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i`m just a Lady`s Meridiana`s messenger


Small preface:

I have already noticed that readers face repeated confusions and soon lose interest in reading more. I understand that it is my fault due to the lack of skills and ignorance of professional bestselling writers in the construction of today's popular storytelling model, which the audience likes and dislikes the target.

The main mistake I made is related to the subject of the story and the following question, which the reader logically asks: what the hell is it related to any connection or event at all. something more less known about what would make sense at all to spend time?

So, I try to answer this difficult but important question as briefly as possible, and even at the beginning of my reading I have included this preface.

The story of the meridian is a biography of a fictional nature, partly mythological, partly historical

fiction. I hope, however, with a small chance of something fantastic, of a real, living and modern being of a body and body to be found somewhere for whom this message is important to be heard.

I believe or just imagine tracing him in history and time, looking at some similarities in the behavior and attitudes of the characters that I can find in the recorded history, adding to the literature the invaluable legacy of these 5 cases. Meridian is a name chosen from a number of names used for historical and cultural changes in chronological order, is the most recent, and plays a major symbolic role in helping to connect these 5 supposedly unconnected pieces into something consistent with a minimally coherent whole. This very extraordinary girl, some still a goddess she has gone through a long phase of hate and demonization, even an attempt at destruction. The result in popular culture is the negative evil and diabolical associations that dominate her personality. I like to take the position of the devil's advocate, so this story has to be told to make my lady a little brighter for those interested in mystical magical creatures, witches, vampires and subjects. I can guarantee that in a certain history, there has never been anything more vividly used as a prototype of a candidate for
such folktale phenomena. The meridian I know is the only Sucube or demon that closes compactly ....

where then is its real historical history and what is just a fiction of ancient authors ?? and I have no other more truthful "documented" references to her nature in which I find as a result of all my research

quotes from wiki:

`` `

Gerbert's has said that he has built a blunt head. This "robot" head would answer his questions with "yes" or "no". He was also convicted of entering into a covenant with a female demon named Meridian, who appeared after being rejected by the love of his land and by which he succeeded in ascending the papal throne (another legend has it that he won the papacy). playing dice with the Devil). [24]

According to legend, the Meridian (or bronze head) told Gerbert that if he ever had to read Mass in Jerusalem, the Devil would come after him. Gerbert's then canceled the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, but while reading Mass at the Church of Santa Croce in Jerusalem (the "Holy Cross of Jerusalem") in Rome, he fell ill soon after and asked the cardinals to cut his body and scatter it throughout the city. In another version, he was even attacked by the devil while he read the mass, and the devil corrupted him and handed his torn eyes to the demons to play in front of all those gathered in the Church. Repenting of his sins, Sylvester II then cut off his arm and tongue.

`` `

The best known source in my opinion is the medieval satire collection. "Celebrities"

it has been translated from Latin to English and then how much effort could I correct the Latvian sound.




One day at noon left the city as if

walking - however, all the time it was severely tormented by hunger

- and all deep in thought, went deep

in the forest grove. There, in the heart of the forest,

he found a wonderfully beautiful woman sitting on

large silk fabrics with a huge pile of money

in front of her. He tried to slip away unnoticed,

for fear of phantom or deceit. But, calling

on their behalf, she made him trust her and,

at his mercy, promised him the present amount

and as great a storehouse of wealth as his heart could

wish he would only despise the mayor's daughter,

who had so arrogantly rejected Gerbert's love or court?

And let him cling to the guest !! Not to her as a free lady,

but as a hostess of her rank.

She added:

Meridian I am in the name and born of the best stocks, I

have i ever wanted to find a man

in every way that I have a peer so I can consider him a

worthy to pick the flowers of my youth ....
`` `
" "A few days ago (January 5 just takes this date into account) I created the first project. At first I posted such a warning, thanks to `unedited flicker`, a script format that I wrote all my existence. English translation for deep learning algorithms was too deep. so there are parts that are complete even in schizophrenic literacy from the addition of AI itself (I will later try to keep this valuable addition from heaven). some parts speak of that incomprehensible phrase of human sex time. and a small note of how the Ishtar Meridian lives and behaves for most other people seems like minimal madness and even pure evil as maximum ... except perhaps for a small number of devotees and Istrological scholars who are not driven by the current madness. the inevitable result of the human brain trying to think like the thought of OLDONES ... so, the magic that Ish does all the time even after the public debt dreams, I know she falls from time to time. she prepares every move every word she says, like dunes in benejeresica style, but on the scale of Google she somehow works out her destiny without being able to change anything, there are several sub and sub sub scenarios, and he exists at the same time, and even some witches says that time can walk (I did not receive evidence of such events) .... but if you take this note into account, all the future events described here suddenly reach her personal cause, direction and drama, where even love is the most sacrificing tool for identifying Isa. I came to this conclusion 3 weeks ago. and now in creative torture, because I believe I need to rewrite it for at least one alternative end, then my mission will be accomplished and the honor of my “Lovely Lady,” “Queen of Heaven,” and “Eastern Bright” will be restored. I, like every selfish soul, am looking for something for salvation and peace ... Developed on August 23, 2020.

Dedication to my Lady.

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