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Birthdate:  July 20, 1985
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Denver, Colorado



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"While the wicked stand confounded,call me with thy saints surrounded."

I diligo vos Lena magis tunc quisquam obvius universitas, quod I usquequaque mos

Aequitas - Veritas

Agus na damnaithe fágtha gan focal
Glaoigh ormsa i measc na naomh

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti

Ní dhoirtfear fuil neamhchiontach choíche. Ach sruthóidh fuil na n-olc mar abhainn. Leathfaidh an triúr a n-eiteoga dubhaithe agus beidh siad ina chasúr buailte Dé.

Agus beimid inár n-aoirí
ar do shonsa, a Thiarna, ar do shonsa,
tá cumhacht tagtha anuas ó do lámh
ionas go gcomhlíonadh ár gcosa do thoil go tapaidh.
Sruthóimid ar aghaidh mar abhainn chugat
Agus plódaithe le hanamacha a bheidh sí go deo.

Nuair a bheirim thuas mo chlaíomh lonrach agus nuair a ghearann mo lámh an breithiúnas gheobhaidh mé díoltas ar mo naimhde agus aisíocfaidh mé astu a chránn mé. A Thiarna, ardaigh mé go dti do lámh dheisagus cuir mé in áireamh na Naomh.

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Friends on VR, Etc....

GlitteringRain This is Katt my penguin, I look back and can't beleive I ever left her... I do miss her, and will always love her, be kind to her, and treat her with respect OR ELSE!

GrieviousDemon This is my brother, so when I'm not on he usually is. Try playing him at 5x5x5, and tell me if you think my pupil is better then me lol. Kinda sad I say he is my pupil considering he's older...Weee! :-D

Marlene Marlene is awesome, I was lvl 5, and she was a whelp when I met her, I started helping her out with how this site goes, and how to lvl. Now she is about 7 levels higher then myself go figure.. ;-) Goodjob hun.

Kat She is awesome, she helped me out alot, and is just very great to talk to. She is also my Coven Mistress, and a very good one in my opinion. Thank you for being there hun. *hugs*

BatChyld weee Bat!! *hugs* She is so awesome, lol she answers all my questions that I can think of..some of em are stupid and then she's gotta close the stupidity leak but you know.. HA! Just do yourself a favor don't piss her off, she i very easy to get along with, so it's kinda hard to do, but it's possible..

Sexmachine1387 She is great! one of the first people to talk to me on this site, and never stopped liking her...I think we started talking because she hadda answer one of my newbish questions haha.. (don't laugh at me, you know you had them too..) but yeah thank you for everything hun *hugs*

CelticVamp One of the few people I talked to from my old house, great guy to bullshit with, and now I can play him at 5's woot woot! (goes to start the game)

Tammy Tammy is a theif LOL, she stole me, haha I love this coven almost as much as I loved La Petit Mort hun, I'm glad you snagged me, I might have ended up somewhere I didn't wish to be, so thank you my mistress, I'm happy to be your favor whore ;-)

Annakeeya Anna rocks my socks, and is my current 5's pupil she actually listens and pays attention to what I do, and has come very far from when I first had played her. Play her, just don't mistake her for me, she does use my strat sometimes :-P *hugs* you rock hun

If you want to know how I am, I am just Simply me, do NOT try and define who I am. If you care to know more about me, feel free to message me ;-) Thanks. You can also find me on msn messenger or aol,

MSN - Snapone2002@hotmail.com
AIM - Snapone2002
AIM - Snapone2004

Me and You
I lick my lips and close my eyes
My imagionation lights like fireflies
Darkness is where my soul is found
When i fall i will pull you down
The rose i hold in my heart
Is the same rose that will help me start
Blood drips from my lips
For i have love at my fingertips
You love her and i love him
When you talk my whole world dims
We will one day find our fate
At this moment we do relate
To the night we will go
The blood we see is the never ending flow
As one day you will see
That you were always meant for me
~*~pain is love~*~*-Misty

KissXOfxDeathx wrote this poem to me, and I wanted to show my appreciation to her by puting this on my profile so everyone could
see :-)
Misty you rock my socks hun *hugs*

What is your name? : ask me, and i might let ya know
When is your Birthday?: July 20th
What is your zodiac sign?: Cancer
Where were you born?: Denver, CO
What is your race?: Irish mainly
What is your worst fear?: To die and there be nothingDo you smoke?: Yes.
Do you drink?: Sometimes
Do you use drugs?: Prescription...and sometimes others :-P
Have you ever tried to commit suicide?: No.
Have you ever purposely caused harm to yourself or someone else?: No...
Do you ever get jealous of somebody else?: Depends...
Are you a violent person?: Only when provoked
Who is your favorite band?: Hinder
What is your favorite drink?: Rum and coke
Do you like biting?: I like being Bitten
Do you like to write poetry?: of Course
Are you religious?: I'm Catholic
Do you stand for originality and creativity?: Yes, I do.
Do you believe in vampires?: No, they are just fun to think about.
Does pain turn you on?: Most of the time.
Do you believe in witchcraft?: No
Have you ever played a oiuja board or used tarot cards?: Yes.
What do you like most about life?: The fact I can live my life the way I wish
What do you dislike most about life?: I love life...
Do you believe in love at first sight?: I used to...

Every piece of art I have on this profile I have received permission from the artists, and can be found on my website located at the begining of this profile.

In loving memory of those that parished on this terrible day. Justice will be found!

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Last Login: Aug 01, 2013
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Aug 04, 2022
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Apr 16, 2022

Not all monsters live within the shadows, some walk among you.
Oct 29, 2021


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