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i'll try anything once twice if i like it

the darkness is swallowing me

my name is amanda but i prefer krystine only because so many people have the name "amanda"
im 5foot2 (i know im short)
i have brown hair that will soon be red hopefully.

god i have no idea what to do. what do i write here? well umm god well i really like to talk to people not about me though i like to talk about them im not a very open person i tend to shy away from i have trust issues because people have hurt me in the past but im not totally anti social i can hod a convo fine but when it comes to telling people about my past or what i am about or something like that i tend to shut down thats one of my many faults umm i really like to work out alot it makes me feel good i like riding my bike out in the middle of no where i could ride for hours miles i also love to jump on my trampoline its great i like to do it at night with my CD player and just jump and scream and sing i also like to sing im a total drama queen and it gets me in trouble alot actually im always in trouble im always on punishment for some reason really half the time i dont even know why i tend to zone out when im getting yelled at for something and i only wake up when its time for me to go to my room and "think about what i done" haha like i do yes i do tend to act immature and then i have my times when i am an adult. oh did i say i had two kids? no i dont think so well yeah i dont really have kids but they might aswell be since im the one that really does take care of them my parents are never home really my dad is in the army and my mom works for the army in the hospital so yeah im the parent most of the time... well my friends are the only people that i can really depend on my family is never there so it sucks but my friends are pretty much my family i owe my life to my best friend brittany even though she isnt here anymore i am still ever thankful for her then its my friend amanda she has been my longest friend of a whole 4 years shes great i love here to death then comes my friends at school i have my master Faith13 and his love Kaydence and her sister Dendra i love them all then there is my friend Nani she has been the best friend i could have asked for i so dont deserve her then there is Will nani's love they are so sweet together these are the people that mean the most to me everyone else is great but not as great as those people are even though i havent known kaydance and dendra and faith as long as i have known amanda and nani or will they are still great friends and i thank them for it okay now im done with all the sappyness i have great news my old bf from about a year ago who i will admitt i was in love with but he had to move because of the military so we broke up to make things easier but yeah anyways i love him and i havent talk to him since his last day of school really but i found him on the website and we have been talking about every thing and just telling each other everything that has happened and all but yeah it just makes me so happy to know that i found him and we can talk for hours just like when we were together he is the only one that i can really talk to like bf wise everyother bf i ever had was constaintly about sex which i dont mind so mich but you know i would like intelligent conversation everyonce in a while yeah the first night i found him on the site we talk from about 9:30 pm to 4:30 am and we never ran out of things to say to each other mostly it was about the last day i saw him and how i acted when he left which wasnt good and how i missed him and he missed me everything i was just so happy to hear from him but yeah yeah im treating this more like a diary and not a profile but hey you need to know this to get a better idea of who i am im a hopeless romantic all the way i love guys and i cant stand being single it makes me depressed and not good things happen when im depressed but today im happy because i get to talk to him so yeah i g2g i love you all ~krystine~::mauh::~

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