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Malieki carries the Mark of The Prince. Legion (Coven)

song uploaded to profile
Set at 20:14 on May 30, 2022

Vampire Rave member for 7 years.

Status:  Wyvern (85.88)
Rank:  Member
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Affiliation:  Legion (Coven)
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Female
Birthdate:  Hidden
Age:  Hidden

Watching from the woods



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Welcome to my Lair

This profile is dedicated to my 1st Sire that passed away four years ago. His name was Charleondicar. And yes he may have been a were, but he knew what I was and mentored and protected me.

To this day if you look at me you will see him beside me. His energy and mine will always be one. He loved me but kept his distance. He never overstepped into my relationship.

This profile belongs to KatriannexVeldonxDrakul, My rating is simple, if you are suspended, you will get a 1. Nothing on your profile, you get a 6. Anything else is determined by how much you have on your profile, colors, pictures, etc.

I've always been the one to be there for anyone. I have always been kind, generous, trusting, and a good listener to any who come to me. Born and raised in the Military, I can relate to those out there that have had their share of having to travel every 3-4 years and have had to start over. I've had my ups and downs in relationships and a good fair share of financial problems. I like to joke around, be playful and flirty with close friends. You have to find a way to keep sane these days.


A few poems he wrote to me:

Reality is not but what you make of it
All mankind needs a lover
Love helps keep joy in life
People prefer to think this is not right
Having something you care that much for
Weird things seem to inhabit everything around us
Although love seems to make them right
Losing oneself in the feeling
Defines a part of our character
Only time can destroy what love brings forth
Everyday things disappear around us
Many times it is never missed
Even these things destroy a part of what we love
Reality destroys our dreams
Sometimes when they are destroyed
Only love can save us from what is left
Nothing more than emptiness remains


Love and a red rose can't be hid
Outside appearances show it all
Very few people miss the emotion
Everyone needs it even if they don't know it
Reactions make your feelings read like an open book
Sometimes it just can't be helped


The wolf has always been considered a symbol of the Dacians, and some legends say that the Great White Wolf , considered the leader of the wolves, was with the Dacians at the fall of Sarmizegetusa. Legend has it that, in forgotten times, a priest of Zamolxis roamed the lands of Dacia relentlessly to help those in need, conveying to the Geto-Dacians that the Great God was watching over them. Without being old, his hair and beard were as white as snow, and his faith, courage, and boldness were known not only to men and to Zalmoxis himself, but also to beasts. The god, realizing the value of his servant, stops him at his place, in the mountains, in order to have him close. Away from the people, the priest continues to serve with the same determination as before. In a short time, the beasts of Dacia came to listen to him and consider him their leader. The wolves loved him the most, because they were the only ones without a leader, only hunger keeping them in the pack.

After a while, Zalmoxis talks to his priest and decides that the time has come for him to serve him in a different way, thus turning him into an animal. But not in any animal, but in the most feared and most respected beast of Dacia, in a White Wolf, big and strong, giving him the purpose to gather all the wolves in the woods to defend the land. Thus, whenever the Dacians were in danger, the wolves came to their aid, it was enough just to hear the howl of the Great White Wolf and from wherever they were, the wolves jumped to defend those who had become their brothers. But the White Wolf was also a judge, punishing cowards and traitors.

One day, however, God calls his servant to him again, this time to give him the opportunity to choose, for the last time, whether he wants to remain a wolf or become human again. Despite all the grief he carries in his soul, knowing what times will follow, he decides to stay with his God, hoping that in this way he will serve his land and people more usefully.

With all the vigilance of the Geto-Dacians, the wolves and the Great White Wolf, the Romanians manage to infiltrate their ranks and, near the great invasion, sow in the souls of some cowards the seed of distrust of the Great God. Thus, some Dacians begin to fear that the God will not be with them in the great battle, and the traitors in fear begin to kill all the wolves that get in their way in the hope that one of them will be the Great White Wolf whose head they will could offer Romanians in exchange for their lives.

The wolves, who had escaped, fled to the heart of the mountains to never return to the aid of the brothers who had betrayed them. The White Wolf and Zalmoxis retreat to the Sacred Mountain from where they will watch with pain in their hearts how the Geto-Dacians will be defeated by the Romans due to betrayal.

The holidays dedicated to the sacred animal of the Dacians, the wolf, were assimilated by the Christian tradition. These begin with Wolf Day (November 13), Gadinetii (November 12-16), continue with Philip the Lame or Ovid (November 21) and end with St. Andrew's Day (November 30) and St. Nicholas Day (December 6). Gadinet is the name of the deity of winter, the wolf, and the Philippians are his divine personifications. In popular mysticism, it is believed that, during this period, wolves step on the border of villages and come near houses, rummaging in the garbage to find hot embers, which, eating them, become more fertile. The fact that the wolf sees at night turns him into a positive symbol of light, he fulfilling the role of guide.

The wolf in the Dacian tradition

The Dacians had as their totem the wolf, the most ferocious animal in this area, the only one that cannot be tamed or trained. The fearless warriors identified with it, calling themselves wolves (daos - meaning wolf in the Thracian-Phrygian dialect,) or those who are like wolves. The Dacian flag, is that of the body of a wolf-headed dragon, N. Iorga said that this is "the essence of ancestral religion". His appearance sowed horror among his enemies. The flag bearer carried this banner, which had movable metal scales on its body. In the horse's chase, the air that penetrated the wolf's wide open mouth made hissing sounds, accompanied by the sound of scales hitting each other. The fighters wore wolf or bear masks on their faces, frightening their enemies with terrible sounds.

The legend of the Great White Wolf, the protector of Dacia

The legend of the White Wolf, a servant of Zamolxis, is surprisingly similar to that of the god Apollo in the ancient Greeks. He had his temple on White Island (Leuke), on the shores of the Black Sea (now Snake Island).
Every fall, Apollo retreated to the mysterious land of the Hyperboreans to spend the winter. He was their leader also called the Lycanthrope - the White Wolf, a deity revered with holiness by our ancestors as a protector and savior in moments of balance. To counter the belief in the wolf's magical-mystical power, early Christianity invested St. Peter (Samedru) with the attributes of a wolf shepherd (who are considered his dogs) with the Apostle Andrew, who preached Christianity in the "wolf territories" and he was always guarded by the Great White Wolf.


My coven

The Cemetery (Coven)

My Alliance

The Dark Kindred




Member Since: May 09, 2016
Last Login: Jun 15, 2023
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Feb 20, 2024

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…


You have been visited & rated by Royal Sire NikkiAidyn....
Nov 08, 2023

Rated by LadyDancer

Sep 26, 2023
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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Jun 14 2021

I had to apply some security updates. I needed to take the site down for a few hours to complete everything. I did it in the middle of the night.. When hopefully, most of you wouldn't notice :)

Superior Sire

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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