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All of the Stuff, You Take For Granted Is Not Going To Last

About Me :

Dark Greetings Ladies, the names Legolas. But all of my friends know me by my first name. which I am not telling you it and I was born and raised here in this hell hole of a state. Which I am not telling you this either and there’s really not much to do in this state in the first place. so I suppose, I can still tell you a few things about me anyway in my profile of mine and one of the things people should know about me is. I can be whom ever you want me to be. I can be kind or mean. so I guess, it all depends on how someone treats me first and what I do for a living/fun in my spare time is writing poems, writing short stories, listening to music, watching movies Etc and My Writings and Everything Else I do is a big part of my life. but I guess, hopefully here soon. I am going to have a better life then this. cause this doesn't seem to help as much as having a job or a career. especially now, when the economy is the way it is.

So I don’t label myself like some people do and what’s the use of labeling someone. Who doesn’t want to be something their not and I live my way. no one elses way. cause for a simple fact. I don’t wanna be Something I am not. but tho, I have been told by my friends. I do have some elf kin in my body. so maybe their are right. but anyway, I am only here to meet and to talk to people who has the same likes as me. Especially when it comes to Poems, Short Stories, Music, Movies Etc and just maybe to make a few more Friends along the way.

So When I think when someone is married to the pain. like I am. it helps them to remind them. they are still alive. just like scars. I should know. I have a few of them from my previously surgeries on my body and I don't care who it is. everybody learns something new each day. the day that someone does not learn something. is the day that they die. But anyway, enough with this. I can rant on about my life. but this will take to long lol. so enjoy the rest of my profile and aslo I was into something. when I was younger and Yes. if you are wondering. what I am referring to. I am referring to the Black Arts. but at least I can say, I'm no longer into this sort of thing for a long time now. but it Truly did left its Mark.

About My Normal Abilities :
I know when someone reads my profile, messages etc to. cause I can smell their scent in the air and I know when someone talks about me in a good way. cause my nose would itch and when it comes to the bad way. My ears would ring and it doesn't help either when my ears are really sharp and I don't have to be here. for it to happen.

I can hear some peoples whispers or thoughts without them speaking what they are thinking and it sometimes works with other people to. so I guess, it all depends on who the person is and it doesn't matter. if they are close by or in another state.


About Our Coven Family :

MY Dark Queen,

About My Friends :
Well I can tell you this much, If there is some people on VR who means Alot to me. Especially when their are My Friends. then they will notice. I am a guy who would stick up or help them out at any time they need my help and all they got to do is ask me for my help or even some times. I just know. When they need my help and I just help them out anyway I can and aslo if they have my back. I surely will have their back and by the way.

My Golden Rule for Friends is "I Don't Date Them".

So here is some of My Friends. plus the ones on my list. They are all of my Friends. they just don't know it yet and also. I would put all of them on my profile. if I could " in NO Special Order. which is right here and heres my protection stamp.

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Countessa: the Lady
Where ever you are, I don't blame you for saying what you said about me. cause its true. I didn't really have a chance at life. so this is why I am not mad at you and I hope you are doing well and I miss you.










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Don't be Fucking with any of My Coven Family or Friends of Mine.

About My Enemies :
What is there to say about my Enemies."who has done me wrong in my life" and they are not on VR either. so I guess there’s an old Saying. “What Goes Around, Always Comes Around” and that is why. I am not going to worry about them for. Cause they will get theirs someday and when they do. They are going to know about it. Cause they are going to met someone who is a little bit better then they are and that person is going to put them right in their place and then they are not going to know what to say.

About My Music :
Cryptik Howling -Cradle Of Filth -Dimmu Borgir - Marilyn Manson -Theatres Des Vampires - Evanescence - Lamb Of God -Murderdolls -Type O Negative -Ramstein - A Perfect Circle -Tool -Nine Inch Nails -Skinny Puppy -Slipknot - Mudvayne -Korn -Kittie -Coal Chamber -Jack Off Jill - Lords Of Acid - System Of A Down -Static X - Godsmack - Greed - Linkin Park - 3 Days Grace - Avenged Sevenfold - Skillet -Orgy - Rob Zombie - White Zombie - Alice Cooper - Motley Crue. just to name a few.

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About My Movies :
Vampire movies -Werewolf movies -Zombie movies -Demon movies - Horror Movies - Resident Evil 1-3 - Blade 1-3 - Underworld 1-3 - Lord Of The Rings 1-3 - Pirates Of The Carri bean 1-3 - The Night Of The Living Dead 1968/1990 remake - Land Of The Dead - Day Of The Dead Remakes - Dawn Of The Dead Remakes - 28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later - The Thing - Regin of Fire - Queen Of The Damned - Bram Stokers Dracula-Interview of the Vampire.
just to name a few.

About My Favorite Videos/Songs Of All Time :

About My Book Authors And Poets :
Anne Rice - H.G.Wells - Poe Edgar Allan - Rose Madder and Stephen King.

About My Likes :
- Reading Books.
- Watching Movies.
- Listening To Music.
- Collecting Old Coins.
- Sleeping and Cuddling.
- Elves and Fairy's.
- Forests and Castles.
- Fantasy and Folklore.
- Legends and Myths.
- Angels and Demons.
- Cryptids and Cryptology.
- Mythology and Astrology.
- Dragons, Wizards and Magic.
- Famous and Mythical Creatures.
- Collecting Certain Knives.
- Black Lights and Posters.
- Reading and Writing Poems.
- Drawings, Arts and Painting.
- Reading and Writing Short Stories.
- Candles and Candle Lit Dinners.
- Camping, Camp Fires and Picnics.
- Blood, Handcuffs and Bondage Etc.
- Concerts, Hanging Out and Having Fun.
- Dancing With A Lady = Strip, Slow and Dirty.
- Playing Call Of Duty : Black Ops = Nazi Zombies.

About My Dislikes :
- Bots.
- Spam.
- Liars.
- Bullies.
- Cheaters.
- Stealing.
- Braggers.
- Bestiality.
- Labels.
- Soft Music.
- Pop Up Adds.
- Mind Games.
- Animal Cruelty.
- Child Molesters.
- Women Beaters.
- The Barbie Girl Song.
- Being Misunderstood.
- Sorry 3 times = Meant it.
- I'll add more later.

About My Rate's Score :

I only give out an Awesome 10 to profiles. with Awesome Pictures and Layouts Etc and who I think deserves it. which is not many. so feel special. if you get this stamp from me.


My 10's :
This following stamp is for profile's who gives me a 10.

Thank You for Stopping by

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As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…


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