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Where to start to introduce myself, to you that have chosen to look me up…

I could start with what my dad tells every one of my friends I introduce to him…

“Let me tell you she is scary, very scary. If you don’t believe it let me tell you when she made me a believer…”

Since I was a very young child I have had the ability to read people’s mind, (though anymore it has to be someone I have a close connection with), have had clairvoyant visions, been empathic with people, been able to relate/talk to animals, and general do things that “normal” people can’t and are often afraid of. I can not count the number of people that I have convinced that ESP is very real, though a few of these people would never have anything to do with me after that. What can I say their loss. ;-)

The Witches Broom Nebula

I will bet at least 99 out of 100 of you that look me up totally thought the wrong thing when you saw my name. So let me clear up exactly what it means

Mist – for the fact that I can walk both sides of the mist/veil that separates this world from the spirit world. I often walk both sides at the same time even. Now that is a really odd sensation!!!

Rest – for the fact that I am perfectly at rest/ease on either side or even on both sides at the same time.

Samhain – for the name of the ancient holiday that has come to be known as Halloween, which just happens to by the date of my birth! (Oh yeah that is another reason my dad says I am scary!)

Happy Halloween/Samhain

I have always had an interest in the “occult”. But the funny thing is that it never seemed anything scary or odd to me. It made so much more sense to me that anything I was being taught from the mainstream. My family always chalked it up to my birthday and never really thought much of it, well until about 5-6 years ago. That is when I actually found a word for what I have always believed, “Witchcraft”. I am good old fashioned Celtic Witch (not Wiccan), and what ever would be worse than the black sheep of the family. :-D But I love it! When I told my son (then 15) that I was going to start studying witchcraft he told me, “Cool! I was trying to figure out how to tell you I wanted to learn about it too.” Now how is that for the seed not falling far from the tree? Even my daughter has decided that it is what she wants to follow too.
Yes I am Celtic

Okay so now you know a bit about who I am as a person, (and if you want to know more just ask) so why am I here?

I am here to learn and to share with those that are interested in learning about the things I know. I am not a vampire. I am just an old fashioned Celtic Witch as stated before. I accept people are they are, warts and all.

Well I have always seemed to draw immortals to me. By that I mean vampires, were-creatures, fairies, dragons, etc. In fact my son is a werewolf who has recently realized he is a vampire too. I have known this about him for years but he needed to discover it on his own. My daughter is a dragon (She made me add this, I keep forgetting about the dragon part of her.) and a fairie! (Every Aries I have ever met was a bit of a fairie but boy is she! She can even control the fairies in and around our home) I have a good friend who is a vampire who about 2 years ago when I met him was just discovering him werewolf side. I have a couple of friends that are dragons. They just all seem to be attracted to me. There is one group of them that I really enjoy and that is the White Lighters. (NO, NOT LIKE IN CHARMED!!!!) In the case that I am talking about the Celtic view of things. To the Celts the White Lighters are those “souls” that do not need a body. In some case they have evolved to that point. In other cases they are part or all of the “energy” that makes up a deity. White Lighters can come back in any form that they chose. Often they come back as other immortals. My friend is one that came back as a vampire/werewolf. I personally am one that came back as just a witch. I think I have enough to do with being the one they all seem to be drawn too.


?? Which Angel Or Demon Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

I have been asked by many what White Lighters really are all about, so I will try to explain. This is all from the Celtic point of view as that is how I learned it and what I am anyways. The Celts believe in reincarnation. They believe that the soul evolves until it no longer needed to have a physical form. At this point it joins the All. When a person passes, before they were reborn, they guide the living members of the clan. Souls are reborn within a clan mainly, passing the wisdom of earlier years on to the living. There are several stages that a soul can go through before it evolves enough to be a White Lighter. There are also those White Lighters as I stated above that have not evolved but are a piece or all of a deity that has chosen to come back for a purpose. I know some of both types.

Evolution of souls while in human form.
White Lighter: a soul that does not need to have a physical body, but comes back by choice. Can come back on any form it chooses. Most often they choose to come back in some form of an immortal. also when they come back they are sometimes the incarnation of a god or goddess. Other time they are a soul that has evolved through the various stages of the evolution process.
Immortal: Those that have blended with humans, ie. Fairies, vampires, were-creatures, or even as a White Lighter
Witch with physic ability: A human that is truly awakened to the energy world but not yet ready for immortality. They can also work with the energies of the world around them. They deal with the paranormal on a familiar plain and friendliness.
Mortal with psychic ability: A human that can sense the energy of the world but does not know how to tap into it yet They are sometime fascinated with the paranormal and that of which cannot be explained.
Mortal with no psychic ability: Those are not aware that there is even a whole world of energy around them and sometimes find it hard to even believe in the paranormal. There is nothing wrong with just being a human, it just means you have further to go to be a White Lighter.
From Times Past

I have a very dark side. It is something that most people do not notice. Most people see me as someone that is almost always happy, and I do try to always find the good in any situation. But I do have that dark side and am only truly happy when I am friends with it. I write, but I can only write when I write from my dark side. If I try to write any other time it ends up being meaningless and doesn’t have the ability to touch people. But let me explain by what I mean about “dark”. I see it as something rather different that most people do. To me dark is not “evil” nor is it “good”. It is just the opposite of light. It is serious, it is meaningful, and it is where we hide all those things that we don’t want others to see or even ourselves to see. It is taking the common things and twisting them so that they are the exception to the rule, and taking the exception and making it common. It is baring your soul to strangers and protecting yourself from your loved ones. It is learning to love all your flaws and making cracks in your perfections. If this makes sense to you I am surprised. LOL If it doesn’t let me know and I will try to explain more.

Thanks Mom

I have my mother to thank for my having the open mind and courage to follow what I feel it right. She taught me to question things that I was TOLD I have to do or believe. She taught me to be open minded. She taught me to judge people for who they are not what they are. The surprising thing is that I recently learned she does not actually believe any of this herself. Talk about having to re-look at things. LOL Thirty-nine years of thinking your mom is open minded and progressive to just find out that she only did it to offset your bigoted dad and because she knew you had to live in a very different world than she grew up in. I really respect her for that even more that I did before I knew. She raised my sister and me the same way. My sister is 11 months and 8 days older than I am and almost as narrow minded as my dad. How my mother raised two of us in small (Lewistown, 8000 people) town Montana and I came out the way I did, I will never know.

Other Things

L is for Lively
O is for Orderly
R is for Radiant
E is for Enchanting
T is for Tempting
T is for Tough
A is for Artistic

If you are looking for more quizzes I have taken, they are located in my journal. I will hopefully soon be adding some of my poetry too.

My background is a solar filament. What is a solar filament you ask? Well good question…
Solar Phoenix

Filaments are formed in magnetic loops that hold relatively cool, dense gas suspended above the surface of the Sun. This one is from July 19, 2000. The filament, although small compared to the overall size of the Sun, measures over 100,000 kilometers in height, so that the entire Earth could easily fit into its outstretched arms. Gas in the filament is funneled by the complex and changing magnetic field of the Sun. After lifting off from the Sun's surface, most of the filamentary gas will eventually fall back. More powerful solar eruptions emit particles that reach the Earth and can disrupt manmade satellites.

It has been said by many that this song is me.

Bitch by Meredith Brooks

I hate the world today
You're so good to me
I know but I can't change
tried to tell you but you look at me like maybe I'm an angel
innocent and sweet
Yesterday I cried
You must have been relieved to see the softer side
I can understand how you'd be so confused
I don't envy you
I'm a little bit of everything
all rolled into one

I'm a bitch, I'm a lover
I'm a child, I'm a mother
I'm a sinner, I'm a saint
I do not feel ashamed
I'm your health, I'm your dream
I'm nothing in between
You know you wouldn't want it any other way

So take me as I am
This may mean you'll have to be a stronger man
Rest assured that when I start to make you nervous
and I'm going to extremes
tomorrow I will change
and today won't mean a thing


Just when you think you've got me figured out
the season's already changing
I think it's cool you do what you do
and don't try to save me


I'm a bitch, I'm a tease
I'm a goddess on my knees
when you hurt, when you suffer
I'm your angel undercover
I've been numbed, I'm revived
can't say I'm not alive
You know I wouldn't want it any other way

Family, Friends and Loved Ones

My Clan

Family Friends and Loved Ones


This is Me

This is the pic that the eyes and lips in the pics below are taken from.

My first borne child.

My last borne!
She is only 13 so back off guys!!!!
No she isn’t on here yet.

Frankie, Proof that we really are dysfunctional



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Just twisted enough to belong to this family.

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Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I could not ask for a better friend! I am so glad your husband ended up on my team at work. :-D I am so very glad you are not moving away!!!

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Belle’s Husband, the one who got me to join this site. :D

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The first person I really got to know on here.
Need to make more time to talk to her again.

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jdenoyon’s daughter. She is a wonderful person. Very smart and advanced for her age.

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We share a birthday and a warped sense of humor.
Are you stalking me today?

De Bunny
Da Bunny

The End

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