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Life is full of beauty you just have to know how to grab ahold of it and never let it out of your sight.

When someone gets to know me they might think of me as annoying, somewhat loud and perhaps obnoxious but once they get to know me, they sometimes change their mind. What’s there to be said about me? Well a lot, I’m a human being, I have feelings and I’m naturally complex, biologically and emotionally. I’m very honest to the point of being rude and blunt, but I do have some common sense. I have a job that it’s stressing to the point were my pubes are falling off. I love it though in a sick sort of way. I love reading and I love poetry. I speak two languages Spanish and English, I grew up reading Cervantes and Jose Marti; I move to America at the age of 12 and here I discovered Brian Lumley, Mark Twain, and Shakespeare (and french-fries). I am 20 years old and I look nothing like the stereotype that most people have of a Cuban girl, I have red hair and green eyes and you can locate me in the dark without a problem, I glow in it. I was born in a communist country and dislike to discuss politics with most people because they never seem to grasp or understand my ideas, apparently reading a book entitles you to know better then someone who has experienced the political regime first hand! I have a lot of patience, and good things do come to those who wait, however my tempter it’s as bad as skunk piss and its acid quality will melt off your eyes and you will die from swallowing your own tongue. Yes I am fucking insane. Anger issues and my aggressive personality completes the package for a time bomb, don’t piss me off I will bite your pinky toe roast it and feed it to your mother. I have a very unique and morbid sense of humor. Don’t believe me? Read the paragraph above. Cursing comes to me as a second nature, now all I need is a parrot and large boat. Pirate wenches are sexy, I love costumes but I have never really worn any, playing with make up and with my hair is entertaining but there is only so much I can do without getting frustrated with it. If I could, I would be the only red head in the world, I think every red head thinks that way, life is grand my friends for us “Ginger” girls. Growing up everyone around me called me ugly, I guess I needed to be darker in order to fit in but that all has changed, red is power. Trust me ladies, dye your hair red. Girls dislike me, woman hate me and old ladies beat me with their canes. Something about me puts your average uterus holder “en guardia” (on guard) against me as if I was holding a sword to their cunts. Point being 80% of the female population wants me dead, is not that I am terribly sexy is just the fact that I will tell them what I think about them to their face. Hypocrisy has no place in my life, I will tell you how stupid you are to your face when you don’t get the joke and then I will proceed to feed your anus to my neighbors dog (They own a St Bernard, is more like a small cow with large canines). At 20, you might think that I am boring well guess what, I skipped the party season and went straight to grown up, I don’t regret it but is hard on me sometimes, (that was my attempt at being sensitive) if you are my friend you know how hard my situation has been, I have starved, I have been cold and sick with no hope help and I have watched people around me crumble. That is why I love burgers! I was a vegetarian for 12 years of my life, and now consume large quantities of beef, making up for lost time, cows beware. Cooking is not my forte but I would love to learn how to cook, I love different types of food and my pants size doesn’t lie about that either! I have been seriously thinking about going back to being a vegetarian but the taste of bloody rare steak in my mouth is tempting and I fail. The grossest thing in a kitchen is the smell of raw chicken, in fact I hate it and it makes me sick, I get food poisoning from chicken a lot KFC is the anti Christ. -.- (This is turning into a book of my life story) When I add someone to My Space, I am not going to stalk you or give a shit what you think about me, you either accept or you deny me, that's how it works click click! Sexual comments are not welcome unless they are funny or I fucking know who you are, that means you Player, Ganzta or Cocksmoker will not be leaving me comments about how much you want to do my Moms sweet perfect creation!(a.k.a ME) Feel the wrath of the DELETE and BLOCK buttons! Pop goes the weasels! Off my screen, go play with your premature ejaculations. I’m not here to compulsively PM everyone on my friends list or tell you what a wonderful person you are, I probably don’t know you, so don’t get butt hurt if I don’t address you personally. You are on my friends list because I thought you had potential as a fellow human being and your head might contain a brain, one that works and is always 5 minutes delayed or 5 minutes fast because we all make mistakes. We might have things in common or something about your profile caught my attention, perhaps I just fucking added you! If you want to PM me I promise I won’t put any anthrax in my reply. Over all don’t take me very seriously, I'm insane and insane people although sometimes friendly are fucking nuts. .

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