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Yes, I believe that the Creator would be able to eradicate all evil in the blink of an eye, but what would that become to us? Would our purpose and destiny be fulfilled if our minds and bodies were absolved of all darkness and evil? Would a perfect, unified world without duality nourish your dreams and hopes for happiness and fulfillment?

Evil and suffering is capable of two outcomes. Darkness, and light.

You can either be corrupted by it, or make it transcend into strength.

Everything will always be an experience, whether it is good or bad. What you make of it, is your own choice... and that determines if course of your faith and destiny.

I despise religion, but not spirituality. There was a time when my heart harbored sacred thoughts, and my trust lied in the light. These concepts were indoctrined in my childhood, and like every soul of truth all I wanted was to 'do the right thing'. We're all born innocent and with a strong sense of justice, but I could simply not allow these illusions to keep me in weakness. Through Satanism, I purged my corrupted mind of its former norms and disciplines, and it was then that my true life began. All I can say is that I truly found the right path in my life, and it has shown me great success. Neither soul or god will ever turn me away from it. As I have already mentioned, I am a positive individual who enjoys both solitude and company.

I can be compassionate, humorous, wise, disciplined, wacky, vengeful, forgiving, merciless, fair, apathetic, vivid, the list goes on. I can pretty much convey any kind of emotion with the right motivation. I would not hold back when getting to know new and interesting people, as long as they can respect me for who I am and what I believe in. Having a strong, honest social circle is important to me because good friends are highly imperative in life. The art of friendship and respect is all we have in this otherwise decaying cesspit of a world.

I have heard from a few honest souls that they believe me to be quite frightful because how I choose to present myself. Although I harbor a lot of scornful resentment for the general public, I am still keeping in touch with my sense of empathy, compassion and overall positivity. Just because there are a lot of repugnant, soulless assholes in this world doesn't mean that I have to be. I rarely maintain eye-contact with people. Indeed, a lot of people consider eye-contact to be an important social detail when exchanging words, but I feel differently. The only times when I allow an individual to peer into my soulish mirrors, is when they have earned some vestiges of my trust, otherwise my mind will drift off into the unknown.

Creativity dominates my mind at all times. I am always seeking new, refined ways to express myself, be it through photography, movies or even music. I currently reside in a remote location in Sweden where one can be at peace with oneself and exercise creativity without the hectic environment of a large city.

I find it real amusing when people think they are like me and know how I am feeling. Let's square this up. You are nothing like me. Just because we have slightly similar interests, doesn't mean I will like you. Just because you've read bits and pieces of my life and who I am on my profile doesn't mean you understand what I was, am, and are going through. You'll only see the parts of me I openly share with you. I draw a lot. I've been drawing since I was a child. Mostly the repulsive and obscene. I'm very into the insides of things, beings, and creatures then the outside. I love the detail of body work and analyzing peoples features. To the veins and pulsation of the heart valves from soft breast and rough hands. It fascinates me I see the beauty out of it while others may be blinded by the negative and oddness. I draw a lot of naked woman, monsters, creatures, futuristic. I also conjoined body parts with inanimate objects, tentacles, eyeballs, mechanical parts etc. I also work on mix-mediums.

I have a hard time taking care of myself and doing things for me. In other words, I usually put people ahead of myself, feeling emotions that I may not even really feel, but seeing the person happy makes me feel better. Same thing with giving things even when I have nothing. I've always been a generous person, but I know how it feels to have everything and lose everything. I'm finding who I really am everyday. I only want to care for people who care for me back. Who don't treat me like shit, I want real friends. Not ones I could get in a cereal box any time of the day if I wanted company and throw away when done with. I don't have time for fake friends, I've spent 20 years alone without genuine people in my life, I'm not going to go 20 more years in the same situation. So if you have any slight similarities or interests as to what you just read about me then please
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