Late Night Snack

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Late Night Snack
By Hawk O’Brian

Charles Bane left the home of Easton Rutherford at 2:00am on a foggy early November night. Normally, he would have stayed overnight at his host's home, but could not, due to the early departure of the merchant ship in the morning. He started his long walk in the cool night, with only the full moon to guide his way.

After slightly more than a half hour, Charles heard the sounds of something following behind him. He looked back, but could only see maybe ten or twenty feet, as the fog became denser around him. He shivered, not from the cold air, but from fear.

He knew the risks of walking on the dark cobblestone roads so late at night. And he knew that these roads were roamed by fierce forest beasts and other creatures of devilish origin. He began to remember the stories his host, Mr. Rutherford, told during his visit.

It seems that over the last two weeks, several farm animals were mauled to death by creature or creatures unknown. Even a few unfortunate townsfolk were found in a similar condition, after they ventured out at night: their bodies ripped to pieces, their innards tossed about on the ground, and their flesh torn from their bones in an orgy of beastly violence.

The townsfolk were frightened and began to hide in their homes as the night descended upon the land. Others, filled with foolish courage, made the decision to hunt down this monster and end its reign of terror. And some people left town, hoping to escape whatever it was that was stalking in the shadows.

Charles had decided it was in his best interests to complete his business and then leave the town. He booked passage on the first ship leaving in the morning, and would make way to the harbor after meeting with Easton Rutherford that evening. Unfortunately for Charles, Mr. Rutherford would keep him longer than he anticipated, and he was forced to begin his travels later than planned.

His heart began to beat harder, and the fog seemed to get thicker with every step he made, as the sounds of the footsteps got closer. He looked behind, trying to get a glimpse of the source, but could see nothing. He began to quicken his pace, hoping to lose his follower, or at least make it to a safe place before it was too late.

But the sounds continued to get closer, and now seemed to indicate more than one pursuer, and a low growl revealed they were not human. The fog began to lift, clearing the misty air, and Charles looked behind him. He saw the faint outlines of four large coyotes trailing behind him, their eyes glowing in the darkness, staring at him.

He realized he had no choice but to confront them. He slowed his walking, took some deep breaths and clenched his fists, and decided the time was now. He calmly turned around and stared at the hungry creatures as they moved closer.

The Coyotes slowly began to surround Charles, as they growled and bared their fangs. Their claws dug into the hard dirt, and their bodies crouched low, preparing for their imminent attack. And then the air went silent for a second, just before the alpha coyote pounced at Charles, going for his throat.


The following morning, the local authorities were summoned to the home of Easton Rutherford. Once there, they saw the gory remains of its owner, chewed to pieces. Upon investigation, the Constabulary learned that no windows were broken, and the doors were all closed and locked from the inside.

All the officers were dumbfounded, and then they were informed of the remains of four coyotes a few miles down the road. All were torn asunder, by something with large claws and teeth, the same as Easton Rutherford. It was a mystery that NO one wanted to solve.

But as all that was occurring, Charles Bane was standing on the deck of the merchant ship, "The Mary Celeste", looking out over the railing towards the morning horizon. He was a little disheveled, his clothes were dusty, and subtle specks of blood were on the pants and jacket. Charles paid no mind to any of that, he was too busy reminiscing over his late night snack, knowing he only had to wait a few more days for his next one.

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very good

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Very nice. Gotta love creepy, bump in the night stories

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