A View On Curses

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A View On Curses

Anything can be a powerful force if you believe it and put the energy behind it. But even spells must follow the laws. Doesn’t matter what belief you follow. Two such laws are listed below:

The Universe doesn’t understand negative values or vengeance.

You can’t curse someone without their permission.

If a practitioner sends a curse without the particular person being there, two things will happen.

One, the curse goes into the ethers and stays there. Total waste of time.

Two, the curse applies to the practitioner.

The Universe knows we’re all connected, even if you don’t. “I curse ‘so-and-so’ means – I curse myself.” So, the Universe places the curse. The practitioner doesn’t accept being self-cursed, of course, so a simple cleansing afterwards removes any energy picked up during ritual. Either smudging or shower will clear aura of unwanted energies.

If however, the receiving person is there or knows about the ritual then a possible “seed” is placed in the person’s brain.
“Possible” because it depends if the person believes or unconsciously wants to be cursed. Don’t laugh. You’ll be surprise what people unconsciously desire for whatever reasons.

That said, the brain can – and does – create the connection: “A curse was made – I’m now cursed.” That is, “if” you let it.
This is where it becomes tricky and maybe expensive.

Less serious issue first: We’ve all have magnetic fields around us. We call these fields around humans, “auras.” They pick up yuck (technical term) all the time. Somedays you may have felt, “yucky.” After a simple shower, you felt better. Ever asked why you felt this way? Or why your day is better after a long shower?

Believe or not, you washed away – yuck. Smudging also removes yuck or unwanted energy.

Auras pick up and serve as an attachment point for other unwanted stuff too, like positive ions, connections to past relationships, deceased relatives/ family members, personal fondness to “things,” or demons (lack of better term for this article).

Anything unwanted in the auric field will weigh you down, act negatively on your life or just make you feel yucky. Doesn’t really matter what it is. Best to remove any and all unwanted stuff.

Clean your aura regularly!

So, if the “seed” didn’t affect you, a simple shower will do the trick. Then learn to stay away from negative people unless you wish to spend your life in the shower stall.

Now for the serious part and where I make a shitload (another technical term) of money.

If you think you’re cursed, maybe cursed or “researching” if you’re cursed or not, it’s too late – you’re cursed. The seed rooted in your brain and it now grows.

You need to have the curse removed. This will cost you. If you want a list of my services and prices…

We can start with some graveyard dirt, semi-precious gems and black salt. Then work our way into blood rituals, killing chickens. Make a protection amulet or several. In a last effort attempt, if nothing else works, there’s one last hope but you may die trying it… it will cost you more.

You want the curse remove, do you not?

Anybody else sees where this goes? Yep, in my pocket. Or the very least, you become afraid of me and I gain control over you. I win either way.

What’s the serious side of curses besides the business end?

Humans don’t multi-task very well. Don’t believe what you put on your own resume. You can’t multi-task.

If you have the faintest hint of a curse in your subconscious, your brain will think about the curse – all the time. The simple task of tying your shoe will become harder. Not to mention any real serious task you wish to do.

You can’t think of two things at once. And this is the real issue with “having a curse placed on you.”

True story: There was this guy in my town that thought he was a car. Walked (I mean drove) around holding a steering wheel. No kidding. Was he really a car? I have my doubts. He didn’t though; he was a car.

If you believe it to be true, then it’s true. People tell themselves many things. Why? No clue. But they do. (Notice the little rhyming?)

Protection from curses come from only one place – inner strength.

I personally don’t believe in stuff that don’t exist but I can’t tell someone else what to believe. Them the rules.

If you want an all-powerful, super pooper-dooper, remove-all hex, reverse curse amulet, I’m your man.

But, it will cost you dearly my friend.

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17:33 Oct 23 2016

Curses are in the darker forms of Voo-Du Hoo-Du traditions are so successful for the results of providing parts and bits for the cursed to see. Once the seed is planted with digits and theatrics the victim is overwhelmed by the fact they have been "cursed" and they bring it down upon themselves. It is always about gaining power of ones prey. Psychology is a wonderful tool and provides that which is necessary to spot the Peet's chinks in their armor. I enjoyed your little blurb! Cheers!

22:12 Oct 23 2016

Sigils not digits!

21:22 Feb 22 2017


08:56 Sep 01 2017


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