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In the Dictionary of my perceptions



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As you wish.

Did everyone see that? Because i will Not be doing it again.

Hmm hmm...

"A person who values you,
wouldn't ever put themselves
in a position to lose you."

A pretty Awesome Chick Made this for me... lol

MMMMMmmmmmm......Paper Clips

 photo 4b619e1edc31affccf5809b99d57b0ba 1.jpg_zps79vnjxog.gif

I JUST FOUND THIS!! I wrote this like in 3rd Grade lol. Tell me what you think. lol

"Silkworms" By Slain
Silkworms are white, silkworms are small, silkworms are long but not so tall.
Silkworms are black spotted and look funny,
silkworms are as soft as a bunny.
Silkworms eat only one kine of a leave,
silkworms eat only the Mulberry leave.
Silkworms, I wish, I wish they could talk,
silkworms I wish they could walk fast on the sidewalk.
Silkwomrs, silkworms, I love them too,
silkworms, I wish they could eat the same things I do.
Silkworms, I wish they could play and do math,
silkworms, I wish that they took a bath.
Silkworms, silkworms i know they don't bug,
silkworms, silkworms I can fit in my mug.
Silkworms, silkworms, fit in my hand,
silkworms, silkworms, hate the sand.
Silkworms, silkworms, make cocoons,
silkworms, silkworms, are the color of the moon.
Silkworms, silkworms crawl around,
silkworms, silkworms, are hard to be found.
Silkworms silkworms, they only munch, only when they
see a leave they say.....

║╔═╬╩╗╔╣╚═╗ put this on your
║╚╝║╬║║║╔╗║ channel if you are/love
╚══╩═╩╝╚╝╚╝ Goths!

Enchanting; construction of such symbols,
that which may influence our minds.
Wrap us, contain and ensnare us all,
to such an extent where our senses are kind.
Kind, kindly taken into a world,
where bounding out a window is the safest way to find.
A Peace, a sense of pleasure,
all but flesh could ever design.
Irony; as part of a language that seems so insipid,
that Neverending worlds are made within the limits of the mind.

~Farewell My Cane~
I would like to thank you,
For your many years of assistance,
the countless times you've been there
For my leaning pleasure and falling ressistance.

You were always strong,
sturdy, proud and everlasting.
You stood tall and trustworthy
your loyalty neverending.

Through the long walks and short strolls
by my side you have been.
And even my sad dawns
and happy dusks you have seen.

In the darkest of nights
where I could not see the closest view
I knew you were always there
Not through vision but feel I knew you.

And now the years have rolled
As we've together strolled
Mine years have been yours and yours mine
through the warm seasons and Winter's cold.

Old, good old walking stick
how good you have been to me
you've worked long and you've worked hard
With love and much respect I bid you to part with me

I've grown too weary, I've grown too weak
my years but gone and came
I trust only to you this... my last week.
So I lay you down and bid you farewell...my cane.

Real Vampires love Vampire Rave
Dream, the third of The Endless, you are in charge of the Dreaming, all imagination and creativity, everyone knows your beautiful realm, but none truly understand it. You are dark and brooding, creative, and spend a lot of time by yourself, just thinking. You are almost as serious as Destiny, but not quite. Everyone is enchanted by you, but you keep them all at a distance, even when you shouldn't.

I have Brown Hair. My eyes have been brown for most of my life, but they've been know to change from Brown to Green to Blue and back on occasions. I'm 5'10, and am almost as tall as my father, which has been my life goal..::smiles::

My name is Slain, I've been called different things....Shadow is my other name but my love is the only one allowed to call me that. I love nature, trees are the best part of nature. In any season, leaves or not they still stand, noble and strong. To me, trees are not too many here. Only in cemeteries are they more commonly (and far more fortunate for me) found to be.

Two other words that are as beautiful as CellarDoor, are Rain and Storm. To me they are the best thing to walk in anymore...I love the rain. When storms come around (which is rare) I love the huge waterdrops the heavens let upon the tainted ground to wash it away of its filth. Rain to me has a much nobler meaning and that is why I HATE! When I am stopped from treading through it at any time of the day.

The night is entrancing, only few cherish it the way they should. Its rather peaceful and more populated than most think. Though most are bastards and lowlifes who tread through it making it quite dangerous for others, those who actually love the night, are far more dangerous when their beloved walks are rudely interfered with. I am one of them!

I DO like Blood. Simple answer to those who wonder. I've never had the chance to drink massive amounts of it and I don't expect to. When a drop touches my tongue...I feel different, I get hyper and more iritable. Tis my second subduer and enrager. I love it terribly, if it's the true source of Life for some, and others Love it... then why be disgusted by it? It brings life no matter what!!

Embrace it... Worship it... Drink it!

I love Poetry Shakespeare, and Poe are my GODS!...
I also love writting poetry and stories. I like fantasy creatures, Dragons included but they still exist. Griphons, Gargoyels, Faeries, Elves, Unicorns, Pegasi, Satyrs, Centaurs, Pixies, Sirens, Mermaids, Orcs, Ogres, Golems, Ghouls, Wraiths, Goblins, Will O' Whisps, Laprechauns, Banshees, Witches, Warlocks, Ghosts, Magis, Nymphs, Genies, Gypsies, Sprites, Succubi, Inccubi, Gods, Demi-gods (Loki..hehheh) Goddesses, (I'd add Amazon Women but I'll get my butt kicked!!), Titans, Jesters, Kings, Zanzabarbarians, Queens, Knights, Princesses, Princes, Labyrinths, and Mazes Lakes and Springs, Forests and Platues, Castles and Mansions, Covens and Cults, Cauldrons and Pots, Bednobs and Broomsticks....lol

This....IS.... my grasp on reality. No one can ever tell me otherwise. My mind is my own and my perception of reality is NOT one of your prime concerns when it come to dealing with me. My wit and sarcasm lack at times. Nevertheless, I like to have fun, impede that path and you shall worship my wrath mercilessly.

Now lets see here. I really haven't been on this profile in quite a long while. Goody, goody. At least now I have the time to update a slight bit eh?

I've been wating my sole existance away for the last two years by hopping from job to job and not really keeping any of them, my absolute flaw at the moment. I really love art and I plan on going to college for it.

There we go. I've gone through a lot in the last couple of years that has taught some things that I STILL try to comprehend from time to time. Since I've been away from school for so long, I lack a ginormous amount of vocabulary in order to not sound trite.

I've recently found the bulk of my poetry-- for those who give a damn about the art that is placing words and phrases in place they really don't belong and making them look and sound GOOOOD in the process!--I will be adding a singular poem in my journal per month. Or at least I'll try. Check if you will and


I welcome ANYTHING you are willing to contribute to my development as a poet.

 photo foryou_zps1189c229.png

A heart counts
every word you pick;
And time places
them behind a lock.
If they be poison, through life
you'll be sick.
Pretending, as your words
your soul rot.
If they be gentle, let's hope
they are quick.
No one has the power
your kind words to stop.
And time won't be slow,
time won't be slick.
Time is just time;
and every soul; a rock.
Time a soul builds or wrecks;
brick by brick.
Withing it writing, tattooing
what no blindness could knock.
And time will build upon who you are with every t---
and your actions will echo
along side that rolling,
never ending,
ticking t---

 photo QKTKT_zps35e13380.gif

"If one was never meant to swim, then drowning is one’s reward;
For venturing further upon the deepest sea, away from shore."

"He sought you as a friend, and you let him down. He never wanted you in the middle, because he's dealt with far worse while you had not a clue. Whatever he needed, he did not find. Now, please tell me, what is it that you expect of him?" She asked, folding her arms, with a condescending smirk growing across her crimson lips.

~Live lives with no history, no philosophy entwined. Toil, toil, toil away with tugged collared swine. Ill bethought his own in lacking all said facts. And Foolish be said none, not in seeking lessons tacked.~

"... in his silent gaze,
while shackled
and the tide waters rose.
The prideful screams for aid
were loudest
as the tears his cheeks rode."

Sometimes a song can seem to a listener is so fraught of hopeful messages and dreams. On the other end, it can be so full of such a fairy tale, the song can seem just full of lies. This is both to me... i guess that's all I can say for now...

By Alison Krauss

"Lucky One"

 photo tumblr_m7mvv7F7es1rwug1so1_500_zpsfe5c9d37.gif

Know me well enough to call me a hypocrite, otherwise all you are doing is making yourself feel better.


Say the COLOR of the word, not the word itself.


~What I see~

Sharp'st of Fingernails
Smoothest of Lips
My power to withstand temptation fails
My fang slits through and Rips

Apart does the night fill
A thick reddened blood well
My strength queerly replenish'd
My drained quarry all but perished

Ev'ry street and hall silenced and conscious
E'en a cat's eyes peril at its blood filled vision
My body posed in blood so delicious
My viewers frozen in dreadful passion

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~Night Fantasy~

Burning night sky
Frozen passion
Blinding sights
Solar Pegasi
Kills spread across the hands
Tonight we'll feed untill the clock touches bands
Dragons will obey us all
Tearing at the blood infested call
Taking flight we do desire
Escaping together away from thy round fire
Trailing cold blood through out
Untill we fill and our minds blow out
Relive thy death among us now
Be born twice thus we allow
Willow weeps and strikes alight
Thunder wreck through our fear filled night
Your body sleeps forever more
Yet you will walk with us
Your blood we share...

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Paranoia is sacred
Fearing the ones you loved the most
Performing abnormal things out of hatred
Wanting to smash their heads against a lamp post
Why bother so?
Your life will stop and go ever so slow
Slaying your every dream with all their loving words
Ellos se preocupan por ti... you believe
Cutting off their heads in your mind with doubleblade swords
Flying towards an empty abyss would be such a relief
Do not say "I DO."
I never thought that Infidelity was such a screw
Now divorcing having a child or two
Why would you say "I DO." to each other?
Listening to you guys bitch is such a bother
Maybe you should have got to know yourselves a lot better
HA! Now you went and made the man you cheated on a father
Now I'm 16 and found out I could've had a brother?!?
Hmm, hmm I shan't worry about ye
Be my sibling's lives destroyed
And yours death shall be!



Smile, Flow
Float away
On this river of pain
Filled by years

With thyne hate
In myne
Heart, nothing shall sway
My tears



Raven pro

AM pro





Talent's pic

taya protect


 photo 4b619e1edc31affccf5809b99d57b0ba 1.jpg_zps79vnjxog.gif

"...some people go, and others become a part of you.
Some friendships feel like they'll last forever
And others end far too soon.
Not every friendship is meant to last a lifetime...

...What does last forever
is the pain when that person is gone." - The Flash

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As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…


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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Without reflection one does not know from daily life that their subtle transgressions divulge their true nature. Reflection then becomes the bitterest reminder of who we are and who we will become…~bows~
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