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Iowa A.K.A. HELL


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dieing now will greatly increas chance of popularity

I am nothing but what people say I am,
so I guess I am a gothic skater lead singer

How evil are you?

My relies is the music I make. My love the pain I hate. Your love is for the smile I fake. My hate is the promises you break. My sorrow is the thought of my fate.

Beware I love poetry so bare with me.

If you like my writing feel free to copy and
past the following prare of mine on your

AnArChY101's PrArE:
As I lay me down to sleep with a bottle of
gin between my feet And if I die before I wake tell everyone I drank it straight.

I would also like to thank all the people
who read my wrighting and to all you
people who leave feedback.

In this F***ed up city I live in its like being under a enormous microscope and there watching my every move hoping I will slip up so they can burn me. I cant even buy a pack of gum without someone passing judgment on me. So I wrote this letter.

Dear judgmental pigs

Why Do You
Build me up to break me down?
Turn my smile into a frown?
Let me swim to watch me drown?
Pick me up to push me down and laf as I lie bleeding on the ground I once ran but now I crawl I once stood but you made me fall.
You cause the pain that makes me cry
You are the people that make me want to die
But you need to know I WILL NEVER CHANGE!
If you want peace prepare for war

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life is nothing but a road trip, with ups
and downs. you can give up and let it get
the best of you, be overcautious and have
no fun, rush through to the end and miss
all the sights and never know what you
past, or be like me and take it at your
own pace and enjoy the good times and
put the hardships behind you. The trip is always better when you have some one
you trust and love riding shotgun. And
don’t take that person for granted or they
will leave and you’ll be all alone. Trust me
I know.

Why is it your memory is haunting me?
What do you want from me?
What can I do for you?
When I sleep I dream of you when I awake I remember you I try to hide the pain inside hoping your memory will subside
Why cant I get you out of my mind?
I want you hear by my side.
But all I have is the pain you left behind.
This is the result of being blind.
Who can mend my shattered heart?
I knew the end from the start.
When I got shot with Cupids dart.
What started with a loving kiss will end in a painful poem like this!

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I love poetry as I said but I am not an extremely depressing person (most of the time). I try to have as much fun as I can in
this town. However with not much to do I
sit and ponder a lot about all the shit I
have been through and the best way for
me to avoid letting these problems from consume me is to right theme down. And
I finally got the balls up to share what I have to say and what better place to share them than hear?


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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Don't lay back and let life rape you
of what you have
I cant fight back the pressure is to great
I cant change my life its to late
death is my unfortunate fate
this sorrow leaves me in a bad state of mind
this emotion turn me blind
so I cry myself to sleep
praying on my knees
hoping for a sign
that will dry my eyes
I see and angel as I bleed
it sees me bleed but cant help me
so I cut deeper and start to feed
I run from the light
I run for my life

My Real name is Jared
I gave myself the screen name anarchy101 not because I don’t believe in rules or anything like that, but because the life we
live is the chaos we thrive for (the great depression of our times is our lives). people ask me why mosh at concerts? why get in fights, docent it hurt? and yes that’s the point! Because I know something they don’t know and that’s the best way to control yourself is to lose all control every once and a while. You see pain is pleasure to the point that you cant take it any more. We thrive for pain because pain is a way to know that we are truly alive. So we look for ways to feel pain moshing, fighting, getting tattoos, and piercing no-mater how you find it that’s why! and people wonder why people fight and why we go to WAR! and why there is racism racism is just a way to feel pain because our differences give us a reason to fight, (and feel the pain we need). That’s why we cut ourselves or fight or whatever think about it! your stuck in a dream state and you cant believe what’s happening to you so you make sure your alive by cutting, fighting, moshing and so on. Its not a disease and not only that I think its healthy! at least healthier than holding it in and losing touch of what is real. There is a thin line between reality and fiction and if you let it blur you’ll never live life to the fullest.
P.S. anarchy dose not mean living without rules if you don't understand the true meaning of anarchy its easy to get a negative view an it

If anyone out there hasn’t watched the movie SLC PunK need to get of there ass right now and go rent it I command you!

Hears a Quote from Heroin Bob in SLC PunK. "We are all just floating along weighting for someone to walk on water".

I greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this and would love to hear what you have to say about my righting.

WhO r U 2
I’m not allowed to be me in a society
that would rather destroy me than see
me succeed. I refuse to conform to
pleas people that mean nothing to me,
people that turn my tear into weapons
and make me live in fear of my own
fragile emotions. There is enough pain hear
to fill the ocean! My one true devotion is
to prove them wrong! I wont let go tell
my pain is gone. Am I write? Are they
wrong for pushing me down all along? Or
was I born to be swallowed by the abyss?
And drift through a meaningless life like
this. Should I stop shaking my fist at the people who treat me like shit? For my
reasons are lacking in definition. Is this
it? Dose a reason to go on exist?
Is there something I should do? Who are
you to rule my world? Who are you to
decide my fate? Who are you to take all I create? WhO Ar YoU?

“Stay like you”
We live in the shadow of our own indiscretions leaving ourselves second guessing. But our lives are out weapons of choice, don’t live in depression, fight back and teach the masses a lesson in life. But we feel the pain of judgement present in all of us. Live for lust live for hope of acquiring trust, don’t let your beliefs die and be covered in dust. Happiness for us is treated like a liability and the pressure is crushing us but we must try to accept the differences in people like you and me. One day they will see that the differences people have are what define us as individuals and individuals make the world beautiful turn your tears into weapons and use them to make your views and beliefs present. Don’t drift away, don’t be viewed as a statistic. Even if the way they treat you is sadistic. Believe these words I say the pain will never go away, you will feel it tomorrow just as you feel it today. Get on your knees and pray they will one day see the wrong in there ways. Clear the haze of uncertainty and stay the way you are, and then you will never be far from perfection.

This next poem is for those who need to know there not the only ones who feel like shit allot of the time.

My pain is on the table
My label is hear making me feel unstable.
Why judge me when you don’t know me?
Your hate snows on top of me.
You look down on me.
And frown at what you see.
Another useless teen.
Feeling as small as a bean.
Holding my emotions in and they come out as steam.
So I search for a way to stay sane.
But all I fined is a blade and bottle.
And my life fly’s through my brain.
Insuring me I’m insane.
My life is viewed upon as a stain on the face of the planet.
Granted the try to hide me.
Keep me out of society.
And I see my own life run from me

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Am I crazy you ask? I don’t know maybe I guess, I am not very good with labels and zanras, so I cant describe myself very well but I have pix up for those of you who feel the need to see what I look like. I used to have extremely long hair but one day I got bored and cut a big chunk out, and ya then I didn’t have to many hair choices. By the way thanks to all of you for reading all this, and for not judging me.

Oh ya If you don’t like the things I half to say you can rate me low but don’t lie about it. "Id rater be hated for who I am than loved for someone I am not"

Sorry to all my online friends I have been injured so I haven’t been on much, and haven’t been able to add anything. I almost died I was running down the stairs to get my phone and I jumped and cracked my head wide open on the metal overhang on the ceiling, I almost died but I didn’t. All I got was a concussion a nice scare and 25 stitches. The worst part was the doctor had to sit there for like 20 minuets picking pieces of the ceiling out of my head Ill take a picture of the scar for all of you soon.

(update: im way past full recovery now)

You are not a unique or beautiful snowflake
We are all apart of the same compost heap
Your not your grandee latte
your not the contents of your wallet
your not your fucking kakies
you are the all singing all dancing crap of the world.
(Tyler Derdin-Fight Club)

(My shell by: me Jared a.k.a. Anarchy101)
I look in the mirror only to see a stranger staring back at me
I cant believe that’s me standing there looking so empty
All that I knew
and all I loved
has left me lonely
All I have is a memory and I want it to last, but its fading fast
A smile would be meaningless a laugh would be a lie
A lie about how I feel inside
All I want is one more try to get back the glimmer in my eye
That warm sense of meaning inside
One more chance to have a life that’s worth living
But I’m destined to hide my tears from this world
I feel empty I feel nothing,
I need something, someone, somewhere
Who I can believe when they tell me they care
But inside I know no one is there and nobody cares
And it tares me a part to know I’m just a man with a useless heart
I feel this is the sad ending of a beautiful start
I cant seem to
bring meaning to
my broken

Normally I wouldn’t mention names on any of my poems but one of my friends past away recently and until now I haven’t been able to put my feelings down on paper. So this next poem is to Jessica R.I.P.

The news is unreal
It makes me numb, now all I feel is sorrow.
I’m not ready to let you go.
I never let you know how I felt.
I know now I missed my chance to say goodbye.
You are gone forever and all I can do is cry.
Never will it be the same without you in my life.
I couldn’t believe it at first, I tried to ignore it.
But that only made it worse.
Seeing you lie there so lifeless,
brought new meaning to all I have been feeling inside.
I remember the times we shared.
How can you be gone? You wear only 16 and so full of life.
And this world took you from all of us.
This tragedy has left me speechless.
If only you are looking down on us reading this,
I would want you to know we miss you,
and ill never forget the fun times we had.
And I would say goodbye.
I miss my friend so farewell until we meat again
Your friend now and forever
Jared J Hebl
In loving memory of Jessica (1988-2005) R.I.P.
We miss your smile.

To aneyone who has lost a loved one I want you to know I feel your pain.

One thing I have learned through all the shit I have been through, and all that I have lost its that the only good thing about losing things and people you love whether they pass away or they move or turn there back on you, is that it allows you to relies how beautiful a simple relationship is and that its not to be taken for granted. True friends are rare.

This next part is not a poem just random typing about how I feel after 4 days of no sleep in the hospital I wrote it with pen and paper one night at like 5 or 6am and I am transferring it exactly how it was wrote: enjoy

As the world sleeps I stay awake and wonder what will come next in the struggle that is my life. Is Armageddon near? will the world be destroyed? will we all die some horrible death? Will some survive billed houses with the bones of their ancestors feed on the fleas of their fallen friends? only to have the burnt ashes create another ice age and die like the rest of us? Is the future as grim as I think it might be? Or is it just another million years of greed money fascism and racism, is the end off all days when we become so distant from our roots that we forget how to feel anything good. Just hate and anger without reason. The only difference between that and now is we have reasons, (not very good ones) but reasons none the less. It seems life is a test and we are all failing. Maybe earth as we know it is a prototype, (an experiment), one big fucking test tube). Put hear just to see how fast the disease affectionately called freewill can destroy an entire planet. We wear once all tribal we had no reason to discriminate. Our main goal was to live. Everything will keep going downhill tell people start to se we are the end we all fear. We are the hole in the ozone we are the burning out of the sun. we are Armageddon.

An life changing event
BY: AnArchy101
“This is it” I whispered so softly that not even I could hear, The flashing light plays before me as if I am watching an outdated movie of my seemingly meaningless life. But as it passes it becomes more vivid. “Where am I” someone screams at the top of there lungs leaving a hi pitch ringing in my ear. But it didn’t startle me as if I expected it! I stumbled to my feet walked away from luke warm puddle of hate and despair, to my mirror. No one in this room with me I mouthed but didn’t have the strength to say aloud. And I half said, half thought.

This is you this is me this isn’t everyone. This is the result of the cloud in me. ‘As the pain sank in the speech gained momentum’. And I wondered to myself what makes you better than me? Do you sleep easy knowing I feel like a shit? I wake up to a new red stain dayle, with signs of depression and hate surrounding me. And as I faded away I screamed “pleas God someone save me” and I fell into my now cold puddle saying ill make theme see ill make theme see, see what its like, what its like to be me.

This is a song me and my band have come up with I feel its meaningful enough to post with typing these up I am putting my heart on the web for all to see

There is nothing I can do to prove to you I am sorry there is nothing I can do to prove to you I am worth of a chance to be with you.

I am sorry there is no way to explain how I feel today I have hid my pain in my heart I have hide the truth from the start
If you look into my eyes you’d see this isn’t one big lye.
I need you hear by my side I need you hear in my life.

There is nothing I can do to prove to you I am sorry there is nothing I can do to prove to you I am worth of a chance to be with you.

Now there is nothing I can do now their is nothing left to prove and I am leaving it up to you. There is nothing I can explain how I feel when your so far away.

There is nothing I can do to prove to you I am sorry there is nothing I can do to prove to you I am worth of a chance to be.......Happy.

Hay man this site has changed so much since I signed up there used to be an average of like 10 people on now its closer to 100. Kind of overwhelming but anyway I kind of relies I have all this poetry on hear but not much about me. so hear I go.

I was born in Minnesota and moved to
Iowa when I was like 6 or 7, I have
been working a steady job since I was
12 My families not poor just me they have
tons of cash they live in a $500,000.00 house and I own a 1987 F-250 that I bought
my parents just bought my brother a
Mustang he is only 14 and just got a
mustang What the fuck ya no! But I feel
bad bitching so ill stop.

My pashin in life is finding my one true
love I may have found her but my fingers
are crossed. But I also love Art and
making music, my band is going good
6 new songs and doing good. as for art
None of my work has been featured in
any shoes in the last 2 moths which sucks
but I have been way to busy, but got to
go for now ill let yal know if anything

new song, sing along at home it sounds
good nomater how you sing it im proud
of myself this is my favorit song I have
wrote so far.

(between ears)

Between ears hate thrives, angry thoughts multiply
But I hide them deep inside my –mind-
Yes very deep inside my –mind-

Time has drifted far away life has passed me buy
So I am running far –away-
Far away from you
Far away from it
Far away from this life that’s turn to –shit-

Between ears hate thrives, angry thoughts multiply
But I hide them deep inside my –mind-
Yes very deep inside my –mind-

Every time it rains I see you….
At school I want to be you….
When I am all own I need you….
-I would cut myself to sleep for you-….
I would run any distance to be with you….
But I fucked up….
My luck has run dry….
So I am running far –away-

Between ears hate thrives, angry thoughts multiply
But I hide them deep inside my –mind-
Yes very deep inside my –mind-

Between ears hate thrives, angry thoughts multiply
But I hide them deep inside my –mind-
Yes very deep inside my –mind-

fire heart
Heart of Fire

What is Your Heart REALLY Made of?
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Cocaine is God’s way of saying you have to much money!
(Robin Williams)

New pics have been added hear and in my portfolio, and maney new pics will be posted on friday so check back soon

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