The Coven of Temples of The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs

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The Coven of Temples of The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs
Ancient Light of Blood and the Wicked Zodiac

About me ...

Who we are online is but a construct of how we wish the world to see us. Our own selves are far too nuanced and flawed and people are far too on guard when it comes online personas. I am as real as I allow myself to be - but we can never be fully ourselves in any kind of artifice.
I tend to speak my own mind and some may find my personality abrasive. To those that really know the RL me - I am honest, creative and have a dark sense of humour. I am at my most comfortable going to a bookshop or library or roaming a museum. I like to socialise but I prefer to keep the company with the small group of friends I have, rather than keep company with acquaintances or those who I have little connection with.
I am pretty honest, so if you have a sensible question, then I will answer it. I have no interest in cybering or sharing anything overally personal, but I am happy to converse and meet interesting individuals.
Like any place I visit, I am here to learn, not judge. I have little patience for rudeness, idiocy or cruelty. Other than laugh at such people - that is about as far as I would like to communicate to them. If you have a logical intelligent brain, then I am happy to talk to you.

What I dislike ....
I really do have a distaste for most of humanity (sometimes books can be better company), but having any kind of misanthropic quality is no excuse for apathy. Apathy is contemporary society's biggest disease. A culture of ''me, myself and i'' and what pleases the self serving. As much as I dislike most people that it makes me swallow bile at the very bile of human nature. Some people seem to have not evolved from the primordial ooze figuratively speaking. There is many persons groups and individuals that wish to impose their own beliefs onto others. If you wish to live a certain way and it doesn't break any laws and it doesn't hurt anyone, then be free to believe what you wish. Think as an individual, not as a group. Analyse each situation with logic and aim the best you can to show compassion.

What I love ...
Meeting new and interesting people - those that do not fit the cookie cutter personas of what society expects each of us to be. To break the metaphorical shackles and feel brave enough to be their true selves in each portion of their lives. Being who we honestly are and saying what we truly think can be alarming to the self. For many this is uncharted territory. I am not saying that we are all have to be 'weird'. Being content, subdued and placid is no bad thing to be - even if you are labelled are boring or conformist. Being the real you is rebellion in itself. Being the 'norm' in a circle of self proclaimed specials. Doesn't matter if your friends all wear sweats/jeans and t shirts/fashion forward style/Gothic/emo/corporate - if you all wear the exact same thing, parrot each others opinions, then they aren't as unique/intelligent/stylish as they think they are. Just be you - be it eccentric or conventional. It is one blue little planet we share. If we can just accept the differences in others and concentrate on self improvement, then the world may just get a tad more nicer. Education is never a waste and you should never stop learning until you are dead.

Music ...

Queen, The Beatles, The Travelling Wilburys, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, The Cure, Siouxsie Sioux, The Stereophonics, Nightwish, Type O Negative, Petula Clark, Patsy Cline, Little Richard, The Delphonics.

Movies ...

Kill Bill Part 2, The Crow, Labyrinth, Dark City, Sunset Boulevard, All About Eve, Night of The Hunter, La Belle et la Bête, The Hunger, Let The Right One In, Coraline.

Books ...

American Gods by Neil Gaiman, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Hogfather by Terry Pratchett, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Dracula by Bram Stoker, The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

*Avatar - Nosferatu, 1922, Directed by F. W. Murnau, in Public Domian*
Additional photos;
- The Man Who Laughs, 1928, Directed by Paul Leni, in Public Domain*
- Vincent Price in The Bat, 1959, Directed by Crane Wilbur, in Public Domain*
- Curse of The Cat People, 1944, Directed Gunther von Fritsch & Robert Wise and Produced by Val Lewton, in Public Domain
- Phantom of The Opera, 1925, Directed by Rupert Julian, in Public Domain*

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