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"You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody's crazy." -Charles Manson

This is what I think of myself, you have the right to have your own opinion on me, and I accept that. but, here it goes.
Slightly dramatic..but all for the right reasons ;)
Vengeful if I let you "in" to the real me, and you piss me off bad enough (That's why I can't stand being betrayed)
Slightly jealous and possesive over my lover...hey, I can't help it! I gotta guard my property.
Very intense to be with, when I'm around the right people
Shy when I'm around the wrong people
Very sarcastic so don't be offended by it, or else you just won't like me.
Beautiful in my own unique way (Just like everyone else...well, most!)
Depressed and self destructive at times
Very open minded, but also very opinionated
Somewhat of a loner
Bisexual, not because of the stupid little girls now days that just want the attention because they have no other way to get it, but because I find girls to be sexier than men most of the time.
Not very open to making friends, because most (girls) piss me off and I just can't get along with
A feminist when it comes down to it
Somewhat of an adventure seeker
Very pissed off with the way society is now days, but also numb to it cause I can't do anything from stopping the world from turning into hell (As like it isn't already)
Very loyal to my friends, unless they've betrayed me (keyword there, betrayed..don't do it to me)
Violent when provoked
Over all, stuck in my own little world inside of my head...but it's okay. Everyone knows me here :)

- Loves -

Grungy men (heh so cute). Gothic chicks (so hot). Revenge. Candles. Gothic culture. Art. MUSIC. Living Dead Dolls. My dog Jill. Snakes. Lizards. MEOW! Cats. Being exotic. Humor. Being so feminine, yet so different. Being in love. Cemetaries. When I’m in control. Astrology. Tarot cards. Halloween! Crazy fun people. Fairys. Taking things to the Extreme. BDSM. Boots. Body piercings. Cigarettes. Leather. Tattoos that have meaning (In other words, express who you are instead of having something typical)

- Loathes -

The government. The current president. People who look good, yet have no personality…what a waste. Shallowness. Girls who are too high maintence and just plan annoying. Being in love. This new “emo” trend. People who torture animals for fun, fucking bastards. Horseflys! Or any kind of flying thing that gets around your face, that’s about the scariest thing ever. Being ignored. Being lied to constantly. People who don’t try and make humor in every day life. Whores. People who use others.. get a fucking life. People who brag about their appearance, when they're not even that good looking in the first place. Betrayel.

A thousand lies could set me free
A thousand truths would let me leave

This sounds about right, hehe...

The Garden Of Eden
One day in the Garden of Eden, Eve calls out to God, "Lord I have a problem!"
"What's the problem, Eve?"
"Lord, I know you've created me and have provided this beautiful garden and all of these beautiful animals, and that hilarious comedic snake, but I'm just not happy."
"Why is that Eve?" came the reply from above.
"Lord I'm lonely and sick to death of apples."
"Well, Eve, in that case I have a solution. I shall create a man for you."
"What is a *man* Lord?
"This man will be a flawed creature, with many bad traits. He'll lie, cheat and be vainglorious; all in all he'll give you a hard time. But he'll be bigger, faster and will like to hunt and kill things. He will look silly aroused,but since you are complaining, I'll create him in such a way that he will satisfy your ah, physical needs. He'll be witless and will revel in childish things like fighting and kicking a ball about. He won't be too smart so he'll need your advice to think properly."
"Sounds great," says Eve, with an ironically raised eyebrow. "What's the catch?"
"Yeah, well.....you can have him on one condition."
"What's that Lord?"
"As I said, he'll be proud, arrogant and self-admiring so you'll have to let him believe that I made him first. So just remember it's our secret, Woman to Woman!"

I wish I could say I'm a good girl, but this reminds me too much of myself.

- Quotes -

Sleep, those little slices of death, how I loathe them.

We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.

...why I'm so sympathetic to the monsters? The answer is simple. Because I am one.

Our generation has had no Great war, no Great Depression. Our war is spiritual. Our depression is our lives.

They say that "guns don't kill people, people kill people." Well I think the gun helps. If you just stood there and yelled BANG, I don't think you'd kill too many people.

One of the few good things about modern times: If you die horribly on television, you will not have died in vain. You will have entertained us.

The remarkable thing about television, is that it permits millions of people to laugh at the same joke and still feel lonely.

They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Suffering is justified as soon as it becomes the raw material of beauty.

The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary, men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.

When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities.

I'm not as dumb as you think I am, I've learned a thing or two. I really don't care about nothing at all...but I think the world of you.

In order for three people to keep a secret, two must be dead.

Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship- never.

There is a battle that goes on between men and women. Many people call it love.

We're all lonely for something we don't know we're lonely for. How else to explain the curious feeling that goes around feeling like missing somebody we've never even met?

Did you know America ranks the lowest in education but the highest in drug use? It's nice to be number one, but we can fix that. All we need to do is start the war on education. If it's anywhere near as successful as our war on drugs, we'll be hooked on phonics in no time.

Art is the Queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world.

Art is simply the strongest form of beauty.

Come mothers and fathers throughout the land, and don't criticize what you don't understand. Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command. Your old road is rapidly aging, please get out of the new one if you can't lend your hand, for the times are a changin'.

You thought I was a little girl, you thought I was a little mouse, you thought you'd take me by surprise. Now I'm here burning down your house.

There's room at the top, they are telling you still. But first you must learn to smile as you kill.

As long as there are kids who are pissed off and have no real way of venting out their anger, heavy metal will live on.

Different eyes see different things. Different hearts beat on different strings. But there are times for you and me when all such things agree.

Nowdays people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

Last night, I dreamt somebody loved me. No hope, no harm, just another false alarm.

No law can be sacred to me but that of my own nature.

We live on the planet of Apes. Is that funny, or serious?

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life - It goes on.

Once you point me out as a whore, I’ll point out a REAL one that you’ve fucked before!

This is what I think of you desperate, desperate men.
You had a chance but now it’s gone. So kiss my ass, and so long!


Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac, and one of those with the worst reputation. While it does deal with serious issues, it does not deserve most of the negative things that have been said about it. In fact, it can be very positive.As for polarity with the opposite sign, Scorpio seems to have little to do with Taurus. In a way, Scorpio is more a prefiguration of Pisces. Scorpio is the first encounter with ego death. It completes the process begun in Libra, where the individual entered into a dialogue with another person while both individuals remained separate entities. In Scorpio, the two individuals merge into "the one" on an emotional level, and this is the first kind of ego death. While the above places Scorpio into the scheme of the signs it is, however, not the essence of the sign.The essence is transformation, and it is inherently mystical. This is not the mysticism of Christianity, which is primarily otherworldly, ascetic, and self-denying. It is a mysticism that sees the power of transformation at work in ordinary reality. Rather than deny the physical universe in order to transcend it, Scorpio will immerse itself in physicality and even drown in it in order to go beyond it.

Scorpio is the first sign to be aware of the heights and depths of the universe. Feeling the relative nature of all things, it will freely declare there is no difference between good and evil, and be misunderstood as a result. Scorpio sees living as a series of deaths and resurrections, and instead of trying to avoid these experiences it will plunge into them headlong in order to experience the revivification that results. On an ordinary level, this manifests as Scorpio's fondness for living intensely. Nothing is to be done superficially. Obviously, Scorpio is a dramatic sign, one that loves emotion even while it appears pained by its own experiences. It is better for Scorpio to feel bad than to feel nothing.

Concomitantly, Scorpio loves mysteries. It enjoys digging into the depths of any issue or person to find out what is going on inside. As a consequence, Scorpio is associated with investigation, research, and psychotherapy - the last, for two reasons, the probing of the psyche and the opportunity to assist in an individual's self-transformation. The typical Scorpio often does not appear especially prepossessing or dramatic. More than most signs, Scorpios have a tendency to look ordinary,and they can be easily overlooked - that is until a confrontation. Then it is discovered that running close after Taurus, Scorpio is the second most fixed sign in the zodiac, and it is the only water sign that will fight.In fact, it will even enjoy fighting, for fighting is another way for the individual to enjoy a peak experience. War continues partly because it allows people to live at the height of their abilities. The Scorpio,especially, enjoys this. Like the other water signs, Scorpio is sensitive and easily hurt by others, but unlike Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio will fight, often fiercely, when hurt.

Scorpio's outstanding difficulty with others is the height and depth of its understanding. Much of the emotion Scorpio feels is extremely primitive and does not lend itself to verbal communication and intellectual analysis. Also, much of its knowledge is not easily communicated because it is beyond most people's understanding. When Scorpios try to communicate what they see, understand, or feel, they are often badly misunderstood. They then tend to keep silent because the misunderstanding that results from silence is better than the misunderstanding that comes from failed communication. Less secure Scorpios may react to the misunderstanding by blaming themselves and concluding that they are rotten inside. Burdened by a sense of inward decay and corruption, they do not realize that the "evil" thoughts they harbor are quite often felt, if a bit less intensely, by others as well. From all this comes Scorpio's reputation for secrecy.
All the above may result in Scorpio seeming self-involved and brooding. Because of the fixed nature of the sign, neither negative nor positive feelings die away rapidly. This is why many writers have described Scorpio as a sign that seeks revenge, one that will harbor long-term grudges. But Scorpio is also slow to anger. If others do not repeat hurts or add insult upon insult, Scorpio is no more vengeful or grudging than any other sign.

The Astrological Symbol of Scorpio is the Scorpion. Like the mythical Scorpion, people born under this Sign tend to be strong-willed and wary of being controlled by others. At times they can be self-destructive, like the Scorpion who kills itself rather than letting someone else kill it.
They are very determined, and once they have made up their minds, they are unlikely to change them. They tend to be stubborn, refusing to give up when others have long since got bored and abandoned a project, and getting things done when no one else thought it possible. In this way, Scorpio exemplifies the Fixed Quality assigned to it.
They are one of the Power Signs (the others being Taurus, Leo and Aquarius). Scorpios tend to have their own agenda, and work intensely to achieve their desires. People who wish to change a Scorpio's mind often have trouble because they can never be sure what their motivation is; Scorpios are too complex and sometimes secretive to be understood easily. Within the Zodiac, Scorpio is opposite Taurus, the Sign of Possessions. While both Signs can be possessive, Taurus is concerned with personal property and Scorpio tends to be about community resources and group investments. They are very resourceful and self-confident.

You scored as Romantic Goth. You are a romantic goth, better known as a traditional goth. You are probably quickly identified as a goth by outsiders. Black lace, bats, and moonlit cemetaries are just a few of your favorite things. Click on my name to take my other tests if you liked this one.

Romantic Goth


Perky Goff


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Garbage † Nirvana † Alice In Chains † Kittie † Nine Inch Nails † A Perfect Circle † Korn † Black Sabbath † Coal Chamber † Rammstein † Deftones † Type O Negative † Rob Zombie † Fiona Apple † Sublime † Jack Off Jill † Bleeding Through † Opeth † Lamb Of God † RadioHead † Murderdolls † Velvet Revolver † Orgy † Hole † System of a Down † Tool † Candlebox † Pantera † Drowning Pool † Disturbed † Poe † Moonspell † Massive Attack † Slipknot † Pink Floyd † Rage Against The Machine † No Doubt † Otep † Smashing Pumpkins † Metallica † Marilyn Manson † Godsmack †

"When I am Queen"

When I am queen I will insist with perfect scars upon my wrists
that everything you once held dear is taken away from you

When I am queen sweet girlscout's face and not a one will fall from grace
If all their hearts I could replace, but until then I'll have to...

Drown drown drown myself
Drown drown drown myself
Drown drown drown myself

When I am queen on royal throne made out of parts of broken bones
of all the devils I have known that suck the angels dry

When I am queen I'll have my way I'll make it drowning Dollie day
and all the tears that we have cried will suck back in our eyes

Drown drown drown myself
Drown drown drown myself
Drown drown drown myself

Drown drown drown myself
Drown drown drown myself
Drown drown drown myself

Hush baby hush baby
Hush baby go to sleep
Hush baby hush baby
Hush baby I'll make it be

When I am queen I will not wait my body type will still be great
I will not leave it up to fate because I hate you too

When I am queen they all will see the patron saint of self-injury
the glitter sores will heal themselves I'll play the part of someone else

Drown drown drown myself
Drown drown drown myself
Drown drown drown myself

Drown drown drown myself
Drown drown drown myself
Drown drown drown myself

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