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~ But look at these lonely houses each in its own field, filled for the most part with poor ignorant folk who know little of the law. Think of the hellish cruelty, the hidden wickedness which may go on year in, year out, in such places and none the wiser.

In my mind I see things very clearly. I see how judgmental people are. How cold and bitter this world has become. How lonely and empty people feel.
I also see you,, looking for a place to fit in,, trying to find the missing link to your life. To fill the void in your soul.
And then I see me,,, happy that there are people like you. Unsuspecting victims of the night. I prey on people like you,, taking your time, your energy, filling your mind with lies of hopes and dreams, bringing your fantasy’s to life in the darkest hour of the night, only to take everything from you. To suck you dry and leave you behind..
My existence in this world use to be trivial. It wasn’t until a few months ago I realized what my true calling is. I am here to tell the true stories of my people. To show the mortal world what darkness truly is. To give just a peek look into the vampire world.
I could careless if you believe that I am real or not, the truth is I must have sparked your interest some or you would not still be reading this....
You want to know more about the vampire,, so ask.. Just remember the truth may not set your free,, instead it may bind you into the addiction of another world.. My world..

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People that I love and respect.

My husband and my very best friend Rob Giavoni..

PhotobucketLord Jens - A very kind, caring and loving soul, one that I am grateful I got to know.
PhotobucketMy best female friend,, Kay - No she doesn't have a Vampire Rave website yet, but I'm trying to talk her into getting one. She is one of the most coolest people I know. PhotobucketSleeperfect : An awesome guy, I enjoy our conversations.. PhotobucketVampirika - What can I say, I love his bluntness even though it gets him into trouble. He has been very kind to me and I miss talking to him.
More to come as I get to know more of you.. :)

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Who I am .....
Writing is my passion, my love, my dreams, my thoughts, my fantasy... I’m not a model, an actress or anything of the sort and nor do I pretend to be. I am simply a writer. I live through words and my words live through me. My thoughts carry me away to another land, some far away and some not so out of reach, but the fact of the matter is,, I’m simply me, a writer. I don’t shun my nose at anyone with less of a talent for I know that I have been blessed,, I don’t think of myself as the best writer for I would be happy with just being good. I make words into stories to share my tiniest thoughts with whoever might want to read. And through my words I would hope that people could appreciate that I am giving just a little part of,, me. So who am I? If you really must know,,,,, I am courage, I am strength, I am passion and joy, I am humor and terror, I am a woman a man, a girl or a boy. I am everything I can be with just the simple click of a key.. I am a writer, no more nor no less just simply being me. And for anyone who cares to know, I am happily married and have children. I am proud to say that I live a very happy life, a life I didn't think ever could exist. After years of going through hell, I finally made something of myself and changed my life for the better. So for all that care to know who I am,,,,, this would be it ,, in a nutt shell.. Baically a single mom for years who struggled with getting through life, worring about what to feed her kids day after day, worring about if the lights were going to get shut off or if the house payment would be made,, this is me, the little girl that had to grow up so fast because her parents where alcoholics and her mom couldn't take care of herself,, this is me, the woman that went through 2 divorces and has beeing raising 5 kids on my own,, but this is me now, a published writer, working my way up everyday to beat the odds of becoming my parents,, to beat the odds of being on welfare for the rest of my life because I was a teenage mom,, this is me, strong and living life to the fullest, being happy with what I have and excepting what I have went through. I would do everything over again to be where I am at today.. For those that care to know,, this is me, doing my best to make life happen and not waiting no longer for it to come to me.. >

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The pictures down below are of myself my husband Rob Giavoni my kids, and my closest friends...

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