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"I'm tryin' to explain to you that Ronald Reagan was the devil. Ronald Wilson Reagan? Each of his names has six letters? 6-6-6? Man, doesn't that offend you?."-Huey Freeman

So, I haven't been on this site in a while now.
I'm going to wreck the hangman scores that are already there moving up to 1st in wins and 1st in percentage wins.

I'm not on this site very often anymore. Therefore, I will not be getting your messages due to 30 days limit. If you want to talk to me e-mail me.

Views on friending people:
Feel free to add me it's not like I can stop you.
I will not add anyone that I haven't gotten to know a little more than their profile. By the way, if you would like to get me know better, just say hi, or bite me.
If you wish me to add your favorite journal, I will if you add to yours as well.

I have long, thick, wavy, black hair.
I am 69 inches (175 cm) tall.
I am very bony, and muscular.
I weigh around 110 pounds most of the time.
Usually sporting some kind of facial hair (I dislike shaving).
I'm extremely thin, but my arms are strong as heck.

Information about me:
I like to walk a lot, my longest walk was a 28 miles, it took me 1/2 a day to complete.
I am a human calculator.
I have broken up for now with the girl that I was dating, we'll hopefully continue dating in next may.
I will not cyber.
I will not be your girlfriend, or boyfriend.
All my pictures are very old (the one that's on my profile is about 5 years old.
I have over 10 million songs on my computer. (If you ask, "Can I have them?", I'll then say "No")
My normal typing speed is 130 WPM 99% accuracy, my accelerated typing speed is at appx. 200 WPM 100% accuracy (this happens when I'm extremely tired or hyper. If you say Holy shit that's fast, I'll reply with I know that.)
I am currently going to University of Massachusetts Lowell, I love it there.
I am majoring in English-Writing Concentration. If you want to see an example of what I have written check out my journal (first chapter of my book is there).
I rate everyone and everything a 10.
I dislike sleep.
I am a slacker by nature.
I am good with computers, if you have any virus or questions about removal of virus talk to me, I will be of as much help as possible.
I've just started playing Magic: The Gathering again in tournaments I used to suck, but after a two year hiatus, I've become a lot better, and I'm continuing to improve drastically. For those of you who like to play I'd like to play you someday.

I have just over a terabyte of music (about ten million songs) from all genres, types, bands, artists, live, unplugged, and recorded, I love and will listen to about a sixth of it 24/7 for a month before I have to change my playlist. I have listen to about a eight hundred thousand songs over the past year.

Blue Machine
Apple Juice
Pineapple Juice

The Garden State
The Lion King
Pulp Fiction
V for Vendetta
Underworld: Evolution
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
Donnie Darko
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Rush Hour
Rush Hour 2
40 Year Old Virgin
Mrs. Doubtfire
I Robot, Flubber
Head of State
Alice in wonderland
Ground Hog Day
Catch Me if you Can
Fight Club
Harold and Kumar: Go to White Castle
Meet the Parents
The Departed
Wayne's World
Star Wars: Clone Wars
Star Wars: A New Hope
Star Wars: Emperor Strikes Back
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Me Myself & Irene
Liar Liar
Ace Ventura
The Mask
Monty Python
Breakfast Club
Stranger Than Fiction
Leon the Professional
Cool Runnings
Little Miss Sunshine
Fight Club
Spiderman 1
Spiderman 2
Interview with a Vampire
People Vs. Larry Flint
Almost Famous
Keeping the Faith
The Italian Job
Let The Right One In (Best vampire movie I've ever seen).
More coming...

Dietary Restrictions:
I am a Lacto-Vegetarian (this means I don't eat eggs, fish, meat). If I eat any kind of spicy food, I throw up later.

Coven that I am in:

Past Coven Awards:






Covens that I have been in:




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If this is not enough information send me a message, I will gladly answer any and all questions you have about me. Try to ask specific questions.

I dislike profiles with lots of pictures, I feel like it takes away from the profile, not that I'm going to judge you on your photography skills, but if you do ask me about any photographs, I will most likely bash the photographer, and the photographs...

My name is Rosho, I am a 20 year old living in Massachusetts, my hobbies are going on different websites, posting stuff, and playing different games, including hangman, which I have gotten really good at. If you would like to see how good I am: Hangman

My rants:
Also, if you're going to try to speak to me, please try not to botch up the English language, by using chat speak it's frustrating trying to decipher messages in that cryptic language. If you make typos that's fine, if you don't capitalize that's fine also, if you make spelling errors, I can deal with them. DO NOT USE CHATSPEAK AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE WHEN TALKING TO ME!!!!!!!!!! TRY TO MAKE SENSE...

I totally forgot to mention the phrase What's Up? or any deminations of that phrase. I hate that phrase, for many reasons. One is that is overused. Two is just a dumb question, requiring from me a smart answer, (WHAT IS ABOVE ME AT THE CURRENT MOMENT). If your lucky, which is at most times, when I'm too tired to type what is above me you'll get the common phrase Nothing Much or nothing at all (which is most likely the answer).

Also, about the catch internet phrase lol (laughing out loud) please just use it when you are actually laughing, because it's hard enough over the internet to tell what a person's doing and what they are feeling when they are saying lol at every sentence. Same goes with rofl, and other such phrases.
Another rant of mine:

Please explain why I'm getting blocked here, I just don't get it. She first of all put down the wrong variable to answer. I answered the question with out a calculator, but I had paper.

Then she rates me a 7, and then she flames me on her journal.

wrong X=280

On 02:09:43 Jul 28 2010 (-0 GMT) rosho wrote:

A * B - C / X = Y
3/4 C * B - 1/2 B / 2/3 B = 690379/2240
3/4 C * b - 1/12 = 690379/2240
3/4 (1/2 B) * B= 308.2882440476190476190...
3/8 B^2 = 308.2882440476190476190...
B^2= (8/3)308.2882440476190476190...
B^2= 822.10198412698412698412698412698
B = 28.672320870954693732876315010411

I'll bet we got different answers because I followed the order of operations. Also, if I were you I would try to challenge me again without knowing what your getting into.
I can run calculus around your head, and leave your mind upside down.
Now if you'd be kind in answering this question:
Evaluate this problem:∫[(e^x)(sinx)]dx

On 00:42:36 Jul 28 2010 (-0 GMT) AnaliethiaThionoeSangita wrote:

Add one second and you have your answer.
Enough. I have a question for you that takes more then just simple mathematics if you really are as smart as you claim to be this show be no problem.

A * B - C / X = Y (A multiplied by B subtract C divide by X answer is Y)

If A is equal to 3/4 of C and C is equal to half of B and B is equal to 1 and 1/2 of X what is the value of b if Y equals 368.2049107142857 (142857 repeated on and on forever)? Show your work rosho. Hint: turn Y into a fraction the rest falls in place like dominoes.


On 07:52:03 Jul 27 2010 (-0 GMT) rosho wrote:

Let's say we stay at the other place that is 50 light years away for one second. What is the time we arrive back? I'm looking for a simple answer and if you don't understand this then you are just..

On 19:07:15 Jul 26 2010 (-0 GMT) AnaliethiaThionoeSangita wrote:

Are you for real?!!! That is the dumbest question I ever heard, but since you asked I'll tell you if only to show you just how dumb it is......

if you are to go 50 lightyears away then to go there and back would take you 100 years and 2 seconds from the time we left our planet. this does not include how long you may stay on the planet because you did not put that into the equasion.

This will be my last responce and I will be posting this in my journal.


On 07:56:21 Jul 26 2010 (-0 GMT) rosho wrote:

Let's also say by your logic that we travel 50 light years away at a second faster than the speed of light. Then if we traveled back in same direction at the same speed. At what time would we arrive when we came back?

On 08:29:41 Jul 24 2010 (-0 GMT) AnaliethiaThionoeSangita wrote:

Okay *sigh* you are missing the point entirely rosho. The "flaws” as you call them are not flaws. They are however slightly science fiction though not because it could or would never happen but because they haven't yet. First off I am not assuming that there is time travel, not at all. In fact I'm proving that it doesn't exist at all, That it is only perception that creates the elusion of seeing the past or traveling to the future.

Fact: (and you can check this if you want.) The light that we see from stars is hundreds if not thousands or more years old.
Fact: The sunlight that we see every day is about 8 minutes old.
Fact: We have very powerful detailed telescopes that can spot sun flares and even the flares of our nearest stars.
Fact: Every day we advance further in our technology improving what we already have as well as creating new things that we may later improve.
You with me so far?

Using that knowledge, we can say that one day we may have the ability to see not only detailed pictures of stars, but of their solar system, with telescopes.
Now this is where it becomes even more hypothetical which means (conjectural: based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence; "theories about the extinction of dinosaurs are still highly conjectural"; "the supposed reason for his absence"; "suppositious reconstructions of dead languages"; "hypothetical situation") ideas that are based on fact, that are very likely to be right but still unproven, for the very simple reason that there are still a few puzzle pieces missing.
Now lets say hypothetically that we had the telescope. Using actual facts, and the hypothetical telescope, we would see the other solar systems as they were 100s of years ago not because they exist 100s of years in the past, but because the light images that we see are hundreds of years old, because it takes so long to travel to us.

Now this part is total sci-fi….
We some how invented a way to travel faster then the speed of light safely. That part is very hypothetical using the fact that we are constantly improving our ability to move faster in our vehicles, (the first automobiles only went about 5 to 15 miles an hour, but now we have vehicles that can move you relatively safely at 27724 kilometers or 17227 miles per hour on space stations.
You still with me?

Okay now using that knowledge it is safe to say that one day we will travel faster then 17227 miles per hour. Now it may take us thousands of years to accomplish it but it is a probable certainty, (meaning that it is more likely then not to happen, as long as we don't blow ourselves us before then. *giggles*). All jokes aside if you were to use the hypothetical telescope and stumbled across a civilization in another solar system, you would definitely see them as they were 100s and 100s of years ago based on the FACT that the light images we can see in our current telescopes are 100s and 100s of years old or more.
Now if you were to travel there faster then the speed of light (which is TOTALLY hypothetical, because we can't yet, if ever) you would see them 100s and 100s of years in the future compared to the images that you saw in the hypothetical telescope, with highly detailed imagery from Earth. This creates the elusion that you have just traveled through time.
Do you get it now?

If you had that telescope with you and looked back at your planet you would see it as it was 100s and 100s of years ago, because now you are seeing the light images from your planet from billions of miles away. Though I have no way to prove this currently, I know that it is true because the only puzzle pieces missing are the telescope and the vehicle, every other fact checks out. Realize that I am not saying that we can or will ever be able to pass light speed, I am merely stating what would happen if we could.

FACT: by the time we get to the other planet at current speeds the star that is their sun, as well as ours, would most likely be dead, having been burning for billions and billions of years and out of fuel.

Einstein constantly performed thought experiments, in fact that’s what he was paid for, because innovation starts with a though or idea backed up with hard facts; and though he got a lot right, he also got a lot wrong. Many other scientists use this technique but using computers programmed to calculate the probability and possibility of their ideas, or even just to illustrate them. This exercise proves that time travel is NOT possible by traveling faster then the speed of light. It would only seem that way, because you would beat the light images there. Even if this is a thought experiment, it still once and for all disproves Einstein’s theory of relativity. The theory of relativity states that gravity bends light and if that is true, which it is clearly not, then space and time or space-time is bent by gravity. Off-shoots of this are theories using this knowledge as though it were fact and saying the if gravity can bend space and time then you can fold it and travel huge distances in a matter of seconds. If light bending is not possible then the theory of relatively and any other theory based on this faulty information is blown wide open, making it complete crap, because the fiction has twisted facts to fit their purpose.

We both agree light can refract not bend, so his theory has to be wrong because it hinges completely on a "fact" that is really fiction. You got that part right. Do you understand now, why I said I proved him wrong?

You are starting to try my patience though because I have explained myself multiple times and I am done. If you don't get it by now you never will. Einstein is wrong in this case, and time travel is ludicrous (farcical: broadly or extravagantly humorous; resembling farce; "the wild farcical exuberance of a clown").

On another note, and sorry for be so blunt, but don't talk like you understand stuff when you clearly do not. You didn’t even read my last response all the way through, or you have reading a comprehension problems. It makes you look unintelligent, which I hope you are not because then I just wasted thirty minutes explaining advanced science to a halfwit. If I cannot get an intelligent response from you this time prepare to be ignored and/or blocked.

Further more what would make you think I would go to jail if I WERE to traveled to the past?

P.S. Sorry for the delayed response, I've been off line for a while due to an injury.

On 00:39:33 Jul 18 2010 (-0 GMT) rosho wrote:

There are a few flaws in your theory. Whose to say the future has any of this stuff. Your assuming there's just thing as time travel, and such thing as a telescope which can see in the future. 2nd light cannot be bent, it can however be refracted. 3rd if you can prove that faster than light travel is possible without going into the science fiction level, I will applaud you. 4th If you manage to ever go back in time, could you do one for me, don't tell anyone, and don't get locked up in jail.

On 13:38:31 Jul 16 2010 (-0 GMT) AnaliethiaThionoeSangita wrote:

Love it the slap in the face again, way to through it back at me. but you are just trying to piss me off aren't you? you sly fox you...You thrive on being abrasive don't you. Like I always say it's better to be a smart ass then a dumb ass, *giggle* really the only way I get pissed. if you have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about, and then i just ignore you and/or block you. if you have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about, and then i just ignore you and/or block you.

if I am right and the theory is wrong then time travel is impossible and testing it is a waste of time a resorses as well as billions of dollars, Frankly I don't have to be completely right for einstein's thoery to be wrong but if you had read my artical Actually read it not just the summery that i posted in you journal then you would already know the answer to the question, before we can test if I am completely right we would have to learn how to travel faster then the speed of light.

And no I do not believe that the bible is any truer then my fact based story on my profile yes some facts are in there but most is just creative leeway. that's how I feel about the bible. and other such works. And by the way I walk on water all the time..... it's just frozen, *winks and smiles* but to say that it is true just because there is no proof to the contrary (which by the way there is) is just dumb. they even found a new species of human that evolved on an island completely isolated for hundreds and hundreds of years and actually they devoled on that island the island is also home to a species know as the kamoto dragon. But you have to realize that fossils are really old and can only form when the conditions are right. there are undoubtably thousand maybe even millions of species that we have no record of or will ever have record of but logic states that they did exist. there are so many that we have found that are links in the chain to other species, it's not like we will find every link that is impossible because we'd need ever human that ever lived on the face of the earth's skeleton. in truth the reason we still call it a theory is not because it hasn't been proven but because of politics.

On 12:48:41 Jul 16 2010 (-0 GMT) rosho wrote:

What I'm getting at is that I'm crazier than most.

and let's the Theory of Relativity is completely wrong. How would we test time travel.

Do you believe that Adam and Eve or any other variant on the story of genesis happened?
Because after all it is called the "Theory" of Evolution.

On 06:03:35 Jul 16 2010 (-0 GMT) AnaliethiaThionoeSangita wrote:

"One day I may be in love with someone another day I may be in love with someone else. Though I love my girlfriend always."

Okay I'm not sure what you're getting at I read that on your profile so repeating it is redundant. As I said before you intreage me intellectually and I would like to get to know you as a friend. I do not expect you to fall in love with me nor am I attempting to Cybor.

Okay back to the theory of relativity you aggree with it but yet there is logical fact checked proof that it is incorrect? I would like to hear your bases for this. Maybe the facts are faulty Logical though they may be. In other words I keep an open mind, because after all it is just a theory.

On 05:18:43 Jul 16 2010 (-0 GMT) rosho wrote:

I posted those about 2 years ago, my views have changed.
I'll say this the Theory of Relativity is nice and I completely agree with it, but that being said my mind changes constantly as it does with youth. One day I may be in love with someone another day I may be in love with someone else. Though I love my girlfriend always.

On 05:04:16 Jul 16 2010 (-0 GMT) AnaliethiaThionoeSangita wrote:

I read and posted on your parallel universe Idea. What are your thoughts the Theory or Relativity and time travel after my response any different if so how if not why? Any comments on my tessellation parallel universe theory? You should read my posting before you answer though in the "personal" journal section, because what I posted on your journal was a hastily done version of it so the facts my not seem entirely correct.

On 21:24:53 Jul 15 2010 (-0 GMT) rosho wrote:

Feel free to ask me anything. I will answer anything.

On 07:29:29 Jul 14 2010 (-0 GMT) AnaliethiaThionoeSangita wrote:

Hello, you are odd....
*Cocks her head to the side* I like odd.
I am curious about you....
But I can't put my finger on an actual question...
*Brow furrows*
I would like to speak with you if you would grant me an audience. Politics Universe Theology what ever really…
You are a writer as am I and yet.... Hmmmm
*scratches her head*
*5 minutes pass*
I want to lick your brain... Metaphorically speaking of course.
I assure you my interest is purely in getting to know you as a person and as a friend.

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