Unspoken Thoughts

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There are conformities in life that I have yet to understand. With many thoughts of confusion in which the mind closes off all emotions. Slowly from within, the darkness is blinding and shrouding without the reveling truth. Looking for enlightenment and losing ones way whilst the mind races to which has no end. Breaking free from all rationality and filling with cumbersome thoughts. I feel nothing while screaming inside looking for answers to the why.

Feeling the pain from within ones self as though it is not truly real. The darkness is seeking freedom while clawing at the chains from within its cage seeking to break free from the abyss. My soul has torn apart from within not knowing where to go. My thoughts are sporadic, confused in which to follow. Nowhere’s to hide and know where’s to cry. I am lost from within seeking salvation in which all seems lost. The beast from within wishing for freedom while trying comes forth to control all actions. Blindly walking forwards alone yet again, the soul seeks answers where there are only questions.

The pain within tearing me apart is becoming emotionless with no means of escape. Wanting to run away from it all, crying from within whilst the soul darkens. Despair taken control from all that has came to past. Seeking answer for all to find freedom once more from the darkness reformed. Dreams feel as though shattered by thorns of deceptive fate. I am desperately reaching out for someone to save me from the abyss that lies ahead. Breaking down the walls of pain and suffering whilst seeking hope in the dreams that once lived. My soul cries out wishing you were here again. Seeking what is lost whilst fresh wounds form from within.

A heart breaking once more from which new wounds slowly heal. All grows cold as tears fail to fall. Confusion of which all collide, pain and suffering with no end in sight. Breaking free from which all else fails, seeking retribution for an unanswered prayer. Once again, my soul becoming dead from within feelings of emptiness from travesties of the heart while compelled to seek amnesty from all. Tears unable to fall with every dying minute, suffering from within not know where to fall. Seeking salvation in arms unopened. Crying out for comfort where there is only pain.

Uncertainties of what has to come while feelings of unending chaos constantly conjure forth-alternative realities. The relative thoughts clouded with pain while comfort is out of reach. Conformities blocking the path in which one must travel without the knowledge of what to do. Devastating thoughts of despair and anguish, this feels as though I am inside a hallway with nothing but locked doors with no way out. Not knowing what or where to go while seeking answers to reasoning is which make no sense. In compliance to which all paths follow, while seeking to break free from the past and this curse.

Wishing for something that will never pass, longing for the acceptance in which still evade me. Breaking free from these chains around me, stepping forth into the darkness alone and unafraid. The monster inside me awakened once more. I feel consumed once again with the rage and injustices in which feels as though there is no end. Pain and suffering are my followers, walking forth on the same path I once walked. Becoming like the abyss, forever absorbed without no end. Immortality in which brings forth the lone wolf. Casting aside all emotions to escape a world once again, that binds all things of memory. Returning to where it all began, delegating with everything once more seeking a new path in which all things come forth with the knowledge from which answers questions as to where things rationalized. Seeking false truths to comfort the pain and bring forth a reality in which a temporary truth may hold back the anguish of lost.

Becoming counter productive with every passing moment, Time standing still as things goes unanswered. Seeking tranquility where there is no means. Focusing on what lies ahead, following the path of destruction without fear. Consumed and enraged at defeats in which there was no battles. All things summarized into thoughts without rationalizing completely to what brought forth such desires.

My life is unending with no means to an end. Alone in a world you can only watch as though around you pass by on the sands of time. Watching as Death turns around and smiles you, trapped without any means of escape. Seeking forth his companionship to only in the wake of it all rejected. Cursed to walk the path of an immortal knowing life goes on, watching the present becoming the past as though around you slow pass away. Always wishing for which the end will come whilst knowing it is no means of it coming to pass.

Filled with the darkness, walking blindly towards what I believe is right. I am constantly surviving all travesties in which only succeed in building such walls around the heart, protecting it from shattering without pain, always tormented by the past, blinded by argument of which ways to go and trapped in the flow of time while being washed away into forever.

Stepping forth back on the path, a loner is destined to be a loner. Pain and suffering is his only companions. Fate decided once again to throw this spirit back into the seas without accomplishments. Trapped in a world against him, showing forth the answer in which he does not seek. The void is ever closing in, knowing that suffering is there to greet him. Look back into the past only seeing what once was happiness became a tragic story once more.

Life is ever unfolding strangling all that are weak of heart. Stepping forth not knowing where to turn, without fear and determined to change the path in which I walk. Taken forth all truths proving life has no hold. Walking ever more closing the past to make a new future in which happiness will come forth in the end. MY strength is my will to over come, all which stands in my way toppling all boundaries around and before me, seeking there destruction in which to make a bright and new future.

All pages by raziel23x
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