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Life is good at any age

January 2010
Wow 2010 scary i remember thinking how unreal 2010 seemed as a child.
Happy New Year

Its been awhile since ive written on here, theres so much happened , here where i live, have been the hottest days on record and across the border in Victoria theres been super fires killing hundreds. Across the world climate change has worsened. politics and stock market crashes only make things worse, unemployment and depression loom,and the corperate fat cats are getting richer, theres no justice in this word, Fighting still persists race against race human kind will never learn.
Makes you wander what tomorrow will bring.

My name is Sharon or "Shas" to my friends.
I live in Adelaide, Australia, a lovely and quiet city.
I’m a loner by nature,
I don’t enjoy gossip or fighting.
I drink on rare occasions,
Never blood it’s not my taste.
I love to joke around it makes life interesting.
I find I’m getting older in age,
But younger in my mind.
Intelligence attracts me like a moth to a light.
I love learning now,
Something I didn't do when I was younger,
Death doesn't scare me,
It’s living that can hurt the most.
Vampires might exist but I am not one,
Though I love the myth of them.

I believe I am something in this life, a watcher not a participator.
I’m happy with this as life’s pace is too quick.
I live in quiet bliss only reading about what mindless monstrosities' that man inflict upon one and other, in the name of their faith, country or just in sheer disrespect for their fellow travellers. We seem to cherish the dead more than the living. Intelligence is important, but with this does our brotherhood need to perish in heated battles and senseless murder.
The watcher 12.7. o6

Mothers weep as their children die, lost to life the soldiers lie. In the end no-one wins, it wont be long to the fighting begins again. Learn your lessons heads of state build this world on love not hate. Arm your people with peace and quite,please i ask stop your fights.
The Watcher 1-8-06

Bubbly blonde with a wicked sense of humour, bite me baby and I'll bite you back into the darkness we’ll travel together.
My love you live in my dreams, you play with my thoughts as I lay in the darkness thinking of you. My dark lord take me away, from this wretched life, make me your slave.

I remember when I was a small child. My favourite night was Friday,
I would get to stay up late
And watch horror movies with my dad.
The television station played them all night long.
Well I haven’t changed.
I still do watch horror movies,
Though they have got more graphic as time has gone by.
This is to the memory of my father.
I will never forget him.

I am going back to school to learn how to write and hopefully how to spell 'ha ha' as I enjoy putting words together its fun

My star sign is Libra the scales,
And to find my balance is hard.
A friend told me once that the stars rule the tides
Our bodies are ninety per cent water
It would make sense they rule us too.
Astrology the oldest of mans worship

I love playing my ps2 the only game i like is Grand Theft Auto Sant Andreas, ive got to the last mission and erased it by mistake.
That pissed me of big time.

I love to wear black
My favourite colour is blue,
Favourite number 3

Favourite actors would have to be Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage, Anthony Hopkins, John Travolta and Johnny Depp.

Music - I love Pink Floyd, dark side of the moon, Enigma, all the oldies, and lots of the new stuff to.

Authors - Anne Rice, all her books
Thank you Anne Rice, Stephen King, Richard Layman, Dean Kootz for all the hours of reading enjoyment I have.

Movies - many, two classics, The Lost Boys and Rocky horror Picture Show.
Quentin Tarantino, he rocks- Kill Bill 1 and 2
From Dusk to Dawn, all his movies are great I
would love to see inside his mind.

Favourite food - anything I don’t have to cook
TV shows – Law and order, House and NCIS.
Ive aquired a taste for Dr Who now,
the new series is really good,
thanks to you Anthony,
Your always on my mind.

Tempting as life is, I just sit on the fence
And wait for it to find me
My love for vampires is in their lifestyle,
They don’t answer to any mortal.

I live alone I wanted to find out what it is like.
It’s quiet, I miss my family, but I enjoy the opportunity to explore my options.
I want to travel the world one day,
See all the great monuments to the Gods.

The constant companion in my life is my eight month old puppy.
He is blind, being born that way,
But believe me when I say he has attitude.
He is small, gold and white in colour,
Fetches his ball when its rolled,
Sleeps with me at night.
He's given me an insight into the difficulties some have to overcome in this life,
His name is Rocky, he’s my best friend I love him.

I like to write take a look at the poems in my journal if you desire.
Below are just a couple.


Where have you gone
I look but I cannot find you
have you taken your leave
am I to do as i please
has the boatman taken you to a better place
have you left the human race
are you now a shadow of my past
melded into my dreams
I think sometimes I can hear you scream
for you were horrified of your dreams
darkness surrounded you in life
has death claimed you with its quite charm
Im joining you soon
reach out for me
take me with you into the darkness

Welcome to my Lair,
Enter if you dare,
pray to your god,
to enable your escape i will own your soul,
my presence will exact its toll.
as your body and soul breaks.
Enter of your own free will.
I will reveal all in this dark world.
Rest your tired body sir,
lay back and close your eyes,
Await your suprise.
I will dine well tonight,
your neck is to my delight.
kiss you life goodbye.


Anything that can be imagined has life, for its a living part of us

If you trust in something enough It will happen

We are living but this one life enjoy it,
Tomorrow might never come.

Without direction my life would be lost, without support I would wither,
Without love I will die.

Man is evil
We kill all we have
We build concrete jungles,
Polute the air we breathe
Wipe out whole species
What gives us the right
To judge each other
The only evil that exists
Lives in our souls.
We are a plague.

Sometimes we have to grow with age
Find a place where we feel safe
I don’t think I’ve found that place yet
I’m still looking,
Trying out new things.
Age is only time
I’ve still got plenty, I hope?
So like an explorer I go on with my journey

My life style has changed very much over the last couple of years
I have enjoyed having a Master
I have enjoyed being a Mistress.
Now I enjoy being myself
Watch out Mr Right for
Life will be interesting
To say the least.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have enjoyed my profile.

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