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Patterson California



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Time flies when you have eternity to take care of your sins

Updating so please bare with me!

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For updates on me go to my journal......

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Updates:Life in general has been a blur I am home hunting so I try to get on as much as possible. As for me now the saying is,"A life without chaos is no life at all."

I am spoken for by a wonderful man who has stolen my little black heart.


Mini-me Just as sweet & evil as sin my son the heir to the throne of Kell......Nommek......his name is mine spelled backwards.

My life has been a crazy thing from my first embrace to the time I found out what I have always been. A wonder I am not locked away in some institution. So here it goes. I find myself always helping others like it on not it's just me. Little did I realize the families traits I would grow in to.

I am a psy-vampire, it sustains me. I also have a child who has inherited my psy-vampirism, unlike me he doesn't know when he is feeding off someone. A work in progress to help him get it under control because I refuse to bind his abilities.

Things like being able to speak to the dead, or talking with demons to find out what it is that they want with people. Or even my favorite why they even bother to mess with people. The answer is sure to make some laugh or dread at the gull they have.

I never knew that others couldn't see what I could. For the longest time I thought everyone had the ability to see ghost and other things of that sorts.

I learned I could change a persons mood with a simple thought if I were close enough to them. That was a harsh lesson I had to learn how to control this gift because it nearly got me killed. Telepathy is what it is call by some but I'm not sure you could really call it that.

Another gift I found I have received with age was the ability to take energy from people, or give it to them. Now this one I had fun with for a time I'd drain myself and have all my friends hyper all day.

The negative side of this is my body suffers the pain of others. I have learned to block most of it out, but sometimes in crowed areas it's overwhelming. I cry for what seems like no reason, then I get a call from someone I have bonded to and know why I shed tears.

I don't know whether this is a gift or a curse to have these abilities. Some days I wish I never had them, but then there are days when I feel I couldn't live without them. Living with them has been a great task, but one I have finally become aware I need them.

All the things I have endured to become me, and embrace me have left me a little scarred inside. I couldn't go out and hang with my friends when I was young. Worrying about hurting someone on an accident was my greatest fear. Then I got the talk.

It started out like this, my mother sat me down and explained that I wasn't nuts. My sanity was in fact intact for one who got her abilities in a flood. She too had some of the abilities like me. Like talking to the dead, and seeing guardians. That's when I finally learn to accept what I had inherited.

The women and some guys in my family all have one or two of each gift. Some ignore it, and pretend they don't see the things around them unless they get too close. Others Hide it from the rest of the world and tell each other in secret what they have witnessed.

No more in the shadows of my relatives shall I hide I'm coming out of the broom closet for all to see. I am a hereditary witch so blessed be.

I'm honest to the point of being brutal, it's not the best thing in the world because I have lost friends over it. I give everyone a measure of respect, if you blow it there are no second chances. Same goes for my friendship, if I give you my friendship it's not something I take lightly.

I keep to myself unless you press my buttons, mind you that's something you don't want to do. There is a strict code of honor I go by, all those whom I choose as friends will be taught my ways. Never insult me or the things I do, it is my way and not yours to judge. My life is a complicated thing, but isn't everyones.

I become that which is not what most think to be right or proper in the eyes of mankind. That which you shun is what I take unto myself. I am a hereditary witch, a shaman, a healer, and a protector of that which deserves to be held so in my own mind. May it be a person,place, or object.

When I love it is deeply, and truly. I never tell lies, because it makes no sense to me. Lying is a stupid attempt to hide things from others, I never hide things from anyone. If you ask me a question I will tell you in truth my views. I will always agree to disagree, I care not to be right. If you go by the I am always right policy of life, I'll let you believe that you are until you find out for yourself if you're wrong or not.

For men who are seeking me out be forewarned I don't like games of any type, and nor do I play games. It such a belittling habit to do such. I am a head strong stubborn woman if you don't like it then don't bother to send me a message. I am not looking for some half wit, or playtoy.

I have found my equal in wit, mind, and strengths which is to say the least. Strengths applies to many things not physical but mental.
Proud to be of Native American descent. My name is Raven Moon.

(Quote) Never ask me about my past because it is just that my past. Always ask me about the future, because if you are a friend hopefully you'll still be in it.

Had enough? Well if there's anything else you want to know just ask, like I said before I'll tell you with no lies.

The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
Constance Wolf

Known in some parts of the world as:
Wraith of Raven's Wings

The Great Archives Record:
A dark one, ancient, who flies free above all others.

yea...well you know what they say, bite me once shame on you, if I bite back shame on me, if we bite each other then it's a party.

Find the truth within your heart to know you are your own master, and no one can ever tell you anything different.

Favorite quote: Master of illusions can you realize, your dream's alive and you can be the guide. Cause I...will be watching over, going to help you see the truth...I protect you every night...I....will be watching over you in silent lucidity.....

A tribute to the I am in Coven now.........


The phoenix is known as the King of Birds. According to the myths, there is only supposed to be one phoenix in entire world. The phoenix is often depicted as rising from the ashes, symbolizing its immortality. He is Laris father to all phoenix's guardian to the gate of fire, aka the fire angel.

witch normal
You are a normal witch.

Familiar: Cat
Eye color: Black
Fate: Got the hell out of there before they started the witch trails!!!

The Dream......

I once had a dream that was about the end of days or the apocalypse some would say. In this dream it referred back to Lilith(she is know to me as Evelyn) it begins with her telling me the history of otherkin meaning werewolves,dragon, faeyries,vampyres,etc. In the dream she tells me how all of us came to be in this plain of existences and others.

The start all of the creatures that live amongst mankind now were here before mankind, and have chosen to live amongst them in shadow as to keep the balance. The balance is now shifting as you can she my daughter, because more of otherkin are coming out of the shadows and letting their presence be known.

The world is changing and you have known this for quite sometime. Demons walk freely and unafraid of letting people know they are here. Angels also have been showing themselves in more of a frequent manner than in the old days. Time is growing short for those who are not taught in the old ways of how to survive within a world that is not only for humans.

The time is coming when my children shall have to be out like the rest and show they know what lingers in the shadows and have known since the beginning of time. I go to each one of my children who is awaken to let them know that our time has come. No longer shall humanity hunt us for being what we are, or the creatures we protect from the idiocity of mortals.

I had to take allot of this dream into consideration because in fact I have seen for myself the changes in the world. I've been visited by more than my share of earthbound souls, bringing warnings of things that are hunting my kin and me down.

She went on to tell me of the mystic circle, now this perk my interest. The mystic circle is formed by 5 staffs, 3 wands, and 13 keys. The 5 staffs are what left of an original set of 35 staffs to which Evenlyn had given to her children before mankind was given life. The three wands were those given to the first children born of the first mans seed to become aware of otherkin, and those were to protect them from being killed for knowing far more than they should.

The wands were a symbol of knowledge and were passed down through the generation so otherkin would know the bloodkin of those who were first given the wands, only an awakened child was gifted the wand. If more than one was born into a family the others were marked or given talisments to protect them.

The staffs have a far more sinister history. During the first great war between man and otherkin to determine who is the greater of the species the staffs were made by the children of Evenlyn, and given to the leaders of the clans/tribes etc. to insure that all had equal say during the first great council.

Man being the first to say that he should have all say over the world because he was the one and only true child of the Gods/Goddess. This angered the others who felt they were far more intelligent and stronger in will/strength than mankind.The powers that be knew this would lead to war, but felt that this should be decided thus. They agreed not to interfere in the deeds done on earth unless it got far too out of hand.

Long story short most of the first tribes were destroyed which left a few to which the staffs are now hidden from until the last gathering. The last gathering will only happen when otherkin, and humankind acknowledge each other once again to decide the fate of the world.

Now the keys as they are called are not what you'd think a normal key would be. Explanation the keys are living things, and to be exact the keys are the most precious thing to mankind, and otherkin they are our offspring. have you ever heard the term used to see things through the eyes of a child, well they are in fact before we instill or knowledge into them keys to the other sides. Children can jump from one plane of existence to another. When your child says it sees a faeyrie,ghost,etc. it really does. Their minds are still open to see things elders with closed minds cannot.

Now back to the circle topic it is form by one of each clan/tribe remaining after the great war. The circle is the gateway that merges all planes of existence together. Once this is done it can not be undone, by either side.The staffs have been found so have the wands, but the keys have yet to be gathered. There is still one key that has yet to be born I know of when but not to whom. This I will know when it happens,and there will be many signs as too the significant changes in the world.

If you know the history as I do then you know what is next to come, but if you are curious as to what is next I will share some but not I will not share the information with you because it is not yours to know. Call it mean or whatever I have learned those who want to be saved ask those who don't stay ignorant. If you go by the ignorance is bliss way of life good freaken luck to you.

Which Animal Spirit Totem Are You?

Your soul is bound to the Fourth Totem, Solomon: The Owl.Solomon appears as an azure feathered owl. He embodies wisdom, judgement, reason, and stability. He is associated with the color azure, the season of autumn, and the element of water. His downfall is farsightedness.You are most compatible with Ravens and Monkeys.

Legardored is your Vampire name.
You are one hell of an insane Vampire. Anyone who messes with you is out of their minds.
To use your new Vampire name and become a Vampire, go here:

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