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The Coven of the Ancients

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November 11th, MMVI

Hello and Welcome to the Coven of the Ancients.

You have now entered my domain, so please make sure you read what is written below before you make a decision to enter.

Requirements for Induction

* Willing to participate

* Willing to learn.

* Your vocabulary consists 98% of non-swear-words.

* You act mature and respectfully.

* You have a profile rating of 9.0 or higher.

* You must follow VR's code of conduct.

Induction Procedures

1) For those willingly interested in joining.

To become a member, make sure you have read and understood the coven rules and what we as a coven stand for.

If you feel you could live up to the demands, and think you are beneficial to our coven, message me or one of my ACMs, telling a little about yourself, why you want in this coven, and what you feel you can bring to us.

My ACMs will round-table your induction request with me. If you are accepted, you will be inducted and we will inform you in the form of a message, welcoming you.

2)We, on occasion, DO forcibly induct members. If you have been inducted by us, you have two choices. Firstly, is to stay with us and have fun participating, or secondly, you may inform us of your desire to leave and you shall be traded to another society of OUR choosing when we get around to it.

If you do not comply, you will be blinded.

The Coven itself

My reason for starting the Coven was to create a place dedicated to knowledge and creativity. The Coven will be a place of learning and sharing information and having fun while doing so.

The Coven consists of chambres on four tiers, and each chambre will be represented by a Lord or Lady. These Chambres are to display facets of knowedge about various themes.

These items and more are all further explained on our F.A.Q. page.

Rules of the Ancients

1. NO DRAMA. In my time on VR I have seen too much drama, and it is something I will at no point tolerate. If one of the members turns out to be a drama queen/king, I will blind them or in worse case exclude them from the coven. Proof of said drama will be produced before anyone is accused.

2. All members must read the VR guidelines, found in the FAQ on the left-hand menu, and understand and live by them on their continued journey on VR.

3. Once a member, you represent the coven. Keep that in mind if you decide to make a rating comment or posting in the main forum.

4. VR is one large community, so you must play nicely with the other houses and covens. This means no bashing of any kind!

5. There are members of all ages and genders so when posting in our coven forum, a soapbox is encouraged, also please mind your grammar just a bit, to make it readable.

6. The only thing I ask is that you make a minimum of 16 favours per week. This is explained in more detail on our F.A.Q. page.

7. If you should have a problem in the coven, take it up with me, your coven Master, or one of my wonderful Assistant Coven Masters. DO NOT run around to everyone else.

8. What happens in the coven stays 'under the rose'. Under the rose means, kept in the room and not to be told to anyone else. This is common sense, but unfortunately there are some people who just do not get that, so if you get kicked out, traded or whatever, YOU WILL NOT take anything with you. What ever you see or say in the coven is confidential and is of no one else's business! It is a matter of respect. I respect you, please do the same for me.

9. Above all, every member will uphold TRUTH. No matter under what circumstances you find yourself compelled to tell a lie, you will decide to choose truth. It may hurt like nothing ever felt before, but it is the right thing to do and you will always tell the truth for the good of yourself and the Coven. There is no exception. Breaking this rule will only bring dishonour and distrust to yourself.

The sires Mark.

The receivers of the Sire's mark embrace the Coven and what we stand for. To earn this mark, members must have demonstrated a 'want to be here' attitude, have participated in the coven when they can, motivated other members to partake in Coven activities and earned a LOT of favour for Ancients. Just like Cancer, Jens is unfair at times and will give his mark to members whom he deems worthly without having fulfilled some of the requirements above. Jens also reserves the right to remove said mark without prior warning. Jens will give a reason for the removal, if one is requested.

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