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The night has a thousand eyes and the day but one yet the light of the new day dies with the dieing sun, the Mind has a thousand eyes and the heart but one yet the light of a who life dies when love is done

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Artistic and maybe even a bit shallow, you belong to the clan of the Toredor. You have a keen eye for pretty things. The embrace is looked on as perserving all beautiful things for eternity. You are the sensual vampires that you hear people talk about that seduce to get what they want. This clan is the one thought of as being the spoiled sort who want to get what they want. However, you usually work right under the ventrue clan as they try to carry out their plans


I Have longed for my vampiric family to return to me. All of My children are comming home to there mother. I am of the kinsha clan an acient warrior clan of vampires. We hold the secrets to the elders . I will no longer stand in the shadows and hide. MY blood line is pure.

I have fallen in love with a mortal, he truely understands that I am diffrent and have a strong Appitite for blood, and vengance. My family has been hunted for thousands of years. but yet we still are here with members scattered across the world our clan will survive.

I am 36 and in a comitted relationship.
I am 5'10
I am a pieces

My latest poem

The darkness that i see when i open my eyes can burn a hole through you in the blink of an eye.

WHen the light gets so bright that it can blind you and the torture that you feel from within.

To set my soul free and to begin again. You are my guide my eternal everything the blindfold that helps me see.
You are the perfect image of me.

What is your name :Wildsorkid


How old are you?: old

When is your Birthday?: Feb 20

What is your zodiac sign?: Picese

What color are your eyes?: Dark

What color is your hair?: Brown

What is your worst fear?: dieing alone

Do you smoke?no

Do you drink?: Blood

Do you use drugs? : perscription

Do you play in a band or play an instrument?: YES

Do you suffer from depression disorder?: yes

Have you ever tried to commit suicide?: Yes

Are you evil?: yes

Are you a paranoid?: NO

Are you obsessive and/or compulsive?:no

Are you a violent person?:When you piss me off i can be

Do you take your anger out on other people?: A lot of the time

Do you blame other people for your mistakes?: NO

What is your favorite movie?: Pitch black

What is your favorite color?: Black

What is your favorite drink?: Vampire Vodka

What is your sexual orientation?: hetro and very taken

Do you skateboard?: NO

Do you watch wrestling?: NO

Do you like biting?:only by my man

Are you hyper active person?: yes

Do you believe in vampires?: I am one

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Courtesy of MsTags.com

Succubine / Incubine Fang, the third class of vampire. You are lusty and manipulative. Your servants are none, except for those you have captured for pleasure. Your power is the ability to control minds. You are just a wee bit of a slut, but we'll let it pass. You're just trying to get by.

Ravishing One Supplying Arousing Loving and Intense, Naughty Delights

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MY body numb from the loss. the twisted fate the i have handed myself. one step forward two steps back maybe if i am lucky i will have a heart attack. My life had purpose and now something lost. a piece of my heart that once held trust. no more tears will i shed for a small part of me is dead. my heart but a toy kept dangleing on a thread. with secrets untold and many kept under lock and key my heart now has wall so that Now no one can see. I wish for solitude and hope for physical pain because the emotions behind this just sustain the want and need for you in my life oh how bitter sweet Sacrifice!!!

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Courtesy of MsTags.com

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Courtesy of MsTags.com

I have dark brown hair with a little grey starting to come through. I have known that I was diffrent since I was a child.

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Courtesy of MsTags.com

Everything having to do with vampires

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Courtesy of MsTags.com

People that are two faced
People that lie to you
And people that judge you before they even know you

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Courtesy of MsTags.com

I hope that I will meet people from all diffrent walks of life, and to dig deeper into my past lives.

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Courtesy of MsTags.com

I remember Parts of my past lives one from atlantis and from egypt. parts of my past life are bleeding into this one that is why the awakening process is so hard for me. I have trouble distinguishing the things that bleed through. At times I get frustrated. I feel stuck in between this life and the past ones. I have been told that I am a very old soul. in the readings that i have had done, to try and make sence of things. I hope that I start to adjust to the changes that are still happening to me.


I am still trying to find out the answers to this darkness inside of me. There is a voice that that tells me what tatts to put on my body. I have 4, the heartagram, the Ankha, the symbol for witchcraft, and a butterfly with tribal repersents human frailty.

Courtesy of MsTags.com
Courtesy of MsTags.com

I Have had many visions and many strange and unexplainable happenings in this life. I was told that I need to make a pilgrimage to egypt In order to find the answers that i have been looking for.

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Courtesy of MsTags.com

Level Who are sent there? Score
Purgatory Repenting Believers Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo Virtuous Non-Believers Very Low
Level 2 Lustful Extreme
Level 3 Gluttonous High
Level 4 Prodigal and Avaricious High
Level 5 Wrathful and Gloomy Extreme
Level 6 - The City of Dis Heretics Very High
Level 7 Violent Extreme
Level 8- the Malebolge Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers Extreme
Level 9 - Cocytus Treacherous Very High
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Courtesy of MsTags.com

Click this if you dare

My hands shake in anticipation. My mind is thousands of miles away at your side. Dark thoughts do I see satanic scenes teasing me. Your wicked way has captured me.
I feel your gentle hand touch upon my cheek I relax into you. I feel your heart beat next to my bosoms. Your soul cries out to me in the night. You have captured me.
My heart sees only you, but the distance that lies between us. My blood flows through your veins and your blood threw mine. The link that has us bound.
Your face I see in my dreams when I close my eyes you are there. I fear nothing in life now. Death could not even conquer me. My will is strong I will live, if only to get a glance of you. To touch your face to feel your skin, to feel this good must be a sin.
Forever you will always be a part of me my dark avenger.
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Courtesy of MsTags.com

What is your Paranormal gift?
created by _Black_Spotted_Lion_

Your Results:
Ooohh.. Spirits and ghosts capture your attention? Going through walls, things passing through you.. how else to freak others out when they try to shake your hand? Of corse, you may feel invisable at times if you've let things pass through you too much and may just want something to touch or hurt you. Try not to let that happen and live a little, you Phantom.





my children are my greatest gift to find my vampiric children in thisbody after loosing them in the past body i feel like i have been blessed and will always be blessed to have them and for us to be as close as we are.
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Looking For pets anyone interested Please message me!

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