The Golden Energy Ball Visualization

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The Golden Energy Ball Visualization
In summary, as taught by WFreeman

Vampire Rave
This technique involves you to visually imagine a golden ball of energy between your open hands, your palms. The mind loves to visualize objects and create things, it’s what it does best, and will have little trouble doing this simple exercise with some diligent practice. The mind does however like to drift or wonder, so you will need to address this issue while creating your golden sphere.

There are steps, or stages, for learning this technique. I will number them for you. You may stay with one particular step until you feel it is time, or beneficial, for you to go further. That will be up to you. There are reasons why you would stay with a particular step, and there will be reasons why you would process to other steps quickly. The choice will be yours to make and decide what’s best. Feel free to experiment. Please keep a notebook or BoS (Book of Shadows) of your efforts. You’ll be glad you did.
Step #1:

Open up your hand chakras. You do this by rubbing your hands together. Do it several times until your hands are very warm. It’s not the warmth you want but the feeling of energy in your hands. If you don’t “feel it,” Rub some more.

Once your hands feel alive, separate them about twelve inches, one palm facing the other. Slowing bring them together until you feel a very slight bounce or resistance. You will notice it when it happens. Keep rubbing and trying different distances by moving your hands in a slow bouncing movement. The distance between the palms varies among people. Most will feel the bounce about a few inches apart at first. A repeat performance will be around six inches since they now know what to (feel) look for.

If you work with your hands, or are a caregiver by trade, you may feel the resistance at a wider area than the twelve-inch start. So, experiment.

Step #2:

Manifesting your Golden Energy Ball. Sit in a quiet room and perform step #1. This time, visualize a ball or sphere the size of the distance between your palms when you felt the bounce. The feeling of resistance, by the way, is your hand Chakra energy touching your other hand! Seems weird but true. I love to see the expressions of people’s faces when their first experience this. Now, lets move on.

You will now manifest that energy and form a sphere with it. It is important that you spend time constructing your sphere. Make it as real and “physical” as you can. It will not become physical of course but do make it fell as real as you can. Visualize the ball as golden color or white with golden specks in it. Create it – feel it- see it, not in your mind but in your heart. Your hand chakras are associated with your heart Chakra so it’s not hard to understand why you shouldn’t use your head so much. This is about “feeling the energy” as suppose to “thinking of it.” It helps to keep the Ego out of the equation and there is also a belief, it is the heart where the Soul resides.

Repeat this exercise until you can create a golden energy ball with minimum effort. Don’t rush through it. All further steps depend on this one! Once you can create a golden energy ball, release it. The energy will return to hence it came from. Think nothing more of it.

Vampire Rave
Make sure you have Mastered or at least feel extremely comfortable with the first two steps before continuing. No warning of bad stuff but the next two steps, or stages, depend on your past competency with the energy ball.


Step #3:

Utilizing your Golden Energy Ball. Repeat step #1 and step #2 as you have practiced them but this time, do NOT release the energy ball once you created it. In this step, you will the sphere a purpose before sending it off and releasing it. A simple command will do. For example, “Go to my Uncle Joe and see what he is going. Come back to me in eight hours with the information.”

It will be wise to speak to Uncle Joe (in this example) before hand and advise him of your experiment and intentions. This way, when your sphere returns, you can verify what information the sphere brought you with what Uncle Joe actually was doing. You need to verify what you received was true and correct when practicing.

The commands given to your sphere should be two-fold; clear intent with purpose, and a time limit to return. The time limit given mostly for you so you learn to “release & forget” about the ball. It helps to prevent making “cords” of attachment. So get into the practice of telling the sphere what to do and when to come back – with the information. No more, no less. Verify and receive feedback. Then add to your notebook or BoS.

Step #4:

Giving your Sphere consciousness. Repeat step #1 and step #2 as you have practiced them…and in this step…you are going… to place your consciousness… into the sphere… you created. This sounds scary to many, if not all, people. And to be honest, the hardest thing you will ever going to do in Astral Projection. Even the advance stuff is easier than this step. Many people go to use other techniques (hypnotherapy, relaxation-visualizations, using music/ videos, etc.) to by-pass this step and that is all fine. But since we’re working with the Energy Ball, I will include this step for you.

The reason why people have trouble with this step is fear of losing the self. Notice the small “s” in self and not the larger “S” in Self which one sees in today’s New Age material. Our Ego, inner child, is represented by this small “s.” What we call our Soul, or Higher Self, is represented by the large S.”

This page is not meant to discuss the inner child so I wouldn’t. You will need to look elsewhere and I highly recommend that you do learn about this “two year old” which we all have buried within us. I will make a short statement about this child so I can continue with this last step. Once controlled, and fear of loosing the self is removed, this step can be accomplished and added to your ‘toolbox’ for later use. That said.

Looking back to my first paragraph in step four, slowly placed your consciousness into your Energy ball. It will be extremely helpful to be in the same room where you have done all your previous practicing. It’s quiet and you should be able to feel safe and comfortable by now. While releasing your consciousness, reaffirm your intentions and purpose for Astral Travel. Make it very clear without any doubt or hesitation. Take your time and make sure you are taking slow regular breaths. Check your breathing! If you feel or notice any hesitations or pauses in your breathing, it will be your subconscious telling you that the time’s not right to do this. So stop. Do some breathing, light exercising, stretching, or yoga exercises, whatever you do to clear your head, body and mind. Recheck your breathing. If it’s smooth without the pauses, you’ll be good to continue. No need to postpone. But if your breathing is still off, wait another time to continue. Don’t push it. You want just the opposite here – slowly…and calmly…

With your consciousness and your clear intentions within the Golden Energy Ball, you will now be able to travel freely. Remember that your Ego, inner child, is left in your physical body. You cannot say, “I want” within this sphere. So stay with your original intentions and allow yourself to remember, and return with, whatever information you gain while traveling. Once you return back to your physical, again, slowly, allow yourself to become whole and complete. Do a light stretch and immediately write down what you remember of your travel or experience. Do NOT put this off.

And that will conclude the The Golden Energy Ball technique as I teach it. There are many other techniques for learning Astral Projection. And by no means should one be favored over another as being "The One." technique to use for everyone. I have used this technique in the past and am very pleased with it. I use the first step all the time to instruct others in Chakras. Step two has helped me during long distance healing as well as step three. I have used steps three and four for communication among friends and other personal reasons. They all are tried and true practices and work quiet well for me. I hope they offer you some help in your Astral travels.

I offer no warnings or other cautions dealing with Astral Projection. This page is meant only to instruct and inform you of a technique that I have used and recommend to learn. All other information you will need to research elsewhere.

(a copy of this article is also found on my blog site: SoulSongStudios.Wordpress.com)

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Page last updated: Nov 08 2015



23:34 Aug 22 2015

I have done this so many times
can do a lot with it
i use it to make a shield

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This is great for beginners... Thanks Bill!

11:25 Mar 07 2016

I have done this a few times.

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