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Men are like a deck of cards. You need a heart to love them, a diamond to marry them, a club to bash their heads in, and a spade to bury the bastard!


*Slowly the old wooden door opens and a fair maiden steps forth into the soft glow of the moonlight. Her dark hair cascades around her shoulders as her ruby lips curve into a warm filled smile..as her her golden hues sparkle before she speaks* "Greetings stranger and welcome to my humble home. Please come inside where the fire roars its warmth. Have a seat, there are cookies set out if you are hungry. " *the young woman takes to the seat upon the farthest end of the coffee table. * So dear traveler I take it your veture into the darkness isn't for games but to gather information..information that only my story can tell..*smiles* well then allow me to tell you my story..for tis a story indeed. *grabs to a old dusty book that laid upon the table..brushing her fingertips lightly over the leather before opening its yellowing pages. "It has been some time now.....but I'm sure I can recall what you are interested in."

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"It was long ago but I still remember it as if it were yesterday. It was around the 18th Century during the what was called "The Reign of Terror" with its leader of the Radicals Robespierre in the front line. I was in my mid 20s, marrying age. My family and I were also part of the radicalization. Yet sadly that is how my parents were taken from me. For you see all those who were apart of such a group met the horrible fat of what was called the guillotine."*looking down a small tear can be seen falling down her pale complextion but only for a moment before her captivating smile returns. Times were hard back then but our leader Robespierre always kept our minds on why it was were were doing such a thing. You see he spoke these words to us daily. "La terreur n'est autre chose que la justice prompte, sévère, inflexible. Which of course translates toTerror is nothing other than prompt, severe, inflexible justice."

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"Robespierre was a very smart man. I looked up to him greatly. You might even go to say I had a small crush upon the man *smiles*. That is of course until he showed up. Little did I know with his arrival my whole world was about to change in more ways then the war had already done. It was a moonless night that the members of the radical party joined at a neighbors house for our weekly meeting to discuss the war and upcomming events. I sat of course towards the back with the other woman from our town. Robespierre was discussing King Louis and his corruption. His speachess always seem to captivate me yet for some reason on this night my mind seemed to be out on vaction if you will. The men were getting rialed when "HE" came through the door. I found it strange how someone would just walk in upon such a meeting and yet no one seemed to notice him. I was sure that the men let alone Robespierre would of said something and yet no one did. Instead the stranger remained as if he were nothing more then a shadow upon the wall. Never speaking his eyes met mine and a fire seemed to shoot through them for I couldn't take my attention away. Shaking my head to clear such things I looked up and he was gone. Before I knew it I was up and out of my chair heading towards the door to look for this stranger. Seeing him walking away I decided to follow him, mind you this was not approprieate during this time. Yet there I was.

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"He made his way down a dark alley and tho all my insticts were telling me not to follow him my feet had other intentions. Soon we were far enough away from society when he stopped. "Do you intend to follow me all night girl?" His voice was deep yet a eerieness lingered around him. Something of the devil maybe. My heart began to race and as I go to speak my tounge became very dry. "Cat got your tounge girl?" His laughter was just as cold and unearthy. Wishing now to turn and run for my life, he is infront of me. His eyes burning into my own hues. How did he move so fast? Wasn't he just over there? My heart pounded as he leaned in closer to me, wrapping a arm around my waist locking me close to his body. Is he smelling me? "The sweet smell of fear and the pounding of a woman's heart always gets me randy..you've been a very bad girl tonight following me. But before I punish you tell me your name girl." Licking my frozen terrored lips I just continue to stare "Your name girl what is it" this time his voice was deeper, demanding. "Ri...ss..a, my name is Rissa". Finally able to speak he smiles. "Rissa this is your last night and the start of a new beginning. " Before I knew it his mouth was open and the devil bared his sharp teeth...VAMPIRE! I tried my best to struggle but it was of no use..he bit and my voice retched to a scream of pain which no one would ever hear.

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"After his fill he shoves me to the wall leaving me there to die. Time had passed that I was sure of ...my body seemed on fire as my eyes bounced around my surroundings. Everything seemed to come to life. Soon my mind is clouded of my life's previous events. But soon a dark howling sound is heard within my ears. Like a raging thunderstorm begging to be let out. I hear voices yet I see no one. My eyes soon focus and things become more clearer then I could imagine. My sences seemed more sensitve to things. Quickly I move from the alley way torwards my home. Slamming the door behind me as I hook the bolt and rush to my room up the wooden cabin's stairs. Tears streaming down my face for fear the devil would return for me. Moments passed before I moved as my stomach took a turn for the worst...doubling over I felt as if my insides were on fire..hunger rose but not for food...something else..I crawl my way to my vanity where it was there I saw the devil again. This time I was the devil. Frightened with my own reflection and the pain that surged through me I ran once again this time away from my home and out into the streets of the town. Avoiding contact as best as possible I make my way towards the woods. Why I chose such a place I shall never know. Falling to the leave filled earth...I let out a cry of pain and horror. It was then I relised I was not alone. Making my way to my feet I move behind a tree...the hunger still retching at me.. a voice spoke. This one cold yet different. "I know what you are..and I can help you". Tho this man was clearly insane I spoke back "You can't possibly help me dear sir now please leave me be"..his footsteps continued as the hunger rose more. "I know what you've become..you are a vampire and that pain your feeling is hunger...please let me help you" This of course had my attention as I moved from the tree and right into the sites of another devil. Yet this devil showed a different kind of face that of not terror but almost kindness. He took my hand as it trembled dearly. "I see he is at it again..." but before I could as who he took out a small knife and cut wrist..horror shocked through me as I let out a cry..and yet my feet remained planted and the blood that poured filled my sences. I could feel my teeth becomming sharper and my mouth watering. "Here drink from me or the hunger will surely make you go insane"...with my best intentions I tried to argue its disgust but there I was feeding from this stranger of darkness. Letting out a small growl he pulled his wrist away "there that should hold you..miss?" "Rissa...I was called Rissa." Bowing softly the man looked at me "well then dear Rissa..I am Marcus..now if you'll excuse me I have someone to find". Turning to leave I run to him, clinging helplessly like a lost child. "Please do not leave me here alone..how am I to live now? what am I?" Tears began to return as he took me into his arms patting my head as you would cuddling a child. "Dear Rissa your life has been changed and for that I am sorry...I do not know how to be a master of a fledgling but I am willing to be your guide. Until you are able to be upon your own"

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"It was many years that I followed Marcus. He taught me all there was about our kind. And all the while I was at his side he was consently in search of the one who turned me. The one he called "Desmond". As time seemed to changed Marcus and I became closer. Lovers if you will. I remember the snow fall of 1820 when he came home. Tho our kind didn't celebrate holidays Marcus went out of his way to give me my christmas. It was that time I recieved this locket. "Now and forever Rissa I shall always be with you" is the words he spoke as I opened the locket and found a picture of us. I thought then I could finally become at peace with what we were and be happy at such a fate. Yet fate had other plans that winter. For Desmond had returned and took my lover's life. Heartbroken and angerfilled I took once again to running. This time upon the streets of Vienna. Filling my lust filled hunger anyway I could in hopes to cure the pain that welded up inside of me. *Opens the locket, stroking her long fingertips over the picture as a sigh escapes her* "My sweet loving Marcus, how the years have passed." For the longest time I wished to die. And then as the time went on I turned my despair to vengence. Vowing to take down Desmond once and for all...I have followed him through the many ages and names he took. It is how I have ended here dear stranger..and tis still my goal. *Looking upon you with a firey sparkle in her eyes* "I do hope my story has given you the information you saught..and now if you don't mind allow me to walk you to the door for dinner time nears and I am sure you wish not to be my main course".

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