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Dubai is the fourth most visited city on the planet. More than 14 million people of different nationalities visit Dubai every year to enjoy the many attractions and shopping. A car is a must for getting around this rich and hectic metropolis. Seeing everything that can be seen in Dubai is not possible using only the city's public transport system.

Renting luxury cars is a habit of hundreds of people. Crossovers, sports cars, convertibles, business class - all this for you and on favorable terms. The most luxurious sports cars, there is even a Ferrari rental in Dubai.

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What are the reasons to rent a Ferrari in Dubai?

It's not news that Dubai has heavy traffic jams, so the owners of racing cars in the shortest possible time can bypass them on the outer roads of the city. It's much faster than standing in traffic or waiting for a green light. One of the top sports cars for rent used by car enthusiasts living in Dubai is the Ferrari. Renting a Ferrari with rentcardubais.com is a very popular entertainment in this city, you can hire a car at any time only using your phone. The rental company you are able to find everywhere. Hire a car you can in an airport, mall, business center or close to a hotel. You can see this brand of car everywhere, on every street of this city, but all the same, passers-by will look at this car for the first time, because the design, aggressiveness and speed are amazing. As soon as you get behind the wheel you feel unique and it inspires you to new exploits.

Ferrari has been a global brand since 1947, when Enzo Ferrari and his team decided to release road-legal sports cars. Prior to this, the brand of this car was produced only for sporting events and racing.

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Prancing horse

Owner of the company in 1929 took a horse on a yellow background as its logo. This happened thanks to the horse that flaunted on the plane of an outstanding pilot of the I World War.

Brand Finance named this brand the most strong and luxurious brand in the world. In 1962 model 250 GTO was sold for $38 million and now it is the most expensive vehicle of all time, bought by US mogul Craig McCaw. Ferrari is style, modernity, aggressiveness and charge. This logo often symbolizes the approach to designing and building cars. In Dubai, even the police drive $300,000 Ferrari cars, this is the Ferrari FF. This allows you not only to catch up with your violators, but also to arrive at calls faster. However, this supercar only patrols the city and never does the day-to-day work of a regular police patrol. The maximum speed is 335 km / h, up to 100 km / h the car accelerates in 3.7 seconds. Ferrari considers the FF to be the fastest four-wheel drive car in the world.

Renting a two-seat Ferrari California with a twin-turbocharged V-8 engine with a market value of more than $192 000 will cost you $822 - 959 per day. Free insurance already includes, passage of the Salik as well includes, services for delivery and collection of the vehicle from your doorstep. For the driver you should have the age of at least 25 years, driver's license of the United Arab Emirates or an international standard. A deposit of $1370 - 1644 is required, refundable after 15 days, depending on company policy.If your budget does not allow you to spend a lot of money on luxury pleasure, you can ride the Ferrari California supercar for $164. Ferrari 458, with a market price of over $247 thousands, you could have for a day only for $1096 - 1644. Features of the car include a V-shaped 8-cylinder engine with a mid-engine layout and a 7 - speed robotic gearbox with the ability to change gears in 0.05 seconds. If you want to become the driver of your dreams, you only need 20 minutes. That’s the reason to get this car on the list for a day.

Well, let's sum it up! The next time you are in Dubai, be sure to take a supercar Ferrari, the emotions you received will not be forgotten for a long time. When driving this car, do not forget about safety, because by pressing the pedal you will forget about everything in the world.

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