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Within The Shadows With Father Demon


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Tell me,What do you cherish the most,Give me the pleasure of taking it away

photo cd700160-f598-4e26-a541-2a3ba0a6cf5a_zps7cfb5aa4.jpg

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photo QuotesOfTheMind_zps41faae35.gif

"Creative minds are uneven, and the best of fabrics have their dull spots."

"The most merciful thing in the world... is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents"

"The Man of Truth has learned that Illusion is the One Reality, and that Substance is the Great Impostor."

"You wish to challenge me?
Then get ready.
I will show you what.
true chaos of the mind can do."

"We might have known from the first that human curiosity is undying, and that the results we announced would be enough to spear others ahead on the same age-long pursuit of the unknown."

"That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die."

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photo Introduction1_zps992af71c.gif

Oh good another one of these fucking things. I guess I might as well say something huh? Or you will throw a god damn fit like a woman on her period without tampons. I am ME, that's it. I'm not you, I'm not your best friend, I'm not your secret lover, I'm not your plaything. I'm not here to see how many hearts I can break or how many people I can make cry.

There's enough whores and what not on here that do that enough to cover me and about 20 other people. This is my little spot in hell, this is my spot to express myself, and if you don't read it then to fucking bad for you. I DON'T give a rats ass if you are someone that is popular on here, I don't care if you sucked every guy's cock on here. Due to the fact as I said I don't care. This is my spot in hell this is my profile not yours. Now shall we continue?

If you made it to here without blowing a head casket then I'm proud of you, but the real question is can you continue? Yeah I speak the truth and yeah Im blunt, but I'm not the kind to snort of the admins ass's to get something I want. I work for it, do you? Besides that. Welcome to my spot..it's nothing special it's just a few things here and there that I like, and what not blah blah, why am I even doing this. Oh that's right to make sure you understand what I'm saying.

You fucks don't even read profiles and it's a shame, there are people that take the time to put a profile together and you just blow right through them like you blow right through your brother. If this offending you then you know how to go cry in a corner and hit the back button. I'm not that mean but I know how the games on here are played and well you can't drag me into your fucked up little mind tricks and what not.so good luck and move along.

My name,well my name is something most do not know let alone have ever heard, I like that cause it makes me stand out above the rest. Not like a stuck up girl or anything but it's a name that you wouldn't expect it to be. But I will allow you to know my name if you wish. Then again I will just allow you to call me by the first three letters of it,and that is....

photo Sin_zpsc9c00017.gif

photo lines-multi-color-084799_zps1b979879.gif

photo Important1_zps250ce542.gif

I could sit here and tell you my life story, but really I don't think that is something you need to be worried about now is it? No, didn't think so. Now don't get me wrong I'm not a bad person, but I do have my limits. First thing is First, just a couple Rules yes? I will list them as followed.

Hidden word (SadisitcDolly) Let's see if you spotted it or not, if not then I know you didn't read, you just scrolled down to rate.

1.)Jealous - If you get jealous cause your BF/GF Husband/Wife talk to someone else on here, or what not, then don't fucking bring them to this site, SIMPLE as that, it's not hard really, but if you thrive on jealousy then well why are you on a social network?

2.)Judgement - Don't Judge me, you are not god or anyone of a higher power.If you are a snobbish person and believe you are better then everyone else. Fuck off

3.) Respect - It's not hard to give, but don't expect me to give it just freely.

4.)Snobs - Don't take your sorry life out on everyone else, for once take the silver spoon out of your mouth and ass. if your life sucks that much you have make yourself the same way, why be on here? sorry your life sucks.

5.) favoritism - A display of partiality toward a favored person or group.If you are the type that likes to just sniff up someone's ass, then don't come around me, I hate people like that.

6.)DRAMA. Grow the fuck up, act your age and not your damn shoe size, you come at me with your bullshit I will throw it back quicker then you can say cunt. Simple as that, I'm not here to deal with your down grading ass's, let alone hear you spread shit like your in highschool again.

7.) Friendship - Don't expect me to be your friend right off the bat. My friends are people that will be in the jail cell with me when the smoke clears. My friends will help me bury a body and chew my ass out over it the entire time. Just because I talk to you doesn't mean that we're thick as thieves. Sorry if that hurts your feelings, but getting stabbed in the back is pretty common place on VF.

8.) My personal life is just that, mine. Not yours. Stay out of it and don't ask about it. If I want to share it with you, I'll do it when I want to..

Don't Like It? The I Have Two Words For You,And It's Not Hi There

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photo MyDemon_zps1d53b9bd.gif

Everyone has that special someone in their lives, someone that they can run to and know they will be safe. Some one that is their hero and also someone that will make sure they are safe from harm the best they can. Well mine is this person,This being, he's not just a person no no, he's a DEMON,yes a demon. If you laugh at me fine I don't care, but be warned that he isn't something kind when it comes to me. He is always watching no matter what, and will always be watching. He's been in my life for years and more to come that's for sure. He's the demon that sits in the corner of my room at night when I sleep to make sure I am sleeping the way I should be.Demons come in all kinds of forms, well mine as you can see comes in looking like Sephiroth. Do I care what you think? No I do not, I know for a fact that he will never judge me, he will never pick at me.

I know that he won't stab be in the back like so many have just cause they get mad at me for something so small. You can call me names and what not and think that this is nuts, but keep in mind you are on a vampire site. There are other things then vampires. Mine happens to be a demon. He's quiet unless you provoke him,he's very smart so go ahead question him, but don't cry when he tells you the truth on things. My demon is mine, he's been in my life for years and will continue, Nothing you Mudanes or other beings can say or do to drive the bond that is between me and my demon. I will not give you the pleasure of his name, as his name is not worth your tongue or lips. But as I said be warned. Do not cross me the wrong way,Nor cross him as I will back him up as he has me for years.

photo father1_zps7cf4c10a.jpg

If you make me waste time by paying attention to you, I'm going to enjoy spending it making you suffer.

photo Father2_zps0d082067.jpg

Have you ever seen what a person looks like on the inside? Here, hold this mirror then. It'll let me use both hands to pull out your intestines.

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photo ForeverBonded_zps8f679f34.gif



Father Demon

photo Sinandfather_zps86127ed8.jpg

photo lines-multi-color-084799_zps1b979879.gif

photo Mantality_zpsa7f37f2b.gif

photo mental_zps65b963ee.jpg

A being with a mind of two. The price of having two for one. One sweet caring,playful, the other sicking and twisted, dark and has the urge to kill. Do not mistake this me for a push over, I might be small,I might be sweet and caring but do not mistake that as a weakness.

My mental state is stable but I do have another side, who the fuck doesn't?, at times it tugs,First sign a smirk or a grin as I'm not known to just grin or smirk but smile. Picture if you will, a small girl with blood upon her face with a huge grin as her eyes are locked on yours. Yes that side of me is just as dark as a demon's laugh.

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photo Letsplayhideandgo_zps77ba105b.gif

photo lines-multi-color-084799_zps1b979879.gif

photo DarkPrayer_zps90567972.gif

photo penta25a_zpsf042eee6.gif

"Our Father which art in hell, Cursed be thy name,
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as
it is in the fucking darkest pits of hell.

Give us this day our daily Screams and Blood, And
forsake us for our wrongs to you, as we forsake those
who fucking wrong us and spat upon our names.

And lead us eagerly into temptation, and deliver us
from sniveling fools who piss upon our evil ways.
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory,
for ever, never shall we forsake the Dark Lord as he
has provided for us well We shall be eternally damned."

We are the Children of the fucking damned.

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photo Keeptalkingsomedayy_zps2fa2d41d.gif

photo lines-multi-color-084799_zps1b979879.gif

photo FunFacts1_zpsa9883812.gif

+ I can play music, and make music by ear. I can't read musical notes to save my own life

+ I Love Bloodstone candies.

+ Love Tall Sadistic Beings

+ I Would actually punch anybody that tries to pass a fast move on me. (Ex. Kiss me, touch me wrongly) I don't care for Male or Female. Strong or Weak.

+psychotic fuck. I've come to terms with it. I'm definitely not your typical girl, I'm the one who fucked her with a knife before cutting off her head. I absolutely adore the Strange, Twisted, Disturbed, Obscene, Grotesque, Shocking and Bizarre. If something is disgusting, twisted or wrong, expect me to laugh my ass off. I'm very easily amused with a tendancy to laugh at all the wrong times. I am a COMPLETE pervert. If you don't like me, you can go fuck yourself.

+I am simply me. I hate when people have to label themselves. I think this takes away the individuality of a person. I am different, a bit crazy (or a bit more), idealistic, realist and a complete adrenaline junkie. I think of things in my own way. I have my own sight on this world. I am a bit of a sociopath but for those few people i care for i would be prepared to do anything.

+I choose to live by choice, not by chance. To make changes not excuses. To be motivated not manipulated. To be useful, not used. To excel, not compete. I choose self esteem, not self pity. I choose to listen to my inner voice. not the random opinion of others. I like meeting new people but I tend to be a little on the shy side at first. I struggle with low self-esteem all the time! I think everyone does.

+I have so much wrong with me, it's unbelievable! I find flaws attractive & I think scars are sexy because they mean that you made a mistake that led to a mess. I do have tattoos, piercings and I do wear black a lot, so what!. I don't believe in guilt, I believe in living on impulse as long as you never intentionally hurt another person, and don't judge people in your life. I'm extremely honest, and I pride myself on it. Dont judge me just from what you've heard from someone else or by how i look chances are, its not right, your gunna be wrong and look like a complete ass, so get to know me.

photo lines-multi-color-084799_zps1b979879.gif

photo Idonthateyou_zps79e07770.gif

photo lines-multi-color-084799_zps1b979879.gif

photo Poetry_zpsfbd26173.gif

Final Dance In The Masquerade

He was dressed like the reaper
and danced with a beautiful lass
who put on the costume of an angel.

She mistook him as a charming prince
as he was dressed like the angel of death
but ah!! he was a notorious criminal
hardly had she any knowledge.

Taking out a knife, he slit her throat
then one by one he killed all dancers.
The masquerade itself wore the mask
of blood and everything inside was plagued.

Darkness consumed the ripped corpses
and the man dressed like the reaper
left the place riding on his horse.

He reached a graveyard, sat on a grave
and brutally stabbed himself to death.
May be he was a psycho or was possessed,
whatever it was the mysterious masquerade
turned to a bloody ball room for his presence.

Footsteps Of Death

Deadly ticking of pendulum clock
stabs the dead silence of macabre night.
Tears whisper softly to whining lines
which bring out all emotions buried deep inside.

My toxic breath poisons the cold moonlit dust
that is made from ashes of my vexed memories.
And I dig a path through my troubled mind,
to burn all my broken dreams and dead longings.

Heavy smog pervade my rustic and frightened vision
and I lose all hopes being dejected and forlorn.
With eyes wide open, I see scary nightmares,
skulls,crossbones,waist-deep blood fill my sight.

My lifeless shadow gets choked in the scratched wall,
Night wails feeling my pain and agony to the deep.
Wasted life prick my eyes like black smoke from chimney.
A bottle of wine drowns all heart felt stinging misery.

I strangle my neck,dejected by melancholy thoughts
to conquer anxiety that kills me outright,alive.
Then from far I could see,Death,the Reaper
coming towards me with echoing footsteps.

Seducing Death

Heart bleeds
tears of pain
when I hold my pen.

Life lures,
Death seduces.
Love hates,
Breaths flatter.

Eyes close...

Poetic Fragrance

Ice cream made of
poetic thoughts,
the heart would
inhale it's fragrance.
Tongue of mind
would lick it slowly
like kissing
private parts
of the beloved.

O dear, if one day
you come to me,
I would make you taste
the ethereal sweetness
of the poetic fragrance

photo lines-multi-color-084799_zps1b979879.gif

photo Mepretendingtolisten_zps5e9c3dad.gif

photo Likes1_zps71114a48.gif


+Intelligent people

+Intellectual conversation

+Dark Beings


+Night time

+Porn (Yeah so what, fucking deal with it)





photo Dislikes1_zps8a00957a.gif


-Woman and child beaters

- Bitches that think they are better then others

- Haters

- People overthinking things

- People jumping the gun before knowing the full story

- people who reply to long conversations with one or two words

- backstabbers

- Hypocrites

-judemental people

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