Adventures of the Newb Jedis

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We are giving our high level characters a rest in our rpg game. Afterall, Leeloo has twins, Kaya is married now, Lexi is in the cloning business, Reaver has a handful of deliguent kids that are his padawans and Ret will probably end up pregnant if it is up to the evilgm.

So we have begun writing up our new characters. It was time for a change. Hard to juggle space missions and kids at the same time.

Let us begin with Rory, Aurora Fellini. We must never speak her name. She comes from a race that believes in ownership of the name. If someone knows your name , they have power over you.

The race is Firrerreo. They are practically extinct due one of their own people who was a follower of Darth Vader. He had his people exterminated. A few survived thanks to Princess Leila. She rescued a few that manged to board a ship. Rory is one of the decendents of the lucky few. There a few left and scattered through the universe.

They are known for their multicolored hair, quick healing, a double membrane on their eyes and a pointy spine down their back. The membrane protects them from sandstorms, bright light, can see in the ultraviolet spectrum and they can see underwater. Oh and flying debris.

We also have a Kumumgah, the ancient Jawas. They were highly technical and lived on Tatooine. The Rakata came and conquered them. Tatooine was destroyed and turned it into a desert planet. The Kumumgah scattered and eventually became the Jawas, the sand people. They are known to smell. They give off an odor like dogs to recognize the scent. Ok, they stink but they have a cool battle mediation that sounds like a Gregorian chant.

Maleficent is a Zabrak. We call her Mal for short.

Our mission-

We traveled to Quermia, on the Outer Rim. We were to act as security for a known scientist, Kindae Deiko. We traveled on a merchant ship as merchants as our cover. The ship was loaded with grain and wheat to look the part.

We were stopped by a pirate ship and pulled in by a tracker beam. Master Wicket told us to hide. We hid well enough but the ship was looted. We managed to board the pirate ship without notice. Mal and Kestra were to put a virus into their computer. While searching for the computers, two pirate soldiers found them. They barely managed to disable them. Rory came to assist as backup.

She warped their blasters and took them down. They continued to look for the computer terminals. Nothing on the first floor. They headed upstairs. Rory headed into the first room unnoticed. However a guard noticed the door was open and heads out into the hallway. He closes the door behind him.

Rory searches the room and finds nothing. She heads back out into the hallway. Meanwhile the guard that went out into the hallway gets hit by Kestra with her lightsaber. They lift him up , with Opaka's help, into the air vent.

Opaka finds the room with the computer. He uses the force to make one of the guards to leave the room. When that guard leaves, Rory knocks on the door . When the other guard that remained in the room opens the door, Rory hits him with the lightsaber. Kestra, meanwhile, hits the other guard in the room with the butt of her saber.

Opaka joins them and comes to the computer. He inputs the virus to shut down the pirate ship and release the clamps on our ship, so we can escape.

We manage to leave with our ship. However, after about 5 days, the ship begins to shake. Wicket says we should prepare for a rocky landing. We land on a snow planet much like Hoth.

We gather what we can from the ship. We put on all the clothing we have for warmth and head out. This is rough climate conditions for Mal and Opaka since they come from dessert planets. We walk for a few miles toward a structure that Master Wicket saw on a map. This could be used as a shelter.

We set up a camp by digging a hole in the snow. During the 2nd watch Kestra is attacked by a bear like creature. The noise wakes us all up and we join in the attack. We kill the creature and heal all Kestra's wounds. Master Wicket skins the creature to use the hide for the shelter and the rest for food. He covers the blood stains with snow and uses the skin to cover the tunnel opening.

We continue to head toward the building. As we approach, it looks very much like an abandoned temple. The door is open so we go in, a little leery that it could be a trap. All looks clear. Rory turns on the generator. We have light and heat at least.

We find a communication system that with some repair work, was usabl. We send a distress call for help and our location. Wicket suggests that we stay here until help comes .

Opaka climbs down a huge hole using TK.He smells something like that bear like creature we had already fought. Looks like a huge cavern. Not looking good.

Meanwhile the pieces of our ship are detected by the pirate ship that managed to fix their ship. They notice there are no bodies at the crash site. They are coming with revenge on their minds.

After saving the plague planet of Faluccia with the help of the Jedi healers and scientists-

We were sent to the northern pole of Faluccia, after tracing the signal device. The group, Master Wicket and a hired military man were sent to a military fortress to take it down and bring the scientists back to the Jedi Counsel.

The old salt military man may have all he can handle with these young Jedi. Rory is looking to the outer Rim to find more of her race. It has come time for her to find a new Master.

Master Wicket found a new master to train me who happens to be of my race right here at the Jedi Academy. I met with Master Rhodaae. He gave some interesting advise. Stop searching for my people. Sometimes when you don't look for something, you find it.

After my meeting we left for the Outer Rim , searching for a lost village. No trace and missing for 7,000 years. Is it another Atlantis? What happened to make a civilization vanish? Last we knew of them The Sith were using their home planet for a testing ground. For what, we don't know. That's why we are being sent , to uncover the mystery.

All pages by rlugo718
Page last updated: Apr 13 2014



16:14 Jul 18 2012

interesting thus far

02:42 Jul 19 2012

very interesting

04:14 Jul 19 2012

My Jawa does not stink. The gm stinks that he wants to use that in game. He said they have an odor like a skunk. I am not PigPen

16:19 Aug 11 2012

Bring deoderant in basic gear for BO

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