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Sangre Fidelis
Sangre Fidelis

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Before we begin our journey let me start by saying this is not our first incarnation here. De'Morte was incarnated in Dec. of 2007
and we were one of only a handful if that of true Vampyric covens on the site. Now were back and ready to conquer and become the only pure Vampyric coven on the site and nothing else. No disrespect to the other incarnations here. but this has been my goal since day one and it's never changed nor will it ever change.

In Blood
Lord Razr (Elder)
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Welcome to De'Morte,a place for those of the blood. We are a haven for those seeking the knowledge of vampyrism and other such beliefs. We are a tight-knit family who offer guidance and protection to all who enter,welcoming elders and fledgling alike. We like to keep our coven drama free and fun for everybody,inside and outside of the family. Here we would like to explore not only one's deepest nightmare,but one's destiny and will to flourish in the knowledge of all that is and may yet become of
thy self. We despise all role players and posers alike,so if you are one,we highly encourage you to leave in peace
or face the consequences. This is not a place to play around on your free time. We are serious individuals who are here to teach and learn all we can. We are highly protective of our kin,so be warned,do not mess with one unless you want to face us all!!! Business aside,we are a group of free-minded vampyres who are all here for one thing,a home. Here in De'Morte we can offer you this and much more. If you feel this is a place where you can take pride in calling your own,please message Lord Razr or one of the ACM's and we will gladly do our best to make you apart of our wonderful family.

Coven Motto:If you Fuck with one of us... You fuck with us all..
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

A movement in the darkness
floorboards creek
who's there!? you scream
a soft yet cold chuckle plays
the dark shadow moves closer
what do you want!?
an echo of footsteps
icy cold fingers touch your face
another soft chuckle is heard
an attempt at screaming
no sound is made
the dark figure leans over
the frozen lips touch your neck
hold still. whispers the voice
don't move an inch
you freeze at the sound
finally they let go
fade into the shadows
whispering in an eerie tone
welcome to De'Morte
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
We are Vampyres of De'Morte

Bound to harm none, kindred and human alike
Unless forced upon by protection of thy self and thy family
That by doing so, we understand the consiquences,
Which is tenfold the punishment.

We forgive those who do not understand our kind.
But we shall never give in to their ignorance.

We shall follow our hearts into the farthest reaches of our dreams.
To entrust faith and wisdom in the minds and hands of those that lead.
Yet to find our own path and progress to lead thyself.

Forever we shall act with dignity, honor and kindess
Toward not only our family, but all kin.
If one shall dishonor such acts, one shall be eliminated.

It is expected that one shall uphold the strength, beauty, history, and future
In all that is the family in the heart as long as it remains.

The time has come for us to rule once more
The Vampyre will live for our own kind.
We shall protect one another with our own lives
We wish no war but shall give it if need be
We shall once again live in harmony, ever growing and ever learning
In this life and the ones to come.

Hail De'Morte!

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