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The following are societies and individuals with whom we have allied ourselves. They are Societies whom we have much respect for and which have honored us.


I am newly separated and trying to find myself. I have been lost for quite some time...

All of my passions have always been hidden and pent up and it is becoming tiresome. I find people and society are too judgmental and superficial I cannot seem to get ahead of them with my career or personal life.

I escape the pains of reality by reading erotic vampire novels. I yearn for excitement but I like to stay private and quiet. I look for my prince but have the sense that chivalry may be gone. The seesaw of reality is creating a headache to me but as well as an itch. The job that I have had has taken a toll on me but I went back to school and earned a Bachelor’s degree however, my personal life has gone to the dumps and I have lost all my energy. When I take a step forward and get pushed three steps back; then I jump three steps forward and am thrown back 10 steps on my ass!

Maybe I need to stop riding the rails of society’s standards to match myself with a person of light and get with someone of dark means to which can spoil me in every way and not suffocate me with attachments and responsibilities and share the fruits of companionship in return with no question.

I have a serious passion for Vampires and I collect Dragons that I have had for many years, I just never had the ability to act on it. What it means to act on it I do not know. Is it to find one? Is it to find someone that shares the same and holds the key to unlock what hides inside me?

Decanate - Aquarius
Degree - 26/27 Gemini
Mode -Mutable
Element - Air

My “personology” profile which is a better descriptive and an on point of me.

In general –

The fortunate influence of your birthday shows you to be extremely clever, sociable, and self-assured. You are naturally gifted, mentally receptive, generous, and optimistic. Since you have big dreams, you need only apply self-discipline to turn some of them into reality. A quick thinker, you can be witty and assertive and like to be direct and honest.

With the added influence of your decanate ruler, Aquarius, you are self-willed and independent, with original ideas that are often ahead of their time. You have a way with words and are likely to be a good writer. Although you have a touch of the mad genius, you may also have to be wary of being impatient, stubborn, or temperamental. One thing is certain, however—in your life, you will always have a desire to be continually learning.

Since you have charisma and a sense of the dramatic, you need to express yourself and feel that life can be fun. You also have a more philosophical bent, which can give you the faculty to survey the whole or can draw you toward things of a more humanitarian nature. The more you develop your intuition, the easier your life decisions become. Although you will not usually accept interference from others, when you are positive about your goals and vision, you have the potential to create miracles.

My Secret Self

A light and creative core to your being ensures that you will always be able to keep others entertained and find something that can bring happiness into other people's lives. This sensitive and inspiring part of you can get lost if you start to doubt yourself and become indecisive, particularly in affairs of the heart or when dealing with material success.

Although you have the potential to achieve amazing results in concrete terms, especially through the use of your excellent mind, there is a danger that monetary gains will not necessarily bring happiness. To avoid this you need to work on projects that allow you to expand and learn. Luckily, you have a strong sense of purpose and high standards for yourself, which, combined with the ability to think big, ensure that you will not be disheartened by life's challenges for long.

Love & Relationships

Clever and witty, you usually have a friendly and cheerful personality. With your love of variety, you enjoy socializing with different people with diverse interests. A certain restlessness, implies that you can get bored easily and seek those who can offer you excitement. Traveling and new learning experiences are likely to be some of your favorite pastimes. Alternately, you may enjoy courses of study where you can learn new skills and meet people who share your interests. The best way of entertaining yourself and having fun can be mentally exploring shared interests.


My heritage – Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I am first generation born in the United States of my family. I speak and understand the language however now living in Texas and not using it, I am losing it. I do travel to Poland to visit my dad that is retired and moved back to the homeland.

Much of Old World Polish culture revolved around Roman Catholicism. However, it retained remnants of paganism, a phenomenon common in East Central Europe, the Balkans, Russia, and other parts of the world.

The Lenten and Easter seasons are permeated with medieval customs. One of the most beautiful, and one which thrives in America today, is the Swieconka, or the blessing of Easter baskets on Holy Saturday.

Eggs colored by being dipped in dyes after they have been prepared with wax designs are a Slavic custom. In Polish, these eggs are called pisanki. They are exchanged as small tokens of affection at Eastertide. The art has been developed to its highest degree by the Ukrainians who are its masters. The Poles, too, create lovely work and paint geometric designs on carved wooden eggs. An ancient Slavic saying predicts that as long as eggs are decorated at Easter, evil will not destroy the world; from time immemorial, eggs have been regarded as a symbol of life and rebirth.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The most common name for an undead vampire in Poland seems to be upier or upior. The same names can be found in the neighboring countries of the Ukraine, and Byelorussia. Under this name, the Polish undead vampire is usually quite similar to those in these neighboring countries.

A description of the undead vampire in Poland and Russia is given in chapter 13 of the 1753 edition of Treatise on Vampires and Revenants by the French Dominican monk and scholar, Dom Augustine Calmet. Calmet's sources for his chapter 13 was an article published in the 1693- 1694 edition of the French journal Mercure Gallant. According to this, the oupire first eats his linen shroud when he first revives from his death. The oupire can appear from noon to midnight. At night, he attacks his friends and especially his relatives, embracing them and then sucking their blood. The way to destroy an oupire is to exhume the corpse and then either decapitate it or "open its heart."

The blood that then gushes out is regarded to be that of the vampire's victims. The surviving victims or potential victims sometimes mix this blood with flour to make a dough. They then bake this dough and eat the resulting bread to cure themselves of the after-affects of the vampire's bite. Somewhat similar practices involving ingesting some remains of the vampire also occured in Romania (ashes of the heart mixed with water or the blood itself) and in New England (ashes of the heart mixed with water).

Another early source on the Polish vampire is the manuscript Everio Atheism ("The Destruction of Atheism") written by a Jesuit priest, S. J. Gengell. This was reprinted in 1721 in a natural history of Poland, Historia Naturalis Curiosa Regni Poloniae by another Jesuit priest, Gabriel Rzaczynski.

Here the name for the Polish vampire is given as upier, or upierzyca if it is female. According to this, the upier rises from its grave and wanders past cross-roads and houses, appearing here and there to various people. It often attacks the person who sees it and suffocates him. It is said that when the corpse of the vampire is exhumed, it is often found that not only is the flesh undecayed and flexible, but also the head, eyes, mouth, and tongue sometimes move.


I wish to thank the few members that have given advice and that have helped me. More help will be appreciated especially since I am graphically challenged. Everyone needs a helping hand when entering a new realm.


. . BYE!

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