4 Locations Every Vampire-Obsessed Traveler Must See

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Vampire Rave

To many, vampires seem like a joke or just scary tales to scare both children and faint-hearted adults alike. However, many places around the planet have a rich history associated with vampires who kept all the locals at bay. Other places are just amazing to live in because they have the perfect vibe for vampires.

If this is not a joke for you and you are eager to gain new knowledge about the life of vampires, then you should go on an exciting and mystical journey. Some spots are in isolated areas, so it's best to rent a car that will totally shield you from the sun's rays so you can appreciate the amazing ambiance to its fullest. There are many car rentals in every city, such as at evolve.ae, which offer a wide variety of cars to rent at affordable prices. Managers of car rentals will provide you with first-class service and help you choose a vampire-like car for rent.

We will talk about locations that are a must-visit for those who are eager to learn more about

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Vampire Rave

This city is the perfect place for vampires to live. Once you come here on your road trip, you won't want to leave. Eight years ago, it became the best place for vampires to live, because it has the appropriate atmosphere and also suits the lifestyle of vampires. There is a huge number of rainy and cloudy days a year, which helps to avoid sunlight. In addition, the nightlife is thriving here, which is ideal for hunting. Here you will get the best chance to find a real vampire.

In addition to enjoying the cloudy weather, it is worth going on a tour in the city, where the guide tells in detail about the present and past life of vampires here. Take the Vampires, Sex, & Ghost Tour to experience the reality of vampires living in the city.

Salem, Massachusetts

Many may think that this city was included in this list by mistake because it is famous for its sad story about witches. However, witches are not the only ones who have lived here. Along with witches, vampires also lived here, who always made a commotion in the city. Here you can go on numerous excursions, where you will be told in detail about the tragic life of witches and their trials, and in addition, you will learn a lot about the tricks of vampires.

Furthermore, get ready to hear numerous legends about other creatures of the paranormal world who lived and, perhaps, still live here.

Tokyo, Japan

Unfortunately, the city is not famous for its history of vampires. However, it is worth driving here for dinner in one of the darkest places, the ideal lair for vampires. The city has a famous cafe called "Vampire Café", which will be your haven for the duration of your holiday.

Getting here, you will instantly immerse yourself in the atmosphere, which will indicate that vampires live here. Curtained windows, blood-red design, numerous coffins - all design elements are thought out to the smallest detail. Also, don't rush here during the day, as the café's doors are only open at sunset.

Paris, France

Vampire Rave

The most romantic city in the world, at first glance, is not so cute and charming. There are also legends and tales about vampires in the history of this city. You need to come here for the sake of going to the Le Musée des Vampires, where almost all the knowledge about these creatures is collected. The exhibition organizer is a connoisseur of these paranormal creatures. Over the years, he has collected items that once belonged to vampires around the world or people who tried to protect themselves. He is ready to share all the knowledge that he managed to learn in his entire life. Apart from the knowledge that can be obtained here, you will not find another creepier place than this.

All pages by CarlosDanger
Page last updated: Jul 26 2022



04:46 Aug 08 2022

exceptional! one can only hope to encounter other Dark Beings as one flits, in form of bat, from site to site, this parchment as one's guide

03:44 Sep 05 2022

I can't wait to travel to these places and see the Vampire havens from around the world. I am no stanger to the paranormal and want to learn more.

14:18 Mar 17 2023


16:55 Mar 21 2023

Don't forget Romania in general and Transylvani in particular.
Thank you for sharing.

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