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San Angelinos

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About Me.....

This Profile is dedicated to My newfound Faith.

I'm a Spiritual Satanist with a firm Belief that most Organized Religions are dogcrap with one Theme in Common: Its Members are The Chosen. If you cannot provide Literal, Historical and/or Scientific Proof that your Fables TRULY happened, then please, step aside; you will not be able to convince Me to Believe.

I'm Complicated.

I'm not easy to know or befriend, but I loyally stand behind those that are true to Me without flinching: There is no room in My "book" for Wishy-Washiness, betrayal, Lies, or Dishonesty; betray Me once, I might forgive you; betray Me twice, and you're Dead to Me forever.

Let's Cut to the Chase: I'm Blunt, Direct, and In Your Face Most Days.

Most Days, I'm not nice, nor do I try to pretend to be: Basic and simple, figure it out please and keep walking, unless you're capable of cashing the Checks your Mouth Writes: Talk is Cheap and I expect Results.

I always mean Well...Unless I Don't give Two Sh*ts about You.

Believe it or not, I do, even if My actions and words don't quite seem to follow suit. I believe in Tough Love and the Truth, and I often give it, because I think that too many people these days go around in a sheltered little "Bubble" of their own making and need to be woken the hell up...This is your Life...Seize the Day...Get OFF Auto-Pilot...This is the One Life and it is up to YOU, to make the MOST out of it.

I've been told I'm too Outspoken sometimes for My own Good.

My mouth gets Me in trouble a lot. Since I've gotten older, I have learned the art of Tact, but sometimes even Tact goes out the window if you get My "goat".....Piss Me off, Pay the Consequences: I'm Evil to the Core and Revenge is a Concept I know Well and use Often.

There is Hope left Yet.

I believe that even in the most evil of People, lies some small Good, and I am always surprised, that even in this late Stage of the World, that Good is still largely prevalent in our Society.

I will always say it like it Is.

Truth has been My Shield & Sword, always throughout My Life. I've found, however, that sometimes Truth can bite you on the ass: Don't say stuff unless you mean it and you can back it up, or you'll be in for a World of Hurt.

I'm pretty easily Entertained.

Throw Me a Martini or some Popcorn, turn on some peppy Music, take me to the Beach, or start telling Dirty Jokes and I'm "good". I've never been one of those Gold-Digging, High-Maintenance Types...the only thing I maintain is a rather healthy Ego.

Sometimes I'm scared to let people In.

I've been hurt a lot this time around. My Life has been as it has due to some rather less-than-best Decisions that I made in My younger Years and a need for Validation in Things that weren't the best Option for Me: I don't, however, live with any Regret for anything I've done, for it's made Me the Person I am Today. I am strong, resilient, crafty, and cunning, able to make My Way through Life as need be: If I could choose any Animal to represent Myself, it would be the Snake.

I don't Mingle freely with the VR "Crowd" here Anymore.

I know the Game, the Rules, and am firmly aware of how the "Politics" here roll out most Days and truly, I'm not "here" to win the Popularity Vote: I've heard one too many times that some people love My zesty, sarcastic Observations, delighting in the good and bad that I write/create here...But the Majority don't...And to be truthful, I cared way too much the last Time I was here...That's one of the Reasons why I left before...But I'm back now, to have fun...With no need, this Time, to win the Popularity Vote or be well-liked....I'm here to be Me...As I have stated before....Nobody really changes much, and honestly...I haven't changed much either: I Am What I Am...If I talk to you because I actually give a darn about you...Then cool...If I don't...Well now, don't take it personally.....Look in the Mirror and clean up your rhetorical "Backyard", (as I will , and should, but choose not to) Mine.

I try to be as Authentic as Possible.

I'm pretty comfortable in My own Skin now: I don't believe that we should hide from ourselves or others Who or What we Are, nor, do I believe the childish Rhetoric that people 'Can Change'..Come now....Look deep inside yourself and ask yourself this....What becomes so different about us? Yes, fine, we can lose weight or "Manage" a Behaviour so as to not smoke/drink/etc. in Excess....But do we truly change? We develop new Behaviours..But at the Core....We are the Same....Accept yourself, learn to like and love yourself truly...Make your Way in the World with your Head held High..You are Who you Are...For Good or Bad....Peace comes with full Acceptance.

I've proven to Myself that I'm stronger than I ever thought I could Be.

I've re-writing the Book of My Life and re-doing previously "closed" Chapters, and I am very proud of the Results. When I first came to VR about 3 years ago, it was for Escapism. Now, I'm here just to have fun and socialize, when I actually have the chance to.

I believe in Empowerment.

I believe that anyone can drag themselves out of Situations that are crushing their Spirits and stealing their Joy to turn their Life around. Hopefully, by reading this, you've found Empowerment also to strive for your Dreams and never give up......

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