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“Welcome Lords and Ladies to Wraith Tavern,
It is unfortunate that you have stumbled upon this place amidst the darkness
But allow my minion to guide you safely through this house of horror.”
 photo wraith_anger_by_saryth-d4tjcp8.jpg

“Greetings travelers, I shall be your guide since the master prefers solitude.
Don’t take her seclusion the wrong way, she will speak when spoken to and is rather friendly. If she doesn’t respond then please don’t take it the wrong way, she simply did not hear you.”

“I find it quite rude to ignore someone unless they deserve it”
 -Says a voice in the shadows as the minion brings you to a portrait hanging above the fireplace-

“Isn’t that just yummy!” -A bubbly voice says and another character is introduced to the story. A young girl that brings life to the eerie tavern-
 photo 402aa5c8-69e6-46a1-8ed3-c59b7841089a.png

“Have some candy and some juice.” -she hands you a juice bottle and a handful of assorted candy before looking at you funny. “Perhaps you would prefer … an adult beverage?”
“Why don’t you get out of here and let me finish?”
“But I want to help too!” 
“Then, you can start by shutting up.”
“No need to be rude.” -The voice in the darkness whispered. The young girl crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out at the minion-
“As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. The history of the tavern is obscured as it was constantly changing. It used to be a very violent place where the master took out her rage on unsuspecting travelers. She is trying to be docile; this is why you deal with us. Very nice until you cross her.”
“You should mention that she doesn’t respond to bites.”
“Indeed.” -he glared at the young girl for interrupting- “A spider can bite, a rose can prick but a 2 year old can say a simple hi. That simple two letter word will get a response. Speaking of visitors … she likes real sex not cyber. If that is the point of your visit …” -he chuckles as he swings his swords casually-
“On a lighter note, check out these pictures.” -The young girl takes your hand and leads you down a hall.
 photo 526069d4-a4cf-45b0-b992-ae75c2205d92.jpg   photo triple_h_1.jpg
 photo Byunghyunlee.jpg

“The master likes guys with long hair and facial hair.”
“I don’t think master would appreciate you telling people who interests her. Besides, the travelers do not care.”
“What a party pooper. Oh! You know who she really likes?!
 photo Sonata_Arctica_6.jpg
“Tony Kakko. You have to admit he’s cute and his vocals are truly amazing.” -he grabbed the young girl by the ear slightly irritated and continued through the hall-
“Which brings us to her first love. A band called Sonata Arctica. Without these guys, her life would have stayed in turmoil. 7 years down the road and they are still her number one.”
 photo sonata-arctica-1.jpg

“Now there are other bands she listens to but none whose lyrics speak to her like them.”
“Muse, Aziatix, Falconer, Journey, Shakira, Kamijo, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Disturbed, Kerli, Lindsey Stirling…” -he pops a sucker in her mouth to shut her up-   “Ooo, Watermelon!”   -he shakes his head at her and continues down the hall-
“The master is quiet and laid back, she observes a room and it’s people from a distance. It explains her interest in psychology. There is nothing she won’t try at least once and once she’s determined, she will stop at nothing. Sushi is her favorite food; she enjoys a good hibachi grill and drinks galore. I dare you to test her drinking abilities. Wine coolers, most wines, and most beer does nothing for her (she doesn’t like beer so much anyway)”
  “And she watches scary movies! Dummy minion won’t hold my hand on the scary parts. She watches sick movies too, I have to close my eyes and listen to the screams. The historical dramas and the samurai movies aren’t bad though. Every now and then, she will watch something stupid to go to sleep.”
 “There isn’t much more to tell about this place, of course if I told all, you would have nothing to talk about. Correct? She has a cat that is the devil; a love hate relationship going on there. And her dog … well she had to leave him with a caretaker because of her long journey across the map. She wouldn’t risk his well-being to be selfish and drag him along. That should tell you a little bit about her personality.”
“I will never own another dog or cat either. There is none that can live up to my current furry friends. I will get a snake now, or a moniter. And now you have a little bit to talk about if you decide to stay for a chat.”   -a voice echoed in the darkness once again-
“Should you cause any trouble ….”
 photo miyavi-1.gif
“I am moving my pets to my portfolio if anyone is curious where they went. Also if you’re wondering where the rage went … well I’m going to start keeping it in my journal instead of updating my profile every 2 days to unleash my fury.”

FYI I'm taking a break from VR! For different reasons now of course. On the verge of moving but I might be around. If you need me call or text if I'm not around.

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