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A truly wise man refuses to play leapfrog with a unicorn

I am far from normal, but not weird. I am eccentric, eclectic, and a complete free spirit. I have a bit of a gypsy's spirit, I have always hated staying in one place for too long. I have to control that now though. It's hard to move like that with kids, and it gets harder to move the more stuff you aquire. I am a mild mannered bookkeeper by day, well, not so mild (sometimes) but I do have manners.

If you want a little background on me, you will need A LOT of spare time. It would be best to just check here regularly, for I will post often. To much swimming around in the vast wasteland of my mind.



Ok, a little about me. I am 39 years old, with five natural born children, and two that will be officially step children. Unfortunatley, they don't live with us.
I live with the love of my life, he is on here too,

(Click his name to view his profile.)
He is wonderful, most of the time, but I cause quite a bit of his discord, so I really can't complain. I may act like a monster to him sometimes, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he knows how much I love him. I am happy in my relationship, so if you are "looking for love", you're in the wrong place. I am taken and happy about it. I AM a pierced, tattoo'd freak. I would have more if my job allowed for it. I currently have my tongue and my navel pierced, not to mention several in my ears (seven in my ears total, to date. More to come.) I did have my eyebrow and my nose pierced, but had to let them go for work. The piercings just weren't paying their share of the bills, and since I had to pick up the slack, I kicked them out. I have two professional tattoos, a vertical purple rose with my lovers name in a banner in the small of my back, and a unicorn on my left shoulder blade. Okay, maybe the unicorn isn't technically a "professional" tat, but it is not a home job either. The guy that did it was attempting to be an up and coming. I was one of his earlier clients, and it needs a little work. I have several, "stupid, home done, wannabe" tattoos that I am working on having covered up. UPDATE - just got a new one a couple of weeks ago. I have the chinese kangi for courage on the back of my neck. Blaser and I went on a whim, and it turned out great.


My children range from 22 to 15, they keep me busier than hell. I rarely spend anytime sedentary. I am also raising my absolutely, beyond beautiful granddaughter. She is the reason I get up every day, sometimes just because I am the only one who is going to get her up and ready for the day. She makes me laugh and smile. And with the way the world is going, I need a lot of that. Spending time with her beats the hell out of listening to the news ANYDAY!!! I just got a new granddaughter on the 23rd of October, 2008. Her name is Hallow Eve, yes her mother is one with the dark side. She used to be on here, but left because of time constraints. There are also five "furry" children in the house. A beagle, three mutt and a cat who thinks he is a dog. We love our animals and wouldn't know what to do without them.



PIRATES!!!!!!!I am a pirate, both by trade and by choice. I am paid actress who portrays a lady privateer on an all woman ship of privateers. We travel the Mid-West spreading our piratical love.


UNICORNS - Any size, style, color. Give me unicorns. I have collected unicorns since I was a kid, and DO NOT intend to stop any time soon. Everything from jewelry to tattoos. If I can talk blaser into another one, I would like another unicorn tattoo.

The Color Purple - Like you couldn't tell from my profile.

Movies - all kinds (except most westerns) Some of my favorites are (not in any particular order):

- Nightmare Before Christmas -
- Corpse Bride -
- Van Helsing -
- League of Extraordinary Gentlemen -
- Labrynth (David Bowie is SO hot in that movie) -
- Breakfast Club -
- A Knights Tale -
- Pirates of the Carribean I and II-
- The Disney Movie Aladdin (I know all the words, all the songs, drives my family nuts, so I can't watch it with them anymore) -
- Rocky Horror Picture Show -

And so many more, will list them as I pull them from the mass disorder of my mind

Johnnie Depp - Oooooooooh baby, is he hot. He's been underrated most of his career, its about time he finally gets the praise that he has deserved.

Hugh Jackman - What can I say about that stud? What can't be said? He's awesome. Completely awesome.

Music - More than life, most of the time. I find that I loose myself in music. The rythym, that's what moves me. I find myself wandering back to the music of my teenage years, (most people do), I am hopelessly stuck in the 80s. At least we had The Cure and Depeche Mode. Here is a small list of some of my favorites (again, not in any particular order):

- Depeche Mode -
- The Cure -

- The Doors -
- Psycodelic Furs -
- Violent Femmes -
- World Party -
- Echo & The Bunnymen -
- The B-52's (not the Love Shack stuff, the earlier stuff, like Quiche Lorraine) -

- U2 -
- Duran Duran -
- Oingo Boingo -
- Portishead -
- Janes Addiction -
- Red Hot Chili Peppers -
- The Smiths -
- Tears For Fears -
- Sisters of Mercy -
- Adam Ant -

And just about every other "Retro" (as you younger people would call it), "Mod" (as we called it in Southern California), from the 80s.

Reading - Mostly vampire, witch, occult. One of Anne Rice's biggest fans, have read ALL the vampire books, more than once, own them all. I have read everything that she has done, except for the new one about Jesus and one of the Mayfair Witch books. Would love to own them all too.

I like food - No, scratch that, I LOVE food. A Lot. I really mean it. A Lot. You name it. Mexican, Italian, American, German. I love it. A Lot. Did I mention that I love it? A lot.

Autumn - Autumn is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year. Don't get me wrong, I love the warmth of summer, but nothing in the world beats fall. I think it is the bleakness of it. My favorite kind of day is overcast with the threat of storms, a little cool, just all around dreary. I am most myself on days like that. It is perfect for picking up a good horror book and curling up in a blanket on the couch for hours.

Halloween - SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun. I love Halloween. It should be an honest holiday instead of being considered "an occassion", and it should happen more than once a year. I am working on building up my halloween decorations, and will probably have more of them than I will have anything else when I am done. We are working on a small "yard haunt" this year. We are making a little graveyard. I have carved, painted and prepped tombstones, and blaser made me a wrought iron looking fence to put up with them. We also have a coffin and are planning more stuff for next year. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Friends that I have made here on the Rave. The ones who mean the most have honored me with protection. They are as follows.


Egypt - Anything about it. I love the pictures of the desert at sundown with the Pyramids of Geeza in the backdrop. Hyroglyphics, I would love to learn how to read them. They are so beautiful. The culture, mostly the ancient culture. The people, they are a beautiful people. Just look at them.


Kids that talk back to their parents - I don't care how old you are. If you parents tell you to do something, it is usually for your own good, or the good of someone else, (usually the parent), just do it and get it over with. By the time you are done arguing, you could have had it done and been on with your pathetic excuse for a life.

People who don't know how to drive - If you are too old and frail to push the excelerator, don't bother getting in the damn car. If you have forgotten where your turn signal is, or just refuse to use it, I will more than gladly rip it off and stick it in your freaking eye.

Vegetables - well, green ones anyway. I am probably the only 36 year old mother that doesn't push them, and wouldn't you know, every one of my kids, bar one, LOVES green vegetables. Go figure.

Professional wrestling - Men in tights and leotards, grabbing each other in places that most of their wives and girlfriends don't touch them, or can't find because of all of the steroids they take. Ooooooooooooooooo, excitement.

When I have to tell a friend goodbye - We moved here almost three years ago from Wisconsin. It killed all of us to have to tell our long time friends that we don't know when we will see them again. I am always scared that it will be the last time. In fact, since we have been here, we have had one friend die, and my kids have had TWO family houses burn down, right around Christmas. One right after the other. Makes you wonder what would have happened if we had stayed.

Mean People - I hate people who just have to be cruel for the sake of being cruel. People who want to break hearts, bones, bank accounts, they all suck. I used to be the center of a lot of attacks from mean people when I was a kid. I hate people like that to this day. If you are mean, and get off on hurting other people, don't put me on your friends list, don't message me. I don't like it, won't put up with it.

If you want to put me on your friends list, please let me know so that I can put you on mine.

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