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In your meditation today....May your head, neck and trunk be aligned, May your breath be smooth, slow, serene.. and with no pauses.. May the flow of thoughts in your mind not disturb you.. May your meditation today bring you peace, happiness and bliss....

My Coven My Pride

My Beloved Protector Angel
My Coven Mistress TheRealThing

My Beloved Sire I respect most

The Falling Darkness

My Clan at Powerpunks

I Love These Stamps
Coz My Elders My Angelguides
Made These Stamp For Us:

You Are Welcome!

The Flying Red Carpet Open for thee,
Thine world do fascinate me,
Min do adore thou from far,
Thine world so large, glisten make me wee.

Please come to journey of mine world,
Little rhymes kept for thee,
You are the most precious on mine planet,
Thou art reading the little poems.

Thou glisten in the grace while reading,
Taken care not to harm thine Majestic Grace.

Have the Ambrosia
And Royal Chair
To table of feast.
You came to this beast.
I take you to the realms...

The Dragon Order of The Coven

The Protection Shield To me

The Order of the Dragon founded by Sigismund, the Holy Roman Emperor, as part of a design to gain political favor for the Catholic Church against Ottoman & Turks. The Order itself had been founded by Sigismund while still only King of Hungary in 1408.

Members of the order, known as "Draconists" (Dracul). It adopted St. George as its patron saint, whose legendary defeat of a dragon was used as a symbol for the military and religious ethos of the order.

The son of Dracul is called Dracullea (Dracula)

Am Fallen

Triggered the desires inside mine,
Thousand snakes rose of desires mine,
Forbidden Fruit that smelled very sweetly,
Desires forced min to taste this fruit desperately.

Holy wishes I forgot in dire,
Fragrance of fruit that created this fire,
Desire fogged in my mind to eat this fruit,
Oh I ate the fruit forbidden, am fallen in dire.

© theheart - all rights reserved.

I am male psychic vampyre
My name is San
Successful Married Life
I am normal kin
Please don't over estimate me

My Protector Angel
My Elder VoodooMan

I love and respect this beloved soul most.

My Protectors
You can see them by clicking The Heart
Be careful
This is my heart

My Protector Angel My Elder Gaulder

This beloved soul I respect most

My Protector Angel My Elder Deaththe4thHorseman

This beloved soul I respect most

My Protector Angel My Elder Sangria Del Luna

This beloved soul I respect most

My Protector Angel My Elder WitchElfQueen

This beloved soul I respect most

My Protector Angel My Elder PerfectlyWicked

This beloved soul I respect most

My Protector Angel My Elder PegasusMAGIC

This beloved soul I respect most

My Protector Angel My Elder Sabertooth

This beloved soul I respect most

My Protector Angel My Child NaturalSaphire

This beloved soul my child I respect most

My Child Vampfan1
The Rose Fighter

The caduceus
May Silver Cord Bring You
The Awakening
Remember Meditation

To the world of this demon

Black Widow & Web

Don't gaze on me I am the Black Widow
Keep this widow rose this is tender most
The rain did make this sphere and arouse
The drops on this rose and my kiss charm

Look at the beauty of mine making adore
The night falling dark and am shining most
Come and love me, make union with a soul
The venom inside me makes mad and arose

Slumber I love you with charm, take my all
Venom penetrates to ecstasy making mine
The dawn thy beautiful most in night mine
Why you are tied to my web, set you free

Come again tonight don't keep waiting long
You own my charm then and I will feed on...

Theheart - all rights reserved

The Escape

Afraid of the live world now,
Love the underworld tunnel now.
Escaping the sun & the zeal of life,
Love the dark and loneliness now.

Thou must not notice me in the place,
I am not the kind of your own race.
My blood going to turn me down,
My irking senses killing me now.

You are honorable always to me,
There is something wrong with me.
Don?t treat me focused in between you,
Love to stay alone and balanced now.

My love will remain always with you,
My escape I like the most that is true.

Theheart - all rights reserved

This Hell Kill Me

The pain triggered inside
Have become zero point
In space skull explodes now
Senses are bleeding now

Hell is my place inside
Eternal is painful now
Let the cell thrusting all
Let elements be pain wall...

Keep away from me now
Inside all destruction now
Let the hell be inside now
Let it my fate to face now

Man am of now self demise...
Ecstasy I must give back.

Theheart - all rights reserved

Blood And Breathe

Been hit by centrifugal mass of own blood socked the heart,
Yet core hit by the dire the ore carried by the mass of blood,
The symptom turned me to the vampyre to seek flown mass,
The heart hit by the symptom the mass moving keep in dark.

The lub-dub shaft to hit the ribs, that from heart to gluttony,
The blood been clotted to throat inside, gutter stuck by mass,
All vital forces on revenge, lungs paining to a pain-pleasure,
My hands reach to cosmic space empty palms gains a power.

No healing from the rest, fire burning inside on the toll on me,
The inner surrender to fire now & gains respire in the serene.
Ripped eyes recover from the pain of pain-pleasure all inside,
Yet darkness covered my conscious bundled to dire the light.

theheart - all rights reserved.

Drill Deeps

Just thoughts
Drilling the heart
Drops now fetched
It dropped on satin
Its drop of love
O yes, the drop sought
In everything
In eyes, in senses
In drinks after it finished
Thirst a lot
With mind, not empty
Sludging body in love
Sparkle of drop
Fog in mind thirsty senses
Universe stuck in fog
Now only matter of path
Means of communication
Brain, heart, or soul
Ocean of love
Still thirst
To get first

Theheart - all rights reserved

Dark Heart

Tender this heart drilled to shaft blown out the drops,
Splash of blood on satin silken dripping out of heart,
Give a tongue before it clot to thicken and it blackens,
The charm of thou feed on it or dried deserted in love.

The charm of thy smile dark darken mine inner dance,
A moonbeam makes the heart shines dripping blood on,
The heart kept in your hand to play with it or feed on,
Thou art this killing art, the heart is in thy tender hands,

Heart dance in moonbeams in thy hands with blood on,
Thy smile charms make many dies to surrender the heart.

theheart - all rights reserved.

The Dark

Hovering in dark no light beamed through
The black is my favorite colour I live now
The space so empty o vacuum now grown
My soul and senses now got blind n flown

It cool demons have no voice and no strike
All evil is blended to the silence, slept now
The soul on the journey of the dark world
Where emotion has no colour and affection

Just the silence with nothing wake space now
The lord of the dark the soul gliding now
For values now slept no desire to grow now
The life picked centuries of the growth now

For the soul not concerned to my appearance
It feeling all but got flight to tour the dark now
The crawling things no more attached to it
And only few past attachment fit n kept with

Now I lost my own identity and am nobody
The dark is universal life in search of peace

Theheart - all rights reserved

The Dance With Own Dogma

The eyes are ripped now, to the smile of the ripper,
Mine inner smile now to the cause, effect is proper?
The entity mine understands the entity yours now,
Its the give and take, all the barter exchange now.

The ripper says what you sow you will reap it now,
The law of respect says its give and take evolution?
The tender soul touches why these big subjects now,
It's the matter of soul to soul or to lose all conscious.

Forget reaping the cause which you did a long ago,
To taste few pints, take from the gallons of old wine.

theheart - all rights reserved.


The darkth of this Gothic night,
Reading books is leisure pursuit,
For nearer to the lit candle light,
Your face now glistens of a grace.

For the wisdom art thine within,
You bless the demon of the dim.

theheart - all rights reserved.

Fa The Lotus

Your smile rinse my senses,
Your kindness breaks fences,
Your emotions in my manses,
Your innocence all in hunches.

You the Creation of the God,
You the amber laid on the shores,
You the touch of art on canvas,
You make the being to embraced.

You the most kind of your own.
You the purity of water flown,
You the star at height and glow,
You own the time to flow slow.

You and your Goodness, the lotus,
You reflact the looks of Goddess.

theheart - all rights reserved.

Moonless Night Song

Lullaby passed night time with nice sleep cause,
Moon less night waited song in night voiced,
Her voice her lullaby for children each night,
Moon less nights her voiced song in monthnight.

Moon night kids loved lullaby sung from her,
Their father gone meet God has become star,
Her star, love viewed in lullaby, with God,
Moon less night her summon reached love crown.

Her rituals love filled dance on love songs,
Song sung in her weeping voice and danced,
Her song of love waken angels of love,
Angels are helpless could not bring him live.

Night passed now shines of dawn is thrown,
Her face faded tired slept in his love.

(The Syllables counted in context of each word and not in context of lines or stanzas, while word lullaby is counted on pronunciation basis Lull-aby and not as lul-la-by, please guide me or suggest.)

Theheart - All Rights Reserved.

Phantom Seismograph

The senses are flying hyper so,
The spirits is in love and bold & go,
You touch my inner and you intruded me,
I seek you baby, you are invisible who are you?

You have taken my heart in the high and low,
My senses are in a graphic, love wander to,
Spirit zoomed to across the galaxies so high,
And then is flown dark side so down & low.

Caress of space and touches my dark senses,
You intruded my inner occupied my hunches,
You baby framed me to space in my manses,
Locked me in time, key is thrown in passage.

You make me flown to touch you hyper fast,
You appear baby & you gone, as I lift hands,
You are so big than woo the glittering stars,
Baby you touch and smile, shaking the heart.

Why you make my senses drowned to,
Tell me who are you? You touched me!

theheart - all rights reserved.



Chiseled empathy,
Flowing mine stance, derive poem.

Make min enticing,
Her thoughts are woven in rhyme.

Her freolic song loud Tanka.

theheart - all rights reserved

(Note: word rhyme here treated one syllable
as there is use of vowel covered with consonants,
in metric scale of this poem for modern convenience)


Vampire Fervor

Let the stanzas be aligned in the dire being vampire,
Let the cold veins flow this blood of swan in this dire,
Let the rhyme spill from inside to inner dance on fire,
Baby I am the vampire, thy hot blood earn me respire.

Come with me, you and me be the part of this a poem,
Come we shall flow in the rhyme to the heart of reader,
Come see each stanza different, poem make us chosen,
Baby our thirst of vamping respire, make us the feeder.

The shape of poem is dark howling of the dogs in fear,
The spell of rhyme drummed a heart to dance of fervor,
The thumping last stanza is the subject of twilight time,
Subject says to flow in rhyme to make this sweet crime.

theheart - all rights reserved.

Raven and Shadow

Twilight having a walk on that empty path alone,
None was wandering in that stormy dark evening,
The dog not feared of strange, did not bark on me,
The passerine flied by has shouted on me & gone.

The vacuum grown seek some one in the sphere,
The senses was at high and emotions was drown,
Mind was swayed by the raven touched my inner,
Air filled chillness inside and darkness has grown.

Who is watching over me, hiding in the black so?
The Soul of crow, reminds me of strange shadow.

theheart - all rights reserved.

Vamped Sonnet

San brought all oxygen tubes his care room,
Patient came and bleeding, wounds he was wearing,
His body was swollen, his face was glowing,
His case was charmed vampire in her love.

His pleasure in; body paining less blood now,
San laid him on bed, oxygen piped him,
Veined him bottles bleed in his arm now,
Two, three, bottles his consume and gaining him.

Patient smiled, his gain kin with his race,
Stood gentle, paid bunch full money his fees,
Receive call from his mate, his spoken her,
"Dear, let min regain for play your fervor".

This poem stumps in fervor art her sonnet,
Swan was rising again in love on date.

theheart: All Rights Reserved

Blood and Death

Don’t Go There!
A body rose from grave,
Trailing through the valley,
That went in the forest.

There on the path,
One dog found killed,
Wounded with teethes,
That was bloodless!

Heard of dog’s crieth,
Raised in the night torn the silence,
Wolves started howling,
That one wolf was bitten to death.

The body seen laying in jungle in day,
That is thrall enthralling the watcher,
Wounded and puss much on,
The twilight that body is rises and seeks the blood.

Why you charmed by beauty of jungle,
Don’t mingle, the flora stings deeply,
Death rise twilight, suck the blood,
Why you go to that painful death!

theheart: All Rights Reserved

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