling before their eye's watching the sight of the city being burned to crisp and tumbling down brick landed and where to spread everywhere on sight. Other buildings tumbled on other buildings blocking many paths eventually trapping this very woman in the middle of the city surrounded by chaos the only

Credit Title:Parkway Drive - The Greatest Fear

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thing that stood in the middle was a black castle being struck by lighting catching the grass on fire the fire burst into flames spreading every which way of direction this woman had no choice but to rush around the fire and head straight into the castle for cover until the chaos was over she took shelter here gathering somethings around here area such as a few bricks to put around her camping area for seating in one of the castle towers to the right and she gathered herbs of what she could find that was left in the middle of the chaos storm. Sitting here the woman pondered her thoughts daily remembering the time when the chaos all began she isn't crazy by any means just a woman going through the world of destruction as the world falls apart around here in time the world would heal and so would she. But she doesn't know if there are any survivors left out in the city beyond the castle point.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

To Read my profile click on each section of the scroll box for information about myself. I decided to put my long profile into a scroll box to make thing's more simple in life for others and those around me.~

2.You can see my face change and the expression during certain phenomenon atmosphere many people can tell you the witness of my expression change but they will not admit that I do change into the Reaper in flesh people have created me to be this way by manipulating and conflicting my powers rights an acknowledgment of what it known to be right from wrong and such with that cause of interference and such my powers will direct me to the right path but will fight to the death to recalculate the measure into the right direction you can say that my word of choice is quite difficult to understand the way I explain things well you see with these powers that I have obtained is the cause of reality of my disability that people an things like to take advantage of because of my kindness and when I become emotional-less and my voice drops that is when one must worry about the outcome of me but one must not worry about me as much as long as you don't give me a reason to destruct you.

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3.I' often have allot of dreams through these abilities when it comes to the phenomenon world around us people say that the spiritual life don't exist such as Ghost and spirits and you're own spiritual self but with these dreams that I often write in a journal or in a book I can confirm that they are real I see shadows and white orbs on the daily basics flying around me surrounding my every move no matter where I have gone or been to they will often visit the past places I walked on earth as a living mortal stuck in a obtain body wanting to be a free spirit is one of my major desires is to visit everyone around the entire universe if I could I would more then defiantly would because it would make me feel really happy and contain my insanity. I also often intend to bring these spirits from my dream realm in the astral world as a physic medium being opened minded and a state minded mind of a 12 year old give's me these gifts able to see spirits more then a normal adult would often see a spirit

4.As an adult some adults are gifted if they take notice early on in there child hood life most adults don't often keep these powers because they live in fear which leads them into the spirit world were they are more vulnerable they also become more closed minded as an adult even though they often claim they are closed minded test you're self with a ghost box to see if you happen to be opened minded as you claim to be most people would say I lost my mind when explaining the spiritual realm but I would like to think to my self I gained allot more knowledge then people in the world would like to generally think other wise in the man kind idea. In order for them to obtain this power one must meditate to keep there idea of a higher self if they wish to keep obtain with these skills in becoming such of a physic medium in the spiritual realm with Demons ,Angels ,Ghost ,entity's spirits and ghost are labeled as many things in the human world on planet earth but they are all naturally one thing in life.

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5.With the gift of the spiritual powers and the higher spiritual self I'm able to create creatures with the palm of my hand in the astral realm grabbing it and bringing that life into the fabric of reality casting the energy into the planet earth sending it's way here into the real world where the creature of what I ever can create going to the person home to guard them these creatures are called guardians they often have back stories and such and powerful skills to protect each and ever person on the planet roaming around on planet earth you must think it takes allot of energy to create such a creature and this is why I'm called the creator in the spiritual realm don't take to to effect I gained these powers over time by spending time in the spiritual realm known as the underworld many Demons , Angelic beings know me down there with them knowing me and such I know them as well as they know me because we

6.often spend time with each other in the underworld the first war was in the underworld how does one know these well this is where the dreams take place called the Astral Realm leading into to the Dream realm which is the realm of dreams and many doors linked into other dreams and you can leave you're body several times one humanly sleeping in a orderly matter and then waking up into the dream world then into the Astral World Realm where you bring those in that very thing into reality causing earth and spiritual realms to create portals and we are the walking portals in the understanding human physic mind in ones understanding and such. These creatures are also gifted with birth-dates of there past life cycle they often come in many colors such as reds blues greens purples and all colorful parts of the rainbow even blacks and whites of what people would call shadow people and angelic beings on the planet earth casting on cameras and phones and many more electronic cams.

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Written in the Astral stars my personally is usually based around how the person treats me and such I know it sounds kinda odd but that's how it is now day's I'm a physic Medium astral traveler and I'm gifted by the spirits in our world and created by the Grim Reaper in the spiritual realm brought into planet earth as my soul took off into a human body creating ones mind with memories scattered across the stars slowly one by one coming back as they may often come and go due to memory problems but some people would like to call it selective memory but that' isn't the case sense there are two sides of me one Angelic and one Demonic I was born with Two souls that I can not explain to my family in real life even though I would love to explain to them that I truly feel the Grim Reaper powers around my body and face it's very hard on me emotionally

When it comes to my emotions I'm like an emotionally roller coaster I wish sometimes I can never wake up from my dreams because my dreams are better then reality even though people claim life is better then being dead but I would love to think living as a spiritual being would be amazing because you would be able to travel around the universe in the matter of time just like the entity Grim Reapers and Death and such I happen to be semi Emotionless and I'm only happy when I feel others happy around me I'm a dying star on the inside I often feel that way I feel more happy around talking to people and when it comes to dating I wish for the person to be kind and understanding and not controlling I wish to have an Asexual life style relationship when it comes to dating people I'm not interested in sexual things they drive me away because I don't like the idea of it to put it in a nice way I find it disturbing so please don't come to me with sexual moves and trying to lean on me though I love cuddles.

I'm also often blunt and honest and loyal please do not take my kindness and abuse it and to manipulating into you're direction I do not wish to be around people who abuse others emotionally and none emotionally I wish to have a loyal one and one relationship I'm not interested in a three way relationship never have been and never will be I learned that over the years I'm lied to and that I find the truth the hard way in the end causing me to be an emotional wreck I also for got to mention that with these powers I'm able to see what ever my soulmate is Texting and writing spiritually through there own eyes and predict the future thanks to my guardian that I will not mention his name but those that know me know his name and he loves to drink and chill around with people he's a good guardian to have around along with my soulmate the Grim Reaper aka Death him self [Don't Fear the Reaper]. We also Astral travel together we both love candles and the history of things on planet earth Grim is my guy! go a head and be jealous because no matter how jealous you are I love my Reaper.

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I've been astral traveling sense I was little at the age of 4 for the longest I can remember a spirit came from out of my dream into reality I saw a shadow flow from my mind from the Dream Realm which is the Astral Realm
I have a book written down called may you're dreams come true as the years went by I gained more I was told to mediate but I just can't puncher it that well mediating feels like relaxing works for me more then meditating

My voices changes now I need to add on more to my story about my self I sound like the Grim Reaper when people talk to me from time to time I have many witness such as my mom and her best friend and my family hearing me laugh in my Reaper voice but they all haven't herd me speak to my fullness into a conversation 2 years ag0 before the major change I was heading to collage like any normal student ....

It was snowi and icy that day during the morning at 7:00AM I was heading to the buss station I grabbed my bike and I was heading down there I made a sharp turn and catch a patch of ICE ....

I slipped and my bike that's black and yellow fell on top of me and the metal bar became bent into the frame work of the chain that help the bike move in a circle motion....

I waited and laid there on the ground waiting for help the pain didn't bother me at all I didn't feel pain during the moment of me almost fracturing my hole support bone on the back of my foot that ran up inside the middle small bone

I waited for someone to notice me as I tried to keep warm everyone kept driving by but this one white truck

The truck stopped and pulled over he told me he had to get his kids and I said it was okay for him to do that first because kids come first

Then he left me there on the ground
I laid there a bit longer about what seem to be an hour in this state ...

Then a neighbor noticed me his SON well as so he says his son notice me through the window laying in the middle of the road un able to move I laid there ......
They brought there car up to me and came and help me to pull me inside there car I couldn't stand or get up on inside the car I Was shaking

I climbed inside their car and I asked if they could keep my bike safe until my father came and got home from work they took me back home and they let me out of the car I climbed out limping towards the door of my home..

I crawled up the steps and opened the door with my keys I turned around and thanked them for helping me

Then I turned around and crawled back inside my home with my red coat and book bag with my laptop in it

and music was still playing on my phone

I stayed on the main floor for an hour then I crawled into the kitchen to get snack I was hungry I began to feel the pain after being in shock and being numb from the cold the cold weather kept me from being in major pain as I got warm my body temperature came back to being normal I crawled upstairs after I got something to eat and I went into my bed room to play my Xbox one with my cousin I told her I was staying home that I didn't want to go to Collage.

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Few Years later

When I moved in with my mom and I lived with her for two years . I was watching the house by my self with the dog it was just me and the puppers we where in my bedroom and I was playing my video games the dog

out of know where began to bark at my TV I said to the dog and grabbed him by the cheek gently it's okay it's just Reaper you Don't need to bark at him he wont hurt me and the dog stopped barking at Reaper sitting on my TV.

Than another time one morning I herd foot prints in my sleep like someone was walking in my room piror to that the night before the sink kept turning on by it self I always kept turning it off during the middle of the

night every time I went to the restroom I"m the type that gets up in the middle of the night out of habit to use the restroom because my brain wakes me up to use it.

so than I went back to sleep but lets coninute on from the time I herd foot steps in my sleep so when I was hearing foot steps in my sleep I was dreaming of a dark room that was pitch black and I was looking around

and when I woke up the dream ended and I still herd foot steps in my room walking around I looked at the direction I herd the foot steps in my room at my mom's old place I was living with her for two years I
got up and sat up the moment I sat up and got up the middle of my hands burnt like

hell I felt jesus Agony like he was being hung on the cross with nails going through my own hands at the time the cross didn't appear but months later the cross appeared in the middle of my hand than 3 months fell later

and another cross on my right hand appeared now I have two crosses in the middle of my hands burnt in the palm of my

right hand and my left hand my left hand cross came in first than my right one these are added on to the

pervious powers I currently have I can see the future I knew the bombs where gonna happen in azreal before they even happened I was suppose to warn them 3 years ago piror to the current bombing.

Before the 4th of july I had another bombing dream I know where its gonna happen and when its gonna happen.I need to contact the military through the astral Dreams.

If you are interested in my coven as a Sire please join automatically you will be accepted.

Infinite (Coven)

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

You are not allowed to use any kind of pet names on me that's a very good way to lose me as a friend I'm also not looking for any relationship I will not use any website as a Dating Service
Please go find you're self a new counter friend part if you are into that method.

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Coming Soon.

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Several years later the skies were clear from destruction the lighting and the falling meteor was cleared from the sky and the same with the fire on the ground that was gone to it was eventually cleared up by the earth's atmosphere and the natural waters washing the shores soon those where all sweep away into the ocean about a few miles down the ocean and the ocean became a historical collector from the ships to broken parts of the earth and earth's worlds greatest mankind of nature all swept away.... Was this gods doing?..... Or just a natural cycle of earth & man creating inner chaos doomed by their cycles known to repeat history over and over again because man does not remember very well over time they intend to be quite forgetful which is a fear they all have in common they must confess the flaws of one or another.

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